No news is no news


Just a quick heads up to say that there is nothing to report. As usual during election day, there are rumours going around. We’re doing well! No people at the voting stations! More abstention than before! Less abstention!

Who knows. This is the lazy hour of election day – except, that is, for frantic mobilizers who are simply too busy to be talking to reporters or bloggers.

So hold on tight people. Back to your gardening, or hanging out with your family. We’ll have solid news later.

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      • Juan, CSB just gave a press conference–no smiles, Henri Falcon too serious, Marquina looked like he’d just finished crying–not good signs, but we must remember, we’re trying to push water uphill. As Norske indicated earlier in another post, the time will come when water reverts to its normal course, and flows downhill naturally.

        • Well, last time they went with the whole smiling a lot and making everyone believe that we were winning and look at what happened. Even if we were winning I wouldn’t like them sending signals of anything until they really have the results in their pockets and the trend is really irreversible.

          • Yes, thanks, but it doesn’t show Marquina’s sorrowful face. On the other hand, LL just appeared on TV victorious-like. And Moraima, I would love to be wrong once again, as I was on O7.

    • But the lead is very weak, according to the same article (Maduro 50.7 – 52.8%). I’d be quite delighted with a pyrrhic victory case.scenario.

    • Those “so called” exit polls are made by “international consulting services”…why do you even bother in taking their opinion seriously?

  1. New update 13 and half million have voted, at this point in October 15.1 million had voted, so as far as one can tell it is down voting wise…FOR NOW!

  2. While I did here CANTV was blocking a site showing the result most of us would like here, bottom line is that we will not know much until we start hearing what the table totals were compared to October…

    Those should start pretty soon…

  3. There are twits mentioning internet blackouts:
    VVSincensura ‏@VVperiodistas 1m
    Usuarios denuncian caída de Aba de CANTV. Cuidado con un blackout #Democracia2013

    I am not using ABA…


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