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  1. Good old Ferdinand would be very happy to see it. That is, Ferdinand as in Saussure. A whole story packed into symbols cleverly woven in a sketch.

  2. I think those Eastern Caraqueños who loved the video of the young sifrinos meeting on the street to eat hot dogs (apparently their vision of “being in touch with the populace”) will like this video. It is as poor in content as that one (also shown here at the beginning of last year) and the style…very much so.

    I think it will have success in El Cafetal and in Houston.

      • I thought so. Initially I was going to put “Cafetal and Montreal” but then I thought someone would take it too personal :-).

        Listen: ask people who are in Venezuela and who have lived a lot of their time in poor areas anywhere or middle-middle class areas outside Caracas.

        I have seen the same pattern regarding other videos displayed here. And I read our Saussure and his Habermas and my Wittgenstein. This video just doesn’t cut with most people beyond “those areas”. Not for nothing the vast majority of expats living in Montreal or Paris are from Caracas. Caracas doesn’t make more than 15% of the Venezuelan population.

    • As one of the makers of the video – and CC reader – I can tell you that the sketch is not a political ad and it wanst made thinking of a target. We´re a comedy group that produce weekly videos and due to the craziness of the country these days we thought it was appropriate to do a political sketch. Also, because you don´t see that much on TV…

        • It doesn’t have to do with “fun” versus “non-fun” or “educated” versus “non-educated”

          Not for nothing Gustavo didn’t like it. And almost no one outside those originating in certain areas of Caracas would like it (but for those Americans who perhaps will always like it out of support).

          Can you try to think why, “Sheesh”?
          Of course this video is valid and can make a lot of people in El Cafetal and Miami’s and Montreal English-speaking Venezuelan community laugh.
          And they are a tiny subset of Venezuelan voters and their IQ or insight are not higher or deeper than anyone else’s. So: if their intention is to reach other people, perhaps they can consider listening to other people’s opinions, sheesh or not sheesh.

          Oh, forget it, you just want to hear how brilliant you are and how we agree on what you like.

    • As crazy as this may sound and ignoring the content of the message, she’s actually a very, very decent public speaker! Waaaaay better than Maduro.

    • What’s the deal with the whole “no sigas consumiendo droga” bit? Is this an actual rumor in Venezuela? Or is she just nuts?


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