Putting the "present" in Representative.

I wish I could say this was shameless sensationalism…

So you know I think Capriles’s strategy is not only dead on, but being handled with sublime political finesse. Where I do depart from the opposition’s strategy is on its decision for opposition members of the National Assembly to boycott Friday’s “innauguration” of Maduro’s term. There’s no less effective way to protest than by not showing up!

Let’s put this in context.

Last Tuesday’s ordinary Parliament session began with physical assaults directed at Opposition MP’s, perpetrated before cameras were rolling,  leaving opposition assemblyman William Dávila (AD-Mérida) bloodied courtesy of a microphone-hurling to the forehead (pictured above.)

Once the debate was opened, amid a tense and hostile climate, AN Speaker Diosdado Cabello proceeded to bully and interrogate MPs who requested the floor as to their personal convictions regarding last Sunday’s election. Each time an MP voiced his or her dissent over Maduro’s victory, and/or preoccupations over electoral transparency, Cabello would cut off his microphone and yielded to the next representative on the speaker’s list. Cabello only allowed procedural debate to flow if, and only if, the speaker previously recognized Nicolás Maduro as President of the Republic.

I could go into how Art. 99 of the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech for all members of parliament to voice their opinions and vote according to their conscience, or about how the official Internal Debate Procedure does not allow for such a measure to be unilaterally imposed by the AN President, but that would be besides the point (capacidad de asombro, remember?).

The next day, Cabello’s tyrannical icing-on-the-cake involved effectively removing all opposition MPs from their parliamentary committees chairmanships. Bear in mind that this whole time we’re the fascists.

While all this was going down, Capriles and Comando Simón Bolívar were busy playing chess with the CNE and that whole contesting-the-Presidential-election thing.  And, although opposition MP’s are clearly aligned with Capriles’ cause, and Capriles did condemn AN violence as part of the Government’s provocation agenda, there was no further articulation between such incidents and the opposition’s strategy that could’ve only solidified Capriles’ case (especially in media terms).

Yesterday, representatives of the opposition’s parliamentary bench announced that they would boycott Maduro’s swearing in, in protest over the recent jailing of opposition activists, the State-sponsored repression of peaceful rallies, political purges in public administration, and, basically, Cabello just acting like a dick.

And that is a grave mistake.

Of course opposition MP’s are right to boycott a forum where their mandates have been gravely abused, not to mention a legislative branch which is doing its part in exacerbating, not resolving, our current political crisis.  But Capriles’ whole spiel is based upon the empowerment of a previously ignored electorate that, thanks to the close margin, now feel emboldened to own their dissent. Part of this relies on knocking the illegitimate President down a few pegs, underscoring his lack of  gravitas, turning him into the butt of a joke, showing  the world that he’s just not that big of a deal.

But if we want to effectively repudiate the madness we’ve been witnessing, we need our elected representatives right there doing it, not sixty-odd empty chairs as a backdrop to resounding chavista applause.

Even showing up just to stand up and leave when Maduro’s turn at bat comes would be more effective than not going at all. If María Corina brings a skillet, and Julio Borges brings a pot and soup spoons, and they start banging those, that would be even better. If they could only do a Harlem Shake to the sound of Willy Colón’s latest salsa hit while Nicolas is being read his oath of office, well, that would just be bad ass.

And I think Capriles would approve.

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  1. I was going to suggest something traditionally histrionic as going with their mouths closed by tape. But would these things work? Is this form of passive resistance something that captivates the imagination and emotion of those who do not live in Prados del Este?

  2. Las capacidad de asombro at the opposition’s actions never ends. As you say, “We went to all the trouble to elected these guys for them to not show up when it matters the most?”. Never underestimate the capacity of the opposition to screw things up! I mean WTF!!

    • They represent a majority of Venezuelans, but due to gerrymandering, got a minority of seats. Now, they can’t even speak in the National Assembly because the minority phony speaker says so. A democrat would know who the blame should fall on here.

      • We did not win a majority of seats because we have a mixed, NOT a PROPORTIONAL representation system. Gerrymandering took some seats away from US, but even under the old system we would not have had the majority of seats. Out electorate is too concentrated in a few districts, e.g. urban areas, etc.

  3. Maybe these great representatives still did not know that las time ther chairs were filled with a “barra” …at least they could go with Juan says…or Make some signs about represion…by the way…what is that that now we are going to change the pot banging for music…the bailoterapis is here again? I am sorry but some kids were repressed, get in jail, tortured, and are facing serious charge for these clowns making a la Vicente Díaz!

  4. Disagree. Public figures aren’t some random nudist running across a football field: they are meant to be an example to us all and conduct themselves appropriately. Attendance and protest in the way you describe debases their cause in the same way the chavistas do.

  5. They need to be there to offer a witnessing to the continuing charade. What about a button…on each opposition lapel…with a frying pan displayed. Nothing more need be said.

  6. Excellent article with a fresh point of view and some very sharp and uncomfortable observations, congratulations. My mostly negligible remarks, not intended to dull the lustre of your article, for which I apologize beforehand, are:

    1. Representatives of the Venezuelan national assembly are assemblymen or deputies, not MPs.

    2. Why is Diosdado a dick and not a cunt? No matter how disagreeable, branding people with derogatory gender-based slurs is not politically correct. The English language has a plethora of suitable alternatives.

    3. To my knowledge, the word schpeel doesn’t really exist in the English language, might you be referring to the German word spiel?

    • Sorry Jerry, I disagree, Emi wrote from her gut and used current colloquial slang, Godgiven IS a dick. Cunt would be reserved for a woman. And how all/most of us can be PC this point in the game? It’s been 14 years of abuse, cynicism, lies and BS from the other half.
      As a therapist the first thing I recommend is writing from the gut, not the brain 😉

      • Depends on what side of the ocean you learned your English. In the US ‘dick’ would be the appropriate term. In Britain a man can easily be a ‘cunt’ when he shuts out your legislators from effectively participating in government.

      • Both terms are equivalent in general meaning and today used on both sides of the pond. Surely one can effectively disparage ones fellow man/woman without yanking genitals into the arena.

        Damn, deep down I can’t believe I brought up this subject or wrote the previous paragraph. Now for some necessary introspection …

  7. Even though I agree with you Emiliana, just because they are our representatives. I wonder if they will be mocked and insulted by Maduro et al if they show up. The problem with the inauguration is that Maduro and probably Diosdado are the only ones talking here, so…

    But yes, they should be there. With pots and spoon just to amuse me hahaha

    • They will be mocked. That’s unfortunate but that’s the way to go. And they should show it and they should show it to the WORLD just like Emiliana is showing this picture;

  8. We are damned if we do, we are damned if we don’t. If we were dealing with normal people, Maduro should postpone taking the oath of office until the audit is finished, in the mean time he continues to be the “illegitimate” man in charge. Also in the meantime he continues to talk his way into incompetence, if we still have any doubts, which will surely make Diosdado Benito Cabello very happy. Also in the meantime let’s take very good care of Maduro and Capriles.

  9. The taped-mouths works for me. It’s a good photo, conveying a lot of meaning. Since the Opposition got a larger percentage of the vote than Chavismo in the 2010 elections, the legitimacy of the actions of Cabello rest on gerrymandered results only.

  10. The taped-mouths is not bad, but lacks dignity.

    My suggestion is they show up, occupy their seats, and when Maduro comes on stage, they stand up and turn their backs as a form of protest. It is also a good photo, and is even more disruptive, yet has more gravitas.

  11. Why all the fuss ?. I have seen many instance around the world that when a group of legislator doesn´t agree with what is been approve , they don´t show up at the parliamentary session. In this case is even worst, you are saying that the guy that is going to be main protagonist in todays ceremony is a fraud. By going, you are contradicting what you are saying.
    Even more, the guy that was “coñeazado” has to be “coñeazado” again because he went to an event that he doesn´t recognized as legit. Sorry , but I would not do it, that will be stupidity.

    • I tend to agree with this. They sit all in the same section, and a whole bunch of empty chairs also looks powerful and will raise some brows.
      Maybe they could go, enter the room, put a white rose on their desks or some sort symbol (maybe the hats?) and leave just when the speaker starts to talk.

  12. Emiliana:

    I see you keep referring to Maduro as an “illegitimate” president. This in spite of the fact that Capriles has still not released whatever evidence he has (Actas??) that he got more votes than Maduro.
    Now they will be counting all the remaining voting receipts and Capriles has accepted this. If this count confirms that Maduro got more votes than Capriles are you still going to assert that Maduro is “illegitimate”?

    • So everything what is happening is ‘normal’ and Venezuela is functioning like a normal ‘democracy’?? If you want to represent the thought process of this government, be my guest. But I do think you need to shave your mustache in a certain German way..

    • Yes, Maduro is illegitimate. Capriles explained the use of the word to describe Maduro; look it up.

      And stop the act of pretending to be so rational when all you’re trying to do is undermine Capriles by continued repetition of the “where’s the evidence” mantra when you know very well that a lawyer does not take his evidence to the public forum unless that is what is best for the case. Capriles seems to have taken what is necessary to CNE, the only authority to which he need be taking any evidence, for CNE to now comply with a new audit.

      The topic on hand is that of the representatives not showing up to a shady ceremony for a shady leader after being denied the legal right and duty to represent the people that elected them. And Maduro said nothing. He is constitutionally bound to represent all Venezuelans, yet he denies at least half the population the right to be represented.

      Maduro has been illegitimate for months, and now will continue to be illegitimate until, and maybe after, the results of the the new audit are out.

      • ” all you’re trying to do is undermine Capriles by continued repetition of the “where’s the evidence” mantra when you know very well that a lawyer does not take his evidence to the public forum unless that is what is best for the case. ”

        That’s pretty funny Torres, because Capriles already DID take some of his evidence to the public forum, and it turned out that much of it was DEMONSTRABLY false. He simply lied about what the CNE actually reported, which anyone can see by simply looking at the CNE data online.

        • Get a clue, you’re mixing seperate things. What Capriles presented to the public, is not the evidence that OW is requesting, and the CNE data online was not available when Capriles made the claims. The evidence in question is the 90+% of the actas that Capriles had in hand indicating a slight win for him, which, together with other data and deduction would give him a larger margin, he claimed. Capriles had nonaccess, at that point, to any of the other 10-% of actas. So, your conclusion that he lied is incorrect, not to say ill-intended.

          • “the CNE data online was not available when Capriles made the claims.”

            Are you kidding? It was available long before he made those claims. I was looking at it myself. Now you are going to start lying to cover up for Capriles’ lies too? Is this a contagious condition or something?

            And that’s beside the point. He lied about the very actas he had in his hand, as Jorge Rodriguez showed later, with the exact same actas in his hands.

            I’m really glad that you guys are showing how blatantly dishonest you are. It does the country a major service to be able to see your true colors like this.

          • No, I’m not kidding. And I don’t believe you, so, possibly, it is contagious.

            I’m not sure who “you guys” are, but the very fact that you are putting me in a bucket with others especially to disparage, points to your ill-intent. It’s your true colors that we are seeing when you do that, especially when your reaction is such a mountain over such a mole hill.

          • HAHAHAHAHA!!! Once again, Torres simply can’t respond about Capriles’ lies.

            “You guys” refers to the many here who have also shown themselves incapable of responding. If the shirt fits, wear it my friend.

          • extorres and everybody else who reads CC… STOP responding to Get a Clue. If he posts something in response to a post you have made, IGNORE it and him! Do NOT engage! Do NOT reply to his posts! It only encourages the delusional idiot. If everybody would just STOP replying to his posts, maybe he will wither up and die from neglect… one can only hope…

          • DJK, he won’t stop. That’s his purpose. I rather think that the time he spends with me is time he doesn’t spend getting through to someone possibly less immune. Also, repeating our message over and over counters his repeating his message over and over to those who, believe it or not (ask Yoani Sánchez), are being forced to read this blog.

          • Chamo, el casquillo como que es tu plato favorito. Si dejas de contestarle, eventualmente se cansará…

    • To justify the term illegitimate, the gent doesn’t need to show that he got more votes, only that the electoral process was so seriously flawed as to be deemed untrustworthy. Of that, ostensibly, there is evidence sufficient. The review process promised (Yeah?) is to determine whether the outcome announced reflects the much bandied “will of the people”.

    • It’s not about debating. We can show our protest there. We can show the middle finger if we want…or just turn our backs. We can show posters. Boligarcs would go ballistics about that. So be it, preferably in front of the cameras.

  13. Emiliana:

    Can no one on the CSB talk to these guys about strategy, and convince them of performing a pacific protest INSIDE the AN, like the cacerolazo you suggest, or going there if full mourning regalia, or a black arm-band (meaning democracy is dead) or maybe wearing the gorra tricolor, or even a “capucha”? There are surely ways the CBS can comminicate with them. Sure, they are running some risks, but so is every person that’s “caceroleando”… An aggression by the mob will go a long way, press-wise… Can something be done about that?

          • You have to admit, it must be hard to maintain such a dishonest discourse for so long. For years Toro has repeatedly acknowledged that numerical fraud is virtually impossible with Venezuela’s electoral system.

            Now his beloved leader is claiming numerical fraud, and actually making up fake evidence to support his claims, and that puts Toro here in a very uncomfortable position.

            Notice how he hasn’t said a work about the fake evidence, and he has gotten terribly quiet about how stupid it is to claim numerical fraud. This is what happens when you can’t even be honest with yourself.

          • Let’s declare a “GAC” free thread today, and not answer him… Es que es más fastidioso que una mosca…

          • Of course I do. I hope Capriles included the details of each case in his so-called “evidence” so that they can be investigated. However it has already been shown that at least one of the videos going around is from a previous election.

            Now, Torres, do you support telling blatant lies in order to claim that fraud took place?

          • Get a Clue, thank you. You know, it should not take a tooth pulling to get an answer out of you… Capriles said he had all the details regarding center, table, and witness, with name and number, for each of the electoral complaints for the CNE to investigate easily. I am glad to hear that you support the investigations, which I’m taking to imply that you also support people making the claims with sufficient supporting detail for CNE to carry the investigations out.

            I’m glad the truth regarding the video was discovered because I do not support the telling of blatant lies in order to claim that fraud took place. For now, based on a democratic “innocent until proven guilty” stance, I’ll assume Capriles was duped by whomever presented him with the video.

          • Apparently you aren’t aware that the other claims made by Capriles himself during his press conference were also made up. He manipulated the evidence. Oops, I suppose he was just duped again.

            And I suppose all the opposition witnesses who were present in those voting centers were “voto asistido” took place were all just duped too. They just sat there and watched 270,000 people get forced to vote for Maduro. No tienes que tener dos dedos de frente para saber cuando te están mojoneando chico.

            Apparently you haven’t even taken the time to look into Capriles so-called “evidence”. Here’s a little info for you:


          • Get a clue, I don’t need you to keep trying to present material to me as if I were a jury member. What I see is a CNE accepting to do an expanded audit and a Capriles accepting to do a lesser audit than he requested. Whether their reasons for those actions are based on ill-intent or dupes or true evidence is independent to the necessary advancement of a nation in need of a tone down and not your kind of taunting with jumps to conclusions.

            Requests for investigation are valid parts of the process whether they all end up being false, or all true, or any combination in between. Any attempts to deny such requests go against the very nature of the process: democracy.

          • Exactly, Torres. Capriles lies and manipulates about so-called evidence of fraud, calls his people out in to the streets to protest before even making a formal request for a recount, dozens of people are killed and many more injured as a result, and all Torres can say is:

            “Whether their reasons for those actions are based on ill-intent or dupes or true evidence is independent to the necessary advancement of a nation.”

            What a joke.

          • You “forgot”: in need of a tone down and not your kind of taunting with jumps to conclusions.

            In fact, not only did you add a period where there wasn’t, you preceded the incomplete quote with “all”. hmmm. You were saying something about true colors?

          • First Torres says this:

            “I do not support the telling of blatant lies in order to claim that fraud took place.”

            Then when the lies are shown to him he says this:

            “Requests for investigation are valid parts of the process whether they all end up being false, or all true, or any combination in between.”

            Let me ask again Torres. Do you support Capriles’ in his blatant lies about evidence of fraud?

          • “need of a tone down and not your kind of taunting with jumps to conclusions.”

            “Requests for investigation are valid parts of the process whether they all end up being false, or all true, or any combination in between. Any attempts to deny such requests go against the very nature of the process: democracy.”

            Well said ET.

            Or as Chavez said:”a mí me tienen que convencer firma por firma y huella por huella para que haya juego”…”Estoy seguro que mas de la mitad de esas firmas no pasaran la prueba del Consejo Nacional Electora, porque son producto de un intento masivo de fraude”

            Do you guys remember how we had to sign the petition twice for the referendum?

            Do you think that Chavez here had a legitimate concern or he was saying “blatant lies”?

          • Funny, they are so incapable of recognizing the lies here, that they bring up some quote from 2004 to try to change the topic.

            This is very simple Rodrigo. Are you a liar or are you honest? You’ve already answered the question.

          • This is the thing with you GAC. I am not claiming to know the truth. I don’t know what the result is. In my humble opinion there is doubt and further proof is required. Thus I want an investigation, an audit.

            When I say these things you seem to be reading from me and other is the forum that we are 100% certain there was a fraud. Where do you get that?

            On the other hand you are claiming to already know all the answers. Like you have in the past many times, and in many cases proven wrong.

            Such audit doesn’t do anyone any harm. If Maduro is still found to have the majority of votes (which is very well a possibility) then he will find himself legitimized. The CNE will be strengthen. Capriles will show that he was willing to go the extra mile to defend those who voted from him and it will show publicly that thousands if irregularities (irragularities that I am certain they exist because I have lived them), that even though don’t change the actual result, will lead to have more equal and fair elections in the future. Don’t you want any of this?

          • “This is the thing with you GAC. I am not claiming to know the truth. I don’t know what the result is.”

            This is just a lame excuse made by a terribly dishonest person. All you have to do is look at what the CNE data says to see that Capriles lied about what the CNE reported.

            You know you are being dishonest. What is amazing is that you think no one notices.

          • Get a clue, should we conclude of you all the things you’re stating of us for maduro’s demonstrated incorrect informations regarding burnt CDIs and such?

          • Dear GAC.

            This comes from your beloved hugo:

            Chávez Referendo Revocatorio 2003:”a mí me tienen que convencer firma por firma y huella por huella para que haya juego”…”Estoy seguro que mas de la mitad de esas firmas no pasaran la prueba del Consejo Nacional Electora, porque son producto de un intento masivo de fraude”

            #loqueesigualnoestrampasoSTFU 🙂

          • An electoral process involves thousand of complex sets of activities by many different agents at different times , because investigating those activities takes a lot of effort and times there may be facts or data that although not exhaustively investigated give a reasonable indication that violations have been committed . This is enough to trigger a more detailed investigation of such activities to ascertain whether a violation has been commited in respect of some subset of those activities or not . As those activities are fully investigated some of the initial data gets corrected other gets confirmed and what is more interesting other gets discovered . When embarking in this kind of vast complex exercise no one gets everything right the first time but enough things are determined to be correct that further investigation is justified . The all or nothing approach on the basis of a press conference is infantile in the extreme ,unless of course the whole purpose of the comment is to exagerate and make rethorical questions that add nothing to the exercise but serves simply to insult the people sponsoring it by way of colourfully ventilating onces prejudices . I believe that Chavez position in 2003 was deliberately obstructive and based on totally false premises . I dont believe thats the case now . Lets wait to see what the recount exercise how ever cut down discovers !! My guess is that some claims will not be confirmed , others will be confirmed and that ground for new complaints will arise . Remember were talking of some thousand of claims and what we have now is just the beginning of a big vast difficult verification process .

    • As today is April 19th, they could scream “NO”… to the new Vicente Emparan… repeating the start of our Republican History…

    • “Some risks” was quantified already, most graphically by the Davila episode which, I think, could be taken as a minumum probable at this advanced stage of political farce. Can you imagine how history books will record this entire first four months of 2013?

      Still, I think this post has provoked a welcome thrashing about on the matter, an essential prevursor to coming up with something fresh and practical.

  14. As almost all of the worlds biggest idiots & dictators are together right now, i just smell an opportunity.. Maybe the opposition parliamentary should stay away after all.. 😉

  15. I would wait until
    The gvmnt nomenklatura and guests are seated, and file in together dressed in black like JJRENDON,, mouths taped, handcuffed, with fake tv blood- just like william dàvila’s face- and not sit… just stand there together and silent. With this photo hanging from their necks. https://bitly.com/shorten/#

  16. I prefer that the opposition show up. Chavismo claims to own the “Revolution” but it is apparent that the opposition is the one bringing a revolution. Chavismo will not change. The opposition wants to bring about change.

    A mild protest such as standing up and leaving while Maduro takes the oath will leave a lasting mark on the Maduro government’s credibility.

  17. Totally agree. A much more effective way would have been getting there dressed in a peculiar way or to carry a silent protest while the swearing in takes place. Something visual, for all the world to see.

    I guess the old habit of leaving the stage to the enemy dies hard…

    • Pancartas con las cifras de muertos de los 14 años, con las cantidades de dólares que han entrado al país y no se ven, igual que las cantidades que han entregado a los mandatarios presentes… Eso podría ser efectivo…

  18. I’d go for each of them having the audio of the clattering of pots and pans in their pockets and just let it rip at the time when he’s being sworn in. But standing up and leaving is probably a better idea.

  19. Politics is part spectacle and stage show…Chavez knew that better than anyone else. Show courage, go there and walk out, or do something like those suggested above. You represent the masses who have been silenced, go there and make a symbolic gesture. It will get a lot more attention (and photos that can spread and go viral) than just abstentation.

  20. Agree with you analysis on this one Emiliana.

    On a related note, does anyone have or can anyone point to a primer on how the 54% audit is (or was) done during presidential elections?

  21. Not sure if I agree with you here Emiliana.

    Indeed we elected them to represent us. To represent us in parliament that is, particularly when legislating. You must consider what this ceremony means. Here is the president who taking an oath to protect the constitution in front of those who are in charge of revising it and editing it in representation of their constituents. No decision will be taken in this session. No laws will be made or reformed. But would you bother going to this session to be lied to your face? By a guy that either “in charge” or “elected” has already abused his power, infringed people’s rights and has said that he would do anything (regardless of the law) to get his way?

    I certainly don’t want to be lied to my face, nor I want my representative in the National Assembly be lied to in my behalf.

    Every other day I want them there. Arguing. Taking punches. Doing whatever it takes to defend me and argue for me. But not today.

    • Perhaps, putting both views together, they could have gathered at a different location, where their gathering would have made the news, while being a message of protest communicating their reason for not being present at the ceremony.

      In other words, a negative is more noticeable than a zero.

  22. Regardless of what they do today, our performance in la AN has been poor. But for a few good speeches here and there, they have failed to act as a team, to look for creative ways to make their points. Enrique Mendoza, for example, has been a disgrace. After all the hissy fits to force his way on the ballot he never shows up.

  23. Proposal: If somebody answers to a post from Get a Clue or any other troll, that person has to donate $10 to Caracas Chronicles… Do we have an agreement?

  24. Also, if oil keeps going down, I do not see how “charismatic” Maduro can hang on to power.
    Imagine if oil goes to $60/barrel or lower, the guy will implode. If that happens it would be just a matter of time before they go after Polar and the few productive assets left in venezuela to complete the destruction done by el comandante supremo lider del pueblo mesmo.
    These guys are like ticks to get rid of them you have to bleed a little bit.

  25. What happens if some seat-fillers occupy those seats left by the opposition?

    What stops the AN from seating whoever they want in those empty chairs?

  26. I think I finally figured out what they could have done. Smuggled in some speakers and play Mentira Fresca. With enough tiny speakers for every assembly man they might have made it to the microphones.

  27. This is a chilling video of William Davila, the diputado who got his faced smashed with a mic, from January of this year. He was lamenting that the AN was going down the road of legislatures in other countries whose debates frequently ended in fisticuffs. Unfortunately, he was quite prescient.

      • Yeah, I can’t imagine what he thught. But fresh from Twitter:

        Diosdado saltó sobre Maduro como Kevin Costner en “El Guardaespalda”. #AmorDeMadre!!

        Maduro: “Ha fallado la seguridad, me pudieron haber dado un tiro”. Bienvenido a Venezuela.

        cárcel al imbécil que entró a la asamblea a gritarle a maduro

        Maduro fue víctima del primer hecho de inseguridad del período 2013-2019.

    • This is an embarrassment for all, has ineptitude permeated all the institutions of the state? It seems nothing works in this country. A really sad spectacle.

    • I just saw a comment on twitter that said something like

      “With 60+ heads of state there… a security breach?… yeah, right”

      If it was planned: it looks so zorro… so cheap…so lame…
      if it wasn’t planned: really? is THE GOVERNMEN’TS FREAKING SECURITY that good that a pobre pendejo was able to reach onto the platano maduro himself and potentialy harm him? How they dare claim that they’re going to fight insecurity on the streets? And in the presence of international “dignataries”* that could have gotten blown up to the skies by a crazy caprilista suicide terrorist?.

      * The correct term is rimjobbers, because describing them as butt-kissers is giving them way too much more dignity than what they actually have.

      • I know this is… well, harsh, but also, accurate.

        I think that is one of the most disgusting (not to mention, unsanitary) thing someone can do. It’s dirty and you know what you’re getting into (literally), but still looking forward to because at the end comes a fat paycheck.

        Whenever someone approves someting like the murky businesses that venezuela has with all of the countries that were present there, while turning their backs on the obvious abuses and complete unfairness of the regime (just to name an example), and do it because they salivate with the sole thought of money, I see no distinction between that and the practice referenced previously: it’s dirty, they know what they are getting into, but they still look forward because at the end comes a fat deal.

      • While Maduro was starting his speech, this guy (identified in CNN en Español as Yonder) came running straight to the podium, push Maduro aside and took the mike to ask for help. Godgiven tried to stop the guy and then the cadena broadcast switched to another camera shot. Then security took the guy away and Maduro composed himself again.

    • It was probably GAC trying to tell Nicolas what a swell job he’s been doing in his honor with the trolling as of late. Funny….he hasn’t appeared in this thread since the incident. Just sayin’….

  28. No. The MOST amusing part is how Maduro tries to calm down and assure all present Heads of State: “There was a failure in security. I could´ve been shot.” LOL

  29. Geting up and leaving an empty seat you say!
    is it true that Tibi did exactly so?…
    What an irony!!!

    IMO the oppo assemblymen did well not to show up. Maduro’s speech would have been even more disrespectful, confrontational and sewage-rious that it was.

    Did you all see how uncomfortable Brazil’s president was during the speech?

    I take it it was part of waht it was negotiated in Lima: presidents will show up, no oppo protest in the event, somo kind of reconteo.

    My take though is that chavismo will not come through with their side of the deal and will sink the contry deeper in crash/ self destruct mode.


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