"We're going to fire you because you voted for Capriles"


(In Spanish) The video shows a recording of a meeting headed by the Sports Secretary of the Zulia state government. He is saying that people were taken to the voting booths, but that thanks to the “1×10” (a chavista operation whereby each person had to take ten voters to the polls) and thanks to a report from the Situation Room (?) they know they voted for Capriles, and they will be fired, because they’re chavistas, but they’re not idiots… (evidence of the recording notwithstanding)

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    • That guy is the “Director of Sports” of the Zulia state.

      Basically, he’s saying that everyone has to take their blame on the defeat of maduro, that they (PSUV) called them for the 1×10 list,a get out the vote strategy in which you make a list of 10 people and make sure they vote (in this case, for maduro), and some of them voted for capriles.

      He said that when they (PSUV) won the governorship of the Zulia state, they decided to keep the old personnel (from the oppositio) because “the (PSUV) governor considered it a humanitarian measure, for human rights and all of that”, and then he says “and this is how you pay us?!”

      Then he said that they know who voted for capriles and they’re going to fire them.

      He said that he was going to do that, because he assumes his responsability (in the framework of getting maduro elected), because “HE WAS A CHAVISTA” (he is the one putting the emphasis, not me)

    • Literal translation:
      I want to congratulate those that voted for Maduro. And those that did not vote for Maduro, unfortunately must be sad. This meeting is for the following: This government of Arias Cardenas (governor) left many of you here who were from the previous government. And through the 1X10, we discovered that many of those people from 1X10 all votes for Capriles. I am waiting for the final report from the situation room and I’m telling you, we are going to fire you! So that you know! So that it is really clear because we are not idiots! We let you in because of the governor who is calm, humanitarian, Human.. this and that… But we got the order, due to the current situation, every secretariat needs to assume its responsibility. And I will assume that responsibility. And so, all of those people that were enrolled in the 1X10, who thought that we were not going to call… well, we did call, and they all told us that they were voting for Capriles. We have you all identified and we are going to kick you out! And you can go to the tribunals, and to the labor laws, and you can go wherever the hell you want! But this, we cannot allow! We gave you a chance, through the governor and this si how you repay us? W won’t accept that.

  1. The sad part is that all Chavistas will say nothing when their workmates get fired.
    Palabras del Reverendo Martin Niemöller en 1945 a propósito de los Nazis:

    Primero vinieron a por los comunistas,
    Y yo no hablé porque no era comunista.
    Después vinieron a por los judíos,
    Y yo no hablé porque no era judío.
    Después vinieron a por los católicos,
    Y yo no hablé porque era protestante.
    Después vinieron a por mí,
    Y para entonces, ya no quedaba nadie que hablara por mí.

  2. Did I hear right…the guy said “you must be sad because you vote for maduro”….Did he said that. Off curse I will be sad if I vote for “fresh lie”.

  3. Its funny how the guy says “Pueden ir a tribunales, pueden ir a donde les de la gana!” Even he knows how courts in Venezuela don’t work.

  4. La represión ejercida por el gobierno sobre sus funcionarios resultara en una implosión. Ya que están detonando un explosivo psicológico sobre sus instituciones y la onda expansiva se mueve hacia adentro. Comprimiendo y aumentando resentimientos hasta alcanzar una masa crítica que transformara corderos en leones, son sus respectivas consecuencias.

  5. Here’s what he said when he took the job: ‘Quiero que entiendan que el deporte no es un partido. No hay que politizarlo.’ (I want you to understand that sport is not a party. It should not be politicized’). That didn’t last long, did it….?

  6. This scumbag was my PE teacher back at the Marista school in Maracaibo. He went about his job just as you would expect someone of his kind to do: he didn’t give a damn. Only real qualification for his current role is being Rodrigo’s brother.

    Heard that he’s even tried to get the regional government to fine the school out of business, in what would be a typical case of revanchismo…

    • I studied in one of those schools (Nuestra Sra. de Chiquinquira) when I lived in Maracaibo. I wonder what years did he teach there.

      Marista schools nationwide have been getting a lot of heat for a while.

      • Rodrigo you were there a year under me so I’m pretty sure you know him too. He became the football coach after old Señor José left.

        If I remember correctly your sister Leonor was a friend of my brother, Esteban.

  7. I have 2 such personal accounts from public employees in Miranda that are currently being processed. Con nombre apellido y cédula. We are being absolutely dilligent in chasing down all these instances of intimidation and persecution. They will not be able to get away with this so easily this time around.


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