Where are the dishwashers?

How many of these gets them your vote?
How many of these for your vote?

One thing I think nobody has noted in this election cycle: where are the dishwashers? The clothes washers? The dryers? The apartments? Heck, I haven’t even heard of Maduro handing out iPods.

As you know, last year’s election was marked by giveaways of the kind we had seldom seen before. Haier appliances were everywhere – some reports say that close to 2 million appliances were handed out. And the government gave out a lot of apartments.

This time? Radio silence. I’m sure they’ve handed out some, but nowhere near the number they handed out last time.

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  1. @luisvicenteleon: Es falso que hay un alto nivel de abstención. La tasa de votación es igual o mayor que en Octubre.

  2. When you string this sort of differential in campaigns with the rejected additional rmb-credit line redeemable in mostly Chinese goods a certain someone sought two/three months ago…well there are coincidences and coincidences.

    The time frame would have allowed for shipping and the clearance of customs just in time for delivery at an appropriate future date.

    Or so a pajarito chiquitito whispered in my ear while standing at a urinal. I always wonder if the realized the short game stood to benefit them most when the long campaign became unrealistic due to lack of sufficient funding commitments.

  3. Where were what we call here “linea blanca”? Well here in Barquisimeto, there were plenty of those, not free though, but for sale at ridiculous prices. Guess what? Lot of dudes came with pickup trucks and lifted those in complicity with the nazional guard, I believe they are now for sale somewhere in town. My best guess the street where “los turcos” operate. Even the Chavez largesses are not respected never mind the fact he died a little more than a month ago, and this was almost unnoticed. Bad omen!


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