Nicolás's April 11th

Maduro Vuela
Y claro cuando oimos es plomamentazón cogimos directo pa’Maiquetia y gracias a dios aquí llegamos…

While Juan is off licking his ego-wound (what’s up with that?!) I’m sitting wondering…is there even an official version of what Nicolás Maduro was up to 11 years ago at about this time?

It’s funny – you’d think Comando Hugo Chávez would go big with any story from that weekend that painted their guy in a minimally presentable light but, so far…radio silence.

Set aside the oligophrenic (and – sad to say – potentially counterproductive) meme now making the rounds that labels him (wrongly) in Richard Peñalver’s place shooting from Puente Llaguno into the opposition crowd.

What was the guy actually up to during the revolution’s darkest hour, when the armed forces turned against the regime and his life’s work hung in the balance? Don’t you think the answer to that question would tell us an awful lot about the man’s character?

But so far, nothing. Did the pajarito advice him not to talk about it? But then, why?

Maybe the muerto who can clarify all this isn’t Chávez, but Luis Tascón. Back in  2008 the not-so-dearly departed congressman alleged that Nicolás and Cilia skipped the country when the shit hit the F.A.N..

Which, obviously, isn’t confirmed at this point, but wouldn’t that be a scoop…