Profiles in Courage

26972_2013021359You know when somebody else writes what you mean, only much better than you had? Commenter CACR just did that to me:

Look at this data from the CNE: 8 persons in the Hipodromo, a shelter for people who lost their homes to flash flooding, voted for Capriles in October. This is an enormous act of civic duty and courage, voting against the threat of losing your housing and the opportunities of a better life.

But whenever you turned on Globovisión or Facebook, you only saw the self-congratulatory pictures of people voting in New Orleans and elsewhere as a sign of courage, no recognition of what the many voters of Capriles from classes C, D and E had to go through to vote, how brave and independent they were.

Or the witnesses in western Caracas who had to hit the floor when motorizados came firing their guns to scare them. Perhaps many of them won’t do it again after seeing that the A, B, C classes care so little about them.

I don’t have a problem with people using their money to vote, but the smugness of the whole voting abroad moment is really hard to take.