Alea jacta est…amos como estamos


The Die is Cast-Alea Jacta estAn absolute chill ran down my spine 12 minutes ago when this  came  through Henrique Capriles’s twitter account:

“Alertamos al país y al mundo la intención de querer cambiar la voluntad expresada por el Pueblo!Hacer RT a este mensaje…”

“We alert the country and the world their intention to change the will expressed by the people! Please RT this message…”

Heavy “gulp”…there’s no walking that sort of thing back.

Then this from Leopoldo López:

Al gobierno con toda responsabilidad les decimos: ustedes saben lo que nosotros sabemos. No inventen.

To the government, reseponsibly, we say: you know what we know. Don’t play games.

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  1. OH Christ, are you all really going to start with this “fraud” nonsense again? I guess the opposition isn’t so different from what it was several years ago eh?

    • Yes, because there couldn’t be fraud, by definition! If there was no fraud in 2004, then it is obvious that no matter what happens, it cannot be fraud today. How convenient.

      • There can’t be fraud because the electoral system is completely transparent and can be audited. Of course, if you haven’t figured that out yet… well, I’ve just wasted 30 seconds of my life.

        • Which is precisely why Capriles, on the official mobilization twitter, is making sure that opposition members stay for the post-vote count. #verificacionCiudadana

          The only thing between fraud and the vote is the verificacion Ciudadana. Otherwise the vote can be manipulated. The paper count is what matters.

          • Yes, there can’t be fraud, because it is impossible that motorized units of the SA could not force polls to stay open while they dig up reluctant voters whose real desire is to abstain.

          • Yes, they are forcing people to vote whose “real desire is to abstain”!!! Hey Jeffry, take off the tin-foil hat…

  2. You know what? I suggest a bottle of wine or your poison of choice. I don’t want to be catched unprepared for the first bulletin

  3. I’ve been feeling chills for a while. In spanish:
    no creo que los politicos mas serios como capriles y lopez se vayan a manchar con esas declaraciones. Algo de verdad huele raro, y podrido.Huele a platano podrio

  4. They have to have some serious information to make that statement. otherwise they will need to answer a lot of questions.

    • They would lose a significant amount of credibility. If they are making that statement with results that are not yet statistically certain, they are supremely irresponsible.


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