My embassy, my party

The Venezuelan embassy in Paris
The Venezuelan embassy in Paris

There’s no secret that the real political apparatus for the Maduro campaign is the Venezuelan State, and that use has even extended outside of our borders.

In a communiqué sent to all European Venezuelan embassies, the Director General of the Foreign Affairs Ministry for Europe Ayerim Flores gave the order of   “…a plan of action which articulates an electoral campaign in Europe, through our Diplomatic Missions with solidarity groups, MPs, intellectuals and artists; oriented to reaffirm the continuity of the Bolivarian Revolution with the victory of Nicolás Maduro…”.

Such “plan of action” is now being fully implemented.

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  1. What a waste of abuse of power. Aside from some embassy employees and perhaps their immediate family members, and for some strange reason people in Russia and Iran, nobody overseas is going to vote for them.

  2. From their perspective, the Party IS the State. They see nothing wrong with this. There is no room for the concept of pluralism within Chavismo.

    • Actually, as ManMade1988 explained in the other thread, the destruction of pluralism is a laudable goal for socialists. For him, and many Chavistas, the idea that every arm of the government would promote not just the ideology of the of the current ruling party but the ruling party itself is a central part of being “revolutionary.”

      Compare this to their breathless condemnation of the US state department’s promotion of ideas favored by Democrats and Republicans such as economic freedom. The absolute hypocrisy of Chavistas is quite apparent.

  3. Is logical: Maduro knows he is a sham and therefore seeks by all means, legitimate, and that the aliens seeking Venezuelans vote massively and incidentally, by him. But if that actually happens, is something else. Unless a bird tell him how to do the legal trap both here in Venezuela and abroad.

  4. I guess you already know this but me and my friends in Ecuador always get calls and e-mails from the government Comando. I set up a special e-mail (using the + user-local extension) for my Consular Registration ([email protected]…) and they send things there so it’s pretty obvious. Also, I recall in Guayaquil Chavez has won elections, and it’s not that big of a gap anyway.


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