Roy Chaderton joins the looney bin

Straight-jacket? For moi?
Straight-jacket? For moi?

In the last couple of weeks, it has become increasingly clear that the Maduro campaign has bought a one-way ticket on the Mental Express. In spite of this, a few chavista figureheads have stopped short of endorsing the campaign’s unabashed lunacy.

Enter Roy Chaderton, Venezuela’s Ambassador to the OAS and a powerful figure of the Fifth (and Fourth) Republic. Today, Ambassador Chaderton warns of the unfair advantages … of the opposition!

Yes, you heard that right. It turns out that we, the zero-media-access, zero-money opposition – we are the ones that have an unfair advantage, thanks to our (ahem) control of the media dictatorship and our (double ahem) support from large corporations.

Clearly, chavismo feels that the election is over, and it might well be. As of now, the game they are playing has a lot to do with getting in line, and parroting mantras. They have to dance to the music emanating from Miraflores, and right now, the music is eerily similar to the one that came out of Nero’s fiddle. So chavistas looking to keep their perks have no option … but to dance.

Good for them, I guess. Still, I don’t know how Chaderton can show his face in the diplomatic circles he so clearly relishes in. Acting crazy may work in Caracas, not so much in Washington cocktail parties.

Then again, as long as there are petro-dollars, diplomats the world over will continue paying lip service to him … while they snicker behind his back.

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