Ad War Update: pre-campaña ends, official campaign begins


With the official campaign now upon us, what’s left of the pre-campaña is online:

The Maduro campaign is going big on the figure of the comandante supremo. Here, his presence is dialed up to 11 for dramatic effect:

But they don’t forget to promote Nicolás Maduro himself, as in this musical spot:

They’re even recycling some of the elaborate spots from last October’s campaign: Remember that brilliant long ad with the balloons? Here it is again, with minor tweaks.

Man, even Quico himself almost wants to vote for Maduro after that!

Meanwhile, Henrique Capriles is not afraid to go negative:

If you wondering why Maduro’s face is blurred out, is because our electoral legislation bans the use of your rival’s face in all commercials, at least without his authorization.

HCR’s camp also offers people at least five reasons to get out and vote on April 14th:

A second spot, presenting five more reasons to vote can be seen here.

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  1. The third one, isn’t that a refubirshed ad from the 7-O campaign? Probably Toro is right: why bother with a campaign when all that matters is the PDVSA-funded, Stasi-like get-out-the-vote-or-ELSE organization?

  2. What matters about the campaign is that it gives the opposition some national coverage and attention, which would otherwise be almost non-existent. I think this is an election the opposition can’t win. However, it can very well set up a powerful “I told you so”, so that when the economic crisis hits full throtle and things continue to worsen they can be on the offensive and more chavistas will turn against Maduro. They loved Chavez, not Maduro. Also, it serves to set up Capriles and the opposition as a viable alternative to consider. The first step to defeat this regime is to actually make the opposition be a clear majority (at least 55%) and madurismo a weak minority (less than 35%).

  3. I think it is correct to focus on aggressively attacking Maduro and the government with negative adds. So I think the idea behind the ads is good. Having said that, I don’t think the first Capriles is very impactful or original.

    I feel they should also start ridiculing Maduro and the other crazies in the government for their burlesque behavior. Maybe an add about how “ningun pajarito chiquitico” is going to erase the devaluation or that what would be a real “mystical encounter” (which I. Rodirguez claimed he had with Chavez) would be an encounter with harina pan and chicken in a supermarket. Or something to that effect…

    I did like the second two Capriles spots.

  4. Whoa…that first one have me goosebumps ad almost snatched a tear out of me. They are good at what they do! (Mostly because it’s the only thing they actually DO, propaganda…)

  5. Have you seen the Telenovela Cubana or the Enchufados Ads?? they did not get permision to use them in tv but they are going around the internet.


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