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Latest NewsThe Capriles Campaign is certain that Henrique Capriles Radonski has won today’s election. Various opposition quick counts now point clearly in that direction. There has been a high level decision not to announce it publicly at this point.

We’re trying hard to get something more specific to you but it’s close, and it hasn’t been possible to confirm details beyond this at this time.

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  1. Ultimas noticias just posted the news that the comando hugo chavez dismounted the celebratory tarima. What more do you need?

  2. @croncho: Mis informantes informados me informan del resultado del partido de 52 a 47 a favor de los Codo en Agua, vs Los Rodilla en Tierra. Ja ja ja and i’m going to celebrate with prosecco!

  3. Well it is going to be a long night because i don’t think they are going to accept “mansitos” so be prepared before with coffee… I know that we have had so many elections , but remember how long did it take in “the victoria de mierda” episode ( it was 2007? 2004…I can’t think right now)

  4. This is great, but it does not necessarily mean that we have won. I don not think they Officialism will just roll over and give the “coroto” away.

    I do not enjoy being a Doomsayer, what kind of contingency do they have in this scenario? Should we fear a Burmese outcome?

  5. Informacion sala situacional comando Simon Bolivar A Nivel Nacional como vamos en los Estados:
    [redacted to prevent the spread of disinformation – be serious guys]

  6. It seems that the New Orleans and other world’s cities votes will make a diference this time , Mayameros thanks !! We owe you a lot !!

  7. It’s a shame my dulce de lechoza is a bit mouldy. It’s been in the fridge ever since 2002… But it seems I may finally get the chance to eat it!!!

  8. Capriles: [Misinformation – deleted] the government will not recognize the victory of @hcapriles @cnnee @foxnews @MiamiHerald

    • Probably going to try to “make up votes” by claiming rural voting stations still have people voting. I wonder how long they can stall for?

    • Naturally. Even with “no long lines.” Just like last time they pulled out a crap ton of magical late minute votes. Stand in line all night. Walk slowly. Take your time until more people can show up.

      • there are no polls on PDVSA. the tweets say: pdvsa la campiña, not a poll. they say, edificio miranda anzoategui. not a poll. according to the data base of polls (tabla centro), there are only two polling stations that have pdvsa on its names: UNIDAD EDUCATIVA ANACO PDVSA. a school (not in edificio miranda), and PLANTA CANTINAS PDVSA it`s located in Catia.

        • The grapevine talks about “secret machines” generating votes at different PDVSA locations… Who knows…

  9. From devilsexcrement.com a few minutes ago quote 10:28 PM 65% of all actas counted Capriles ahead by 20,000 votes plus foreign votes unquote

  10. disclaimer first: I have 4 rums inside me, too much pressure…
    Second: I talked to several people and they have told me that both camps say that they are going to declare themselves winners. So expect not an easy transition, there will be problems in venezuela for sure. Unless Chavistas back down, think, and recognize that their time is over. Sadly, I do not expect that from them.

  11. Can you imagine what it must be like to be Tibisay Lucena right now? This very minute?

    She’s probably wet herself trying to get through to Nicolas as what to announce as a result. “Nicolas! Nicolas! What the F…. do I do!” To be a fly on the wall in her office tonight……

  12. I want to believe. And logically, I’m having trouble coming up with an explanation other than Capriles victory that would explain this particular fact pattern. Yet that being said — and I consider myself to be a reasonably creative person — I cannot visualize mentally ANY scenario where sometime tonight Tibi gives the thumbs up to HCR and Maduro just shrugs it off and that’s that.

    • Just imagine this. If Nico (CNE) wins, he has to raise the price of gas right away and do a third devaluation. Can you imagine this when everybody knows that he did not win and that CH did not make him president in January.

    • Ni idea. I guess they could say the CIA hacked the voting system somehow by way of some mysterious advanced technology so they have to redo the whole election. A lot of the base would probably be willing to buy that at this point. I mean they believed the bird. And the “Chicharra Cencerizadora.” Obviously, that’s just idle speculation.

    • The CNE is not going to recognise the result. They are going to say Maduro won by 1.38 percentage points … about 200,000 votes. The MUD will not accept that and they will demand all the paper ballots be counted. fasten your safety belts.

  13. Cheers to all

    I want to be excited and celebrate… But it’s so hard, looking at lost time, lost friends, a country that is still hurting with hatred and fear and that will keep on hurting for years to come. 🙁

  14. A couple of hours ago I was very optimistic, but right now I’m becoming more pessimistic with each passing minute. If the opposition is so confident about HCR having won, why doesn’t the MUD more emphatically come out and say that they have the numbers and demand the CNE to give the primer boletín already? Isn’t that what happened in 2007?

  15. If Capriles is meeting with military high command this is something to be hopeful about.. The MUD can’t emphatically come out and say that they have the numbers because if they have won, they have to gently ease in. The chavista camp could respond badly. This is a precarious situation, i’m not surprised announcements aren’t being made.

  16. “El 98% de las actas han sido totalizadas y aún nada. Observadores se duermen tras demora en anunciar resultados”. – Says BBC Mundo. #NerviosAflorDePiel

  17. If the results stand, at least there will be no nightmare scenario of Capriles being blamed for the collapse of the economy Chavez left behind. Tendran que asumir su barranco.

  18. His first speech as President. No promise to deal with 20% inflation, mass food shortages or rising crime, just references to Chavez. Are we surprised? And he claims to be for the “people”. Start talking about how you’ll help them, and not your fantasies of a dead man. Like Capriles said, his Presidential sash doesn’t belong to him. It’s BORROWED. ergh.

  19. And the Media war continues… Is Maduro trying to legitimize his victory attacking Capriles? Allegedly Capriles asked him to make a pact before Tibisay announced the results.

    What’s next? Maduro until 2019?

    Ay papa!

  20. Well. I got a bit carried away, but I didn’t really expect Capriles to win. There are some silver linings, at least: I would believe that such a small margin for Maduro puts him in a vulnerable position within chavismo. Have fun with that hot potato, dude.

  21. Maduro can’t talk. Maduro no hala lo q halaba Chavez. It is impossible that he got more votes than Chavez. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

    • indeed, he tries to have the showmanship Chavez had and fails quite short… this was a pity vote from the mourning chavistas, I doubt anyone in their right mind would vote for that clown if he would have been standing on his own, without ghost birds and such

  22. I told ya… I hate to say i told you so but i did. No eran chimbos. We are in the hands of a military coup d’ etat. Barrientos and molero did not want to recognize Capriles’s victory. In cahoots with Rodriguez. Even Teodoro had been interviewed by RCaracol and had given the victory to Capriles moments before.


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