Ad War Update: one week to go

The shortest presidential campaign in Venezuelan history is now underway in the streets, on the airwaves and also on the inter-tubes. Let’s have a look:

With footage of his rallies as background, Henrique Capriles attacks the results of the de facto Maduro presidency during its brief tenure. In this spot, he focuses on violence:

But he doesn’t forget the recent currency devaluations and its effect on the cost of living:

The Maduro camp continues to appeal to the late comandante presidente’s final request. Joao Santana is now involved as an “indirect assistant” but his trademarks are all over the recent TV commercials. Here, hugs are used as a symbol for keeping the course.

And here’s a heartbeat produced by ordinary citizens ends with Chavez’s last pledge:

Finally, this simple spot of the evangelical party NUVIPA is not much about its candidate Eusebio Mendez (seen at 0:22), but about the principles this party stands for: