Delirium Tremens du Jour: 99 Red Balloons (Updated)

25chej4-630Click on this. Words just fail.

[I can’t seem to embed just the relevant – by which I mean “staggeringly insane” – 40 seconds of the video.]

Update: El Chigüire wins the Internetsagain.

Actually, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the Brainstorming sessions where they come up with these stunts.

“We want something visual, something that ties this dividend check to Chávez personally…pero cómo hacemos, jefe?”

“Now, I know this is a bit out there but…hear me out. What if we like literally sent Chávez a check!?”

“Like via Ipostel?! It’ll never get there!”

“No, no, that’s boring…we need something visual…”

“Maybe we can like shoot the check from a cannon, or tie it to a cohetón…”

“No, wait guys, I think I’ve got it…pigeons…we can tie it around a pigeon’s foot, like a carrier pigeon!”

“Nah, they’ll crap all over it…hmmm…what if, this is out there but…baloons!”

“Yeah, red ones!, with one of those novelty oversized checks they give lottery winners!…”

“Bingo! Eso es!