JJ Rendón and Bayly


Whatever you think about J.J. Rendón, the legendary Venezuelan political consultant now working with Henrique Capriles, this interview with Jaime Bayly is entertaining as hell. (In Spanish)

Part 2 here. Part 3 here.

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  1. Here’s hoping the MUD did not waste its precious resources on this guy.
    I’m mostly a lurker, so I fear this will sound like trolling, but here it goes, anyway: JJR is a self declared rumorologo, so if he says anything, my reaction is to think exactly the opposite. That is why, if I’m going to coax my pitiful “ancho de banda” to see a video, I won’t waste that effort on him.
    That being said, to each his own. I guess those abroad have a better Internet connection, or maybe do not have such a poor opinion of this guy.

  2. I found the interview fascinating and entertaining. The chavista’s nomenklatura’s rabid response foaming at the mouth- specially jorge rodriguez who seems like a hysterical “queen”- gives JJ all the necessary credibility. He must be touching a raw nerve, or many. Even today NM tweeted that he was garbage,. Whatever happens the fact is that Maduro has been losing points everyday and HCR gaining them even quicker, so…

  3. I don’t know the guy so I don’t have pre-conceptions about him, but from what I saw in the interview, he sounds quite articulated and his message is clear, precise and sounds likely.

  4. Thank you, JCN, for featuring this, which I would have missed. Rendon is good, 24/27 is a fantastic record, I remember Mockus, with a large early lead, being resoundly beaten late on by Santos, and it being ascribed to the Santos’ campaign being run by Rendon. The fact that Rendon gives credence to his often-used Argentinian poll group,which is now giving Capriles a nice lead, gives me hope, although I still don’t see the PSUV Operacion Remolque (which tactics he briefly mentioned as fraudulent, which they are) being easily overcome.

  5. There has be to be something that this guy is doing well so chavista are getting anxious and nervous with every minut, Even Maduro where trashing him in front of foreign media. JJ Rendon must be loving the free ads. 🙂

  6. I have heard nothing about this J.J. Rendon until now. So I ask you, what was this guy standing at 7OCT? What was this pollster numbers for that election?

    • He didn’t make a hard prediction Oct. 7. He said Capriles was surging and could win but he came short of predicting Capriles would win. There’s a hilarious article (posted yesterday) on Aporrea saying his crystal ball is cracked. It probably is. I’d be surprised if Capriles wins this time around.


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