Delirium Tremens du Jour: 99 Red Balloons (Updated)


25chej4-630Click on this. Words just fail.

[I can’t seem to embed just the relevant – by which I mean “staggeringly insane” – 40 seconds of the video.]

Update: El Chigüire wins the Internetsagain.

Actually, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the Brainstorming sessions where they come up with these stunts.

“We want something visual, something that ties this dividend check to Chávez personally…pero cómo hacemos, jefe?”

“Now, I know this is a bit out there but…hear me out. What if we like literally sent Chávez a check!?”

“Like via Ipostel?! It’ll never get there!”

“No, no, that’s boring…we need something visual…”

“Maybe we can like shoot the check from a cannon, or tie it to a cohetón…”

“No, wait guys, I think I’ve got it…pigeons…we can tie it around a pigeon’s foot, like a carrier pigeon!”

“Nah, they’ll crap all over it…hmmm…what if, this is out there but…baloons!”

“Yeah, red ones!, with one of those novelty oversized checks they give lottery winners!…”

“Bingo! Eso es!

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  1. Them coattails just went airborne!

    What’s worse, is that for a great number of our compatriots this works just fine.

    • I find it so hard to understand why the opposition, or Capriles as the current baton holder, has not figured out a way to level with the masses. I think having a direct conversation that– perhaps televised or in a series of web telecasts– speaks of the paths that got us here would do us all well to grasp. Let us hear and understand of the excesses, the corruption, the cronyisms of the IV republic in detail. A lesson, not a mea culpa. A recognition of missed opportunities and a method of coming to terms with the origins of our current crippling malady.

      Make the electorate understand what happened, what was missed under Perez, Campins, Lusinchi, Caldera, to find the thread up to this point. Contrast and compare. There was plenty that was pretty bad, but there was also a great deal of good. Speak of the achievements these past 12 years but also of the wasted resources and opportunities. The idea: to lift the fog and inspire to greater heights. Expanding the conversation then onto pragmatic solutions that can help push us forward.

      I believe that over all, Venezuelans are looking to get inspired and to dream of better things to come. Contrasting and comparing what 12 years under Chavismo has brought Venezuela, how the country now ranks against its neighbors and how rapidly we are moving towards lesser freedoms and greater dependence, should open many eyes. If Cuba is Chavismo’s bull’s-eye, speak of the ills that affect that imperial island, the “mendigo” of the hemisphere, a country that simply cannot sustain itself nor stand on its own two feet, and ask out loud: is that what we truly want for Venezuela?

      We can’t ignore the evils of the past and pretend that nothing’s ever happened. Chavismo did not occur in a vacuum. Owning our history and seeking to learn from it, seems a lesson that is long overdue.

      • What you say makes perfect sense but there is a catch to doing it and that is that the ordinary hard core Chavez fanatic is deaf to reason , to argument , to the messages of reality or common sense . Mainly because he enjoys his hatred , his scorn , his anger towards whatever Chavez demonized, , for making him feel strong , brutal , superior , the avenger of old scores !! Rousseau once wrote that you could only reason “in the silence of the passions” , well in Venezuela political passions are so aroused and flaring that they leave no room for people to even hear themselves think !! Someone should do it not because its going to make a difference in political terms but as testimony of the truth , specially where official policy is to disfigure the truth and replace it with colourful frabrications !!

    • Don’t worry. The real source of the dividend was the givernment’s lechugaverde investment.

      Seems totally legit!

    • Debieron hacer como con los faraones egipcios y enterrarlo con los cheques de Fonden en el Museo de la Revolución (entiendo que a algunos de los faraones los enterraban con sus sirvientes, por lo menos a Giordani y a Iris Valera deberían meterlos ahí también.)

  2. The whole spectacle is so clownish, so childish , so glaringly garish , so patently ridiculous that it defies belief that there are actual grown ups becoming enthranced and frenzied by participating in it , or by watching it . They have to be play acting , no one can be that stupid !!

    • They’re company profits, not donations from workers. The real news here is that a State-Owned firm other than PDVSA makes profits! (Though, in fairness, making money out of telecoms is ALMOST as easy as making money out of oil…)

        • You just need to shift your paradigm, you minion of el imperio. Who, but a capitalist running dog, would consider a a failure to make a profit an actual loss?

          Think like a socialst. In Chavenomics, a financial or economic loss is a victory for socialismo y el pueblo! You have to beat capitalism at its own game by consistently running at a loss because, after all, in 21st century socialism, reality is what we say it is and thus running at a so-called loss is wholly and completely sustainable.

          *rolls eyes* You neo-colonial lackeys!

          • Exactly, privatization and a constant concern for profits is what drives capitalism. In worker controlled socialism, as CANTV is experiencing, concern for community good, service and quality are the bottom line!

          • Riigghhhttt…service, as in, lack of electricity each day? Some service. SURE, it’s not CANTV, but it’s CORPOELEC, another one of your “worker controlled socialism…service and quality”. Thanks, but, no thanks.

          • Competition is an important consequence of capitalism, which ensures “concern for community good, service and quality”. What you call socialism results in rent seeking abetted by government protectionism. Monopoly conditions tend to lead to higher prices and disincentives to providing good services. Basic economics.

  3. Honestly, break out the popcorn, folks! This “show” just keeps on getting “curioser and curioser”, a la Alice in Wonderland…

  4. I won’t abuse the word fascism but…

    Chavismo and fascism DO have a number of disturbing things in common, at least for the persons striving for rationality. Both of them are do transform Politics into Spectacle. And I don’t mean unintentional comedy or drama which occurs because politicians are dramatic and undignified. They, Chavismo and fascism actually choreograph, plan and put in scene like it was Sabado Sensacional or Miss Venezuela, but for serious matters and playing serious emotion, the kind that can result in murder.

    • It’s so surreal that I keep on thinking of movies, Cohen Brothers, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch … yes, that’s it, the right word is “dystopian”.

  5. I can’t wait to hear in the next few days that some guy got the check and cash it. I hope that nobody forgot to put the “non-endorsable” tag.

  6. Chavez, the first Clown-Emperor of Venezuela died.
    Enter Maduro, the first Clown-Emperor pretender of Venezuela.

    Can I put the pretender in italics somehow? It would look much cooler 🙂

  7. I went through precisley the same process of imagining the discussions that might have led to this:
    With the added bonus that this must have gone up the chain of command: “Mi Sargento, tengo una idea….”– the rest is history.
    I know this blog is about Venezuela, but there’s plenty crazy things going on west of the Orinoco as well.

  8. Guys this is material for real..I mean these people know no limits to the surreal and to the totally absurd..where were these people educated to that kind of fine art? some wicked Central Asia -Istan dictatorship?..Gambia?, President Zuma school of craziness?, North Korea’s academy of twisted realities?.

    What will be next? a Chavez shaped rocket to the space? An extra day of the week in memory of our beloved comandante? will they send the ballots, in case of Maduro’s victory, to heaven using heart shaped red balloons?

    • Mandeville: La locura no la curan las encuestas . Many of us dont need a poll to tell us what to think , what to judge , what to believe , this specific blog is not about polls , its about the madness that has overtaken officialdom in their frenzied efforts to fill with their spectacles the sanity thats missing in their heads !!

    • Luis Vicente Leon stated Datanalisis would not publish poll results this election cycle. I have no information about C21. Schemel and the rest are publishing results. You can find those anywhere

      • Gracias. Es que no deja de llamarme la atención que ahora no hablen de eso. El año pasado si mal no recuerdo era algo constante.

      • Si, bueno, LVL dijo que dado lo corto del tiempo de campaña el no soltaria estudios de opinion. Si confirmo que los esta haciendo para sus clientes privados, y de hecho una encuesta que hizo para Barclays bank se filtro la semana pasada.

        Hacer una encuesta seria y analizar los datos y publicarla tarda un mes, mas o menos.

        Con esos tiempos se ve difcil cumplir cuando la campaña es tan corta.

  9. A sane person living inside a madhouse is exiled from the world of the sane , With Chavismo displaying its stranglehold over every area of life we venezuelans are become exiles in our country.!! There is no switzerland for us !!

  10. I have the bad feeling in my gut that in a year from now with these guys in power I am going to be missing chavez sooo much


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