Ad War Update: pre-campaña ends, official campaign begins

With the official campaign now upon us, what’s left of the pre-campaña is online:

The Maduro campaign is going big on the figure of the comandante supremo. Here, his presence is dialed up to 11 for dramatic effect:

But they don’t forget to promote Nicolás Maduro himself, as in this musical spot:

They’re even recycling some of the elaborate spots from last October’s campaign: Remember that brilliant long ad with the balloons? Here it is again, with minor tweaks.

Man, even Quico himself almost wants to vote for Maduro after that!

Meanwhile, Henrique Capriles is not afraid to go negative:

If you wondering why Maduro’s face is blurred out, is because our electoral legislation bans the use of your rival’s face in all commercials, at least without his authorization.

HCR’s camp also offers people at least five reasons to get out and vote on April 14th:

A second spot, presenting five more reasons to vote can be seen here.