Clarity on the Audit

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    • “I’m not interested in contributing to [this] forum… I simply enjoy watching you all squirm around…” [Get a clue]

        • I always wonder why you guys/ gals even bother to respond to the trolls… Let them vanish in the virtual haze…like the song.

          • I always wonder how you guys/gals can’t even bother to answer a simple question. Why hasn’t this blog given any analysis to Capriles fraud claims? I know the answer, but I want to hear your bullshit excuses.

          • Because Clueless, there were too many irregularites that have been very well documented. And because Clueless, Capriles understands the complex voting system too well. Your Poor Maduro, he must be feeling his shirt tightening around his chest. And you Clueless, when Chavismo falls you wouldn’t, you will just change sides.

          • squirm, squirm…

            Capriles gave several specific examples that all turned out to be false. Why no analysis of those?

          • So to repeat my previous censored comment by the free speech and democracy loving warriors on this blog. Since no proof of the irregularities that Capriles claimed has been provided they are not “well documented.” In fact they are not “documented” at all. And the only one in trouble here is the delusional oppo who just alienated the moderate voters who voted for them by stupidly lying and not providing any proof to back up their claims.

    • Because it is irrelevant. The system needs to be audited regardless of whatever evidence there may be. The audit results will show how good or bad the system is and if the results are the true reflection of the people’s will.

      In fact. I don’t know why an audit is not an standard process after every election. It should be a default.

      Companies do yearly audits for their shareholders (or more frequently). If there is something missing today in Venezuela is accountability. And we are all shareholders. Venezuela es de todos, isn’t it?

      • It is irrelevant that the only concrete examples that Capriles could provide turned out to be false??

        squirm, squirm, squirm

        The audit IS standard after every election. 54% of the mesas are randomly audited the night of the elections in the presence of witnesses from both sides. No country in the world does as extensive an audit as Venezuela.

          • The electoral system has nearly a dozen audits throughout the whole process, all of which were signed by opposition representatives. Anyone who knows the Venezuelan electoral system knows that it is virtually impossible to commit fraud. Even Quico has admitted this many times, however everyone here (including Quico) has suddenly forgotten about that. Funny huh?

          • And I want you to make a coherent argument and not be a dishonest hack. But I guess we don’t always get what we want huh?

          • squirm, squirm, squirm

            Funny, apparently you don’t understand that calling someone a troll is Ad Hominem. The same thing you are accusing others of doing. Hypocritical much?

            What’s wrong Rodrigo? Can’t answer a simple question? Why no analysis of Capriles “examples”?? I’m having a ball pointing out your contradictions.

          • Gosh, GAC. With all the squirming that you’re doing, you’d better get to the bathroom quickly! In case you haven’t noticed, your verbal diarrhea has already spilled through to the screen. Just thought you’d like a heads-up about it.

          • You should embrace the troll title given what you said:

            “I’m not interested in contributing to [this] forum… I simply enjoy watching you all squirm around…” [Get a clue]

            I think Capriles was likely wrong by the way (as is common in politicians). I don’t to agree with everything he says. If the accusations are true or not it is irrelevant for the purpose of the audit. The cuadernos, actas, SAI and all that is where we need to look for signs of fraud (if any). Again, there haven’t been any arguments placed against such an audit and the veil of secrecy is just making everyone get more anxious and suspicious.

            And by the way, it is my right as a venezuelan to do accountability. In fact, wasn’t contraloria social one of your things.

          • According to get a clue’s racist worldview. Capriles demanding an audit is irresponsible because it will lead, unavoidably(!), to violence amongst Venezuelans. Needless to say he would not say the same of Bush v. Gore or 2012 in Mexico so we can simply conclude he views Venezuelans as a bunch of animals incapable of reacting rationally to what the rest of the world takes in stride. And there you have the overseas “revolutionary” opinion of Venezuela and Venezuelans: they see Venezuelans as a bunch of savages desperately in need of guidance. This is aside from any claims about fraud. this is just about the screwed up mentality of people like GAC.

            And he’s never clearly denounces fascist workplace abuses by Chavista officials, he squirms around them by alluding to “many” mistakes he admits Chavismo makes.

          • Demanding an audit doesn’t lead to violence. Claiming the government stole the election and is “illegitimate” can definitely lead to violence, as we saw on April 15th.

            Nice try with your interesting comparisons though. Did you ever figure out about that CDI attack that took place on 1 de Diciembre? Hahahahahaha!!!

          • “Anyone who knows the Venezuelan electoral system knows that it is virtually impossible to commit fraud. ”

            Wrong. It is virtually impossible to commit “undetectable” fraud.

          • “If the accusations are true or not it is irrelevant for the purpose of the audit. ”

            It is relevant for the 9 people that are now dead due to opposition violence sparked by irresponsible accusations…

            “The cuadernos, actas, SAI and all that is where we need to look for signs of fraud (if any). ”

            Except now Capriles is demanding that every single on of the 15 million fingerprints in the system be verified and compared against every other fingerprint in the system. He is also demanding that every single voter signature on the day of the elections be verified.

            These are just absurd demands that obviously will never be accepted by the CNE. He is doing it on purpose in order to claim that the CNE has “rejected” his requests for audit.

            Capriles lies, Chavistas die, and all of you pretend the lies don’t matter… Pathetic.

          • Si no hay nada que esconder, entonces, por que el miedo? Y si realmente crees que es la oposicion que miente, de veras necesitas que te revisen tu cerebro. Los malandros aqui no son nada mas ni nada menos que el RRREGIMEN. Maduro lies, VENEZUELANS die, and Chavistas continue to backpedal and attempt to cover up their tracks, as usual.

          • ” Y si realmente crees que es la oposicion que miente, de veras necesitas que te revisen tu cerebro.”

            Yeah, you’re right. They didn’t lie about burning the ballot boxes, its just that now they requesting that they open those boxes up and count. Wait… didn’t they burn those??

            You all are so stupid you can’t even get your lies straight.

      • Only problem is that is not the way it works in any actual democracy. In an actual democracy the losing candidate either has to provide proof of irregularities or the candidates must be separated by such a small margin that error could change the result. Neither is true in this case so the “system does not need to be audited.” Of course despite that fact the current government of Venezuela has shown its total commitment to democracy by allowing a full audit anyway. Just another example of the real difference between the democracy hating oppo who has never accepted the results of an election it lost and the Venezuelan government.

    • How can you tell if a Chavista leader is lying? His mouth is moving.
      Anyone who did not see fraud in the April election, did not look.

      • Yes, the person who supports a candidate who claimed that 600,000 dead people voted in the last election and that oppo observers were expelled from over 200 polling stations without a single actual video or witness that proves it is accusing someone else of lying. No need to point out the irony of that any further.

        • Viva Maduro,

          Have you taken a good hard look at Maduro? Where are those mercenaries from El Salvador? Where is the proof that (and here I’m quoting directly what Maduro said today) that la derecha is causing “el sabotaje eléctrico, sabotaje económico.” Where is the proof that Chavez was given cancer? I thought they were going to come out with all that evidence quickly after the election.

          Is it very democratic for Maduro and his crew to get on television and say that Capriles is a drug user? For them to purposely interrupt his speeches with cadenas de mierda?

          Let me guess, you’re gonna say that what I just asked you has nothing to do with the current conversation. Well, if you’re gonna come on here and spout your shit about loving “the truth” and “democracy” please tell me where exactly truth and democracy fits into the things I mentioned in my first two paragraphs.

          Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?

          • But I was mentioning the failure to present proof by Capriles and the fact that most of those here are trying to ignore that fact and pretend he is not blatently lying. Not anything else. With respect to your other statements I recall a similar claim being made about the attacks on CDIs and other locations. We all know how that turned out.

          • Yep, with the “defensora de solo una parte del pueblo que no es la derecha podrida y fascista” saying she was wrong about the Barinas CDI.

            Now, prove the other pics are:

            A) Taken when it is claimed they were and
            B) Who did the damage

            Good luck with that

          • That’s not hard at all. If you just go interview the people from these neighborhoods they will tell you what happened.

            Even opposition media have done so, and though they try to minimize the damage, the people they interview reveal it was opposition groups that attacked them:


            It takes an extremely dishonest and immoral person to keep trying to claim these attacks didn’t occur, or that we don’t know who did them.

            squirm, squirm, squirm…

          • Ah so I have to provide proof to disprove an absurd conspiracy theory but when you make charges that even more absurdly claim fraud you don’t. Thanks for pointing that out.

          • Well, you ignore your leader’s lies and all of the ventajismo chavista that would render this discussion as academic if it weren’t that it also makes anybody with one inch between eyes and hairline doubt the honesty of your camp. Now, why don’t you get the hell out of here?

          • When the Electoral Commission wear partisan armbands, the presumption that the election was fair evaporates. Tibi’s statements prove nothing. Only an audit can show who won.

    • And to repeat the previous comment that was censored by this blog’s due process loving guardians that is what they want to avoid. Of course since every oppo observer signed off on the results of the voting centers they know there was no fraud. Funny how Capriles has so little respect for the people that voted for him and supported him he thinks they will buy any lie he spouts no matter how obviously absurd and crazy it is.

    • Where’s the evidence that the opposition committed the 9 murders? When will Venezuelanalysis do any analysis of that? Luisa Ortega Díaz is lying. Worse than anything you think Capriles has made up. This involves the death of nine people. Several were shot by a pack of armed motorcyclists and we know that’s not a signature of the opposition. You support fascists and assassins.

      • The evidence indicated that some murders were not political. There was no evidence that opposition members were involved on any of them.

      • Family members of several of the deceased came out on the record, in public, saying that their loved ones had been victims of the crime and robbery that is all too common in Venezuela under the bums in govt.

        They didn’t say bums in govt, that’s me talking 🙂

  1. And that, querido Quico, is why it’s not just about the number of votes. Rather, it’s about the health of the voting system, long perceived to be sick.

      • Talk about self-refutation! You’ve made six stupid arguments so far this morning, and yet, there you are yapping away on an opposition blog. Could you maybe get Quico a daily spot on state tv as recompense?

      • It exposes their delusion. Only by doing so can they maintain their conspiratorial belief that every election where the Venezuelan people reject them and their bankrupt neo liberal worldview is stolen instead of the fact that they are a fair reflection of the will of the Venezuelan people. Funny how the majority of the Venezuelan people just keep rejecting them. Any one who was not completely consumed in a fake constructed worldview like all too many oppo supporters here are might think that would call for some actual thought and deliberation about why that is the case.

        • Yep, 14 years of lost elections, and instead of trying to understand why they keep losing elections, they just keep playing the same broken record of “fraud” over and over again.

          • Yeah, I mean what is wrong with them? They complain when public employees are fired if they don’t vote for the government, if public employees are told they will be fired for voting the wrong way and that their vote isn’t secret, they complain when the government runs a 15% of GDP year budget deficit in order to fabricate an economic boom and buy voters with appliances, they complain when the entire resources of the state are put towards electing the incumbent, when dissenting tv stations are closed down, when cadenas are used as election advertisements, when peaceful rallies are threatened by gun toting moterbike riding ‘revolutionaries’, when blackouts coincidnetally happen wherever Capriles happens to be campaigning, when the subway system is shut down on the day of Capriles big rally in Caracas, when ballot boxes are burned, when the head of the military says he won’t accept any result other than government victory, when scores of candidates are disqualified on vague charges and can never defend themselves, etc etc etc.

            What do they think this is, a democracy! Nothing can stop the revolution, even the people themselves!

          • “They complain when public employees are fired if they don’t vote for the government”

            Except they haven’t given even a single case of that actually happening…

            ” they complain when the government runs a 15% of GDP year budget deficit in order to fabricate an economic boom”

            That’s completely false, and when compared to previous Venezuelan governments the debt ratio is actually quite low and very manageable.

            “they complain when the entire resources of the state are put towards electing the incumbent”

            And the entire resources of the economic elite, along with their media, are put towards electing the fascists of the rightwing.

            “when dissenting tv stations are closed down, when cadenas are used as election advertisements”

            TV stations that break the law and attempt to overthrow the government should be closed down. In the US the owners would be put in jail. Cadenas are an attempt to counteract a a complete media campaign, which has demonstrated its power in recent days as it convinced millions of Venezuelans that the ballot boxes were being burned, that the government robbed the elections, and a million other lies.

            “when ballot boxes are burned”

            HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Apparently the disinformation campaign fooled you too. Thanks for proving my point.

          • “Except they haven’t given even a single case of that actually happening…”

            Tascon list, for starters. The Minister of Health and Social Development declared that “those who signed against President Chávez would be fired because they are committing an act of terrorism”. I personally know multiple people who lost their jobs from that list. A coworker of my father in law was fired when he was photographed at an opposition rally after being warned not to go to them anymore.

            “That’s completely false, and when compared to previous Venezuelan governments the debt ratio is actually quite low and very manageable”

            Apologies. It was 8.5% of GDP, which is still significantly higher than any other year going back to 1990 (World Bank Data). It is almost 4 times as high as the highest non Chavez budget deficit. With oil prices what they are there is no way the government should be running such a HUGE deficit…unless they are trying to shore up support before an election. Venezuela’s oil is the only reason they can still borrow from the market, but at such high interest rates they are giving away money and getting nothing in return (except cash to throw at voters in the short term).

            The point is this, If Obama (for example) had the ability to spend an extra trillion dollars without any oversight I’m sure he would have done better than the 51% he got, and unemployment would have been lower too. But that wouldn’t have been a fair election.

            “And the entire resources of the economic elite, along with their media, are put towards electing the fascists of the rightwing.”
            Are you kidding? This isn’t 2002. Most of the economic elite are now with, or at least not at odds with, the government. They wouldn’t surive economically otherwise. Do you really believe Caprilles is a fascist??? If he was a fascist I don’t think he would saved the Cuban ambassador from the mob in 2002.

            “TV stations that break the law and attempt to overthrow the government should be closed down. ”
            I don’t disagree, but not every TV station or radio station shut down or harassed into shutting down were doing any of the above, at least not anytime recently.

            “HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Apparently the disinformation campaign fooled you too”

            Ballot boxes have been burned in Venezuela during the Chavista years. That is a fact.

            Why didn’t you respond to my other examples???
            -when peaceful rallies are threatened by gun toting moterbike riding ‘revolutionaries’, when blackouts coincidnetally happen wherever Capriles happens to be campaigning or giving a big campaign speech, when the subway system is shut down on the day of Capriles big rally in Caracas, when the head of the military says he won’t accept any result other than government victory, when scores of candidates are disqualified on vague charges and can never defend themselves against those charges

          • Why didn’t you respond to my other examples???

            porque en el fondo no es más que un cobarde… que además de su jalabolismo, sufre de diarios episodios psicóticos.

          • Dearest Viva Maduro

            Forget the ballot boxes, they were not burned this year as far as I know. Would you care to address anything else I wrote? Your compatriot has suddenly gone quiet. Maybe some imperialist gave him with carpel tunnel!

            Please enlighten me.

    • after that check this one too… 22560816 and 24699615, they belong to the same person ADRIA BLANCA REVOLLEDO

      worst of all, if you see the address in 24699615, you will see that it is the same address of SAMUEL ENRRIQUE ALVAREZ SERRANO above!!!!

      Pufff!!! scary!!!

    • We reported that several times. I printed out hundreds of those cases in my blog and sent all the thousands to journalists and oppo politicians. Other people had discovered them before. There were about 60000 cases with full double name and same birthday (obviously not for a José Rodríguez), about half with IDs that followed a certain pattern and close to each other.

      What did the government do? It started “correcting” one of the doubles, suddenly creating a full fledged adult voter out of the blue.

      Everybody said we needn’t worry as these items were less than zero point something (0.3%) of all votes. The point is that those were the ones we discovered because they were just way too obvious. Once fake records are in the system, as demography expert Bolívar told me, there is no way of detecting them unless there is a physical audit of the people, really by calling people on a massive scale and doing a control of finger prints and all. And it is that the system is completely rotten.

    • Two people having the same name is not so weird. Now, two people with the exact same name (both family names and all) AND voting in the exact same table is REALLY weird.

      Then again, if they wanted to commit fraud, this looks like the most stupid way of doing it. What? Is the person gonna show up in the same table and say “Hey, I liked voting so much I think I’ll do it again”? And if the explanation is that it is just another person with a fake cedula, then why didn’t they put him in a different electoral center anyway? And how many people with a fake cedula can you have voting that would make a difference in the final results? Each one could only vote once, because of the ink in the finger.

      But I won’t deny it is weird…

      • Get a shrink,
        The problem is not the same person. As I said, there are thousands of José Rodríguez, for instance, like John Smith.
        When you add the “middle” name, it becomes less so, but still.
        The problem goes when you add what we, Hispanic people, usually have (well, at least 70% of us): two names and two surnames. The probabilities of that happening are very small. If, on top of that, the surnames are things like the aforementioned (not on the top 20 most common surnames), it is almost impossible. If, on top of that, the Doppelgänger have the same birthdate…well, that’s funny.
        That is the case for the 60000 we got (later “reduced” to 40000, to 30000, to 20000 and replaced by God knows who – who then got their ids’).
        Most of those Doppelgänger were voting in a neighbouring center, none in the same voting unit but some in the same school. About one third of them also had IDs that differ by 1, 10, 100, 1000, etc.

        • I’m not denying it is very weird, and I remarked that in my post. In any case, if the explanation is that the person goes to a different center to vote, with a different numbered cedula, then how does that person get passed the inked finger issue? And if one of the cedulas is gonna be a fake, why not give it a completely different name?

          • The finger thing is a non-issue, as I understand. I have asked myself about the different name. Rodríguez Chacín was known to have two different names for his cédulas.
            My impression is that for some purposes (the second registration) they required to show their partida de nacimiento or the like.

            Look: 16609882, 16609883
            Perhaps Yeylin “B” will become María or Felipe tomorrow (I have seen that quite a lot)
            but as today at this hour these two have the same strange full name, cédula +1 and voting centres are close by.

            As I said: this is one case. The October protuberance for the early seventies is another one nobody can explain. It was not like Exxon was distributing preservatives with holes at the same time as a bottle of whisky, the October pattern suddenly appeared everywhere in Venezuela.

          • The only way to prove the finger thing is a non-issue would be to show you can remove the ink quickly by some means. I’m not aware of anyone who has been able to show that. If you know something, let me know.

            I must have missed a previous post of yours. What do you mean by “October protuberance for the early seventies”? More people born in the early seventies voted in the 7O elections compared with those born in other years?

          • Yes. There is always a seasonal variation, although in Venezuela it is less dramatic than in freezing Canada or even Iberia.
            Still: many more. Nobody has been able to explain that to me. I know there was an oil boom and thus baby boom, but why would the fertility vary like this?

            (that’s for Carabobo voters, but the same thing happened everywhere)

            I don’t know. I find it weird. Someone suggested maybe back then people were registering their children as born in October to have a comparative advantage at school. I asked around, specially among retired teachers…nothing. Preservative production with “issues” during that time?
            Enfin…I’ve written too much.

          • Kepler, any way I can contact you directly? I’d like to compare notes about these analyses you’ve done.

            My email is . at gmail. And you can find my last name on Twitter. Thanks.

          • If you divulge the chemical which removes the ink, Maduro will not step down. That just won’t happen. What will happen instead, provided the chemical is one that doesn’t damage the finger (sulfuric acid doesn’t count), is that I will ask you: WHY HAVEN’T YOU DIVULGED IT BEFORE?

          • Thinner does the job very easiy. You can check it yourself, but that isn’t even the whole problem, most of these double, triple and many more cedulados vote in centers where oppositions has not witnesses or witnesses are intimidated and/or forcefully removed.

          • “Witnesses forcibly removed.” Proof, including a specific list of voting centers where this occurred along with sworn testimony of opposition witnesses? In addition, video footage from at least a few centers showing this took place. Funny how Capriles has not been able to provide actual evidence of even one of these incidents. Why is that? Could he be blatently and shamelessly lying under the assumption that Venezuelans are so stupid they will just accept anything he says without question?

          • Where is the evidence of the 100s of times opposition or CIA have been blamed as behind electrical blackouts? For the dozens of plots against the dear leader’s life? For Capriles being behind street violence? For the US giving Chavez cancer? For hoarders being behind food shortages? For Columbia being behind the quadrupling of the murder rate? For snipers on 11 April?

            You wouldn’t believe any witness or documentation provided anyway, so get over it.

          • I understand that in the past theyve contracted the ink formula with Universidaad Central de Venezuela , dont know who does the preparation itself .

        • It’s not about people trying to vote in a mesa or multiple ones trying to fool mesa members. It is about centers where opposition has no witnesses, and where mesa members cooperate or perform the multiple voting, in which case, ink never plays a role.

          • The thing is that you don’t need that many people because can be the voters. Again, there were many irregularities in the process, numerical or otherwise.

            What’s wrong with demanding a thorough audit?

          • Ah of course. So in all the less than 10% of voting centers where there were no opposition witnesses their must have been an overwhelming vote for Maduro without exception and it must be enough to overcome a clear majority for Capriles in the other 90%+. Funny how reality disagrees with that assertion as well.

      • Regarding the question of circumventing inked fingers…my father worked for CIL Paints and they had this “Invisible Glove” cream they used internally for workers who mixed pigments and dyes. He always brought some home and I swear, in the days of making tie-dye t-shirts at home and painting my speaker cabinets with black epoxy resin paint (also brought home) NOTHING sticks to your skin with that stuff and it is invisible when dry.
        Still available online…I just Googled it.
        Not saying that’s what was done, but I don’t consider the inked finger as much more than something for a proud voter to wave after exercising their right to vote.

  2. Rodrigo Linares, por favor te ruego que dejes de responderle al bolsa de GAC.
    GAC es tan bolsa que se parece a Nicolas “el Hijo de Chavez” Maduro.

  3. In government contracts , here in Venezuela and elsewhere , its pretty common for the government party to reserve the right to audit the accounts books and records of the contractor to ensure that the moneys its paid to cover certain specific costs have been really incurred as reported by the contractor . This does not mean that fraud has been commited but simply that as a matter of good management practice the government wants to be sure that the contractor has not incurred in any manipulation or mistakes . Its done all the time and nobody refuses to allow it .
    This is somewhat similar to the vote recounting process that Capriles and his followers are requesting from its ‘Contractor’ for handling the elections the CNE. With a difference there are at least indications that the amounts reported have tampered with , and second that the CNE is controlled ( dare anyone doubt that) by one of the contending electoral parties so is likely to favour its master over whoever challenges its mandate to rule.

  4. So, Capriles gave an ultimatum to CNE, they have to begin the audit as he wants it today. Globovisión is saying the CNE won’t do anything.

  5. Checks and balances in the venezuela’s elections have been systematically been dismantled for years. It all began with legislating public financing of political parties out. Hence, the government used state monies indiscriminately to finance its party while preventing public funding for challengers. Nationalization and Identifications subsystems have been similarity been made obscure in steps. (there was a time where all new venezuelians ID numbers and names were mandated to be published in Gaceta Nacional. Today they only publish an ACTO in which it is mentined that X number of new venezuelians have been nacionalizados.

    The Poder Electoral, also has taken progresive ocntrol of the registro civil, taking authority over gobernaciones (Registros civiles ,prefecturas etc.) so that all the identity control is less trnasparent, or more tamparent if you catch my gist…..

    Voting day irregularities are JUST the tip of the iceberg people.

    At the end of the day runt yourselves this acid test: who would be concerned about being accountable for pilfering and otherwise wasting the largest oil revenues in history with nothing to show for it? Does this constitute Motive for rigging elections and not reporting expenses?
    Who has the motive, the opportunity and the means to cheat?

  6. It appears to me that the government would rather put political opponents in jail and start a civil war rather than perform the recount as it promised earlier! WHY?

  7. So does MADuro get on en cadena every time Capriles has something planned?

    The stuff that comes out of his mouth is absurdly laughable.

  8. Maduro is using cadenas as a teenage girl uses her newly bought webcam to chat with her friends. Super democratic use of the espectro radioelectrico y’all.

  9. Maduristas say, that there are anti-revolutionary elements inside the revolution, who “atornillan al revés”.
    This makes me think, that one has to subtract this anti-revolutionary Maduristas from the “serious” Maduristas. So even under the hypothetical assumption that there wasn’t enough fraud to reverse the result, their offering didn’t get a majority in this election.

  10. Capriles case is so weak, I dont think they will be able to convience any reasonable outside observer or diplomat that the election was rigged. Even if the audit is carried out just as Picon is suggesting: how long will this take? Will they actually be able to prove 200 thousand invalid votes? Think again

  11. The standard of evidence needed in a legal proceeding is much more demanding that that which in ordinary cases will produce conviction . In a court of law evidence needs to be much more detailed and verifiable , on a case by case basis that where its a matter of simply persuading another ( a government , an NGO , the world press, an international body) of the truth of your statesment . Thats probably why a very conscientious and detailed examination of all voting elements was needed in the CNE or when going before the supreme tribunal . A much more relaxed albeit rigorous standard of evidence is sufficient to produce convicion if presenting evidence in a different public forum , there for example if you make it clear that the electoral body has a pattern or acting in a skewed or slanted way to favour one side above the other and you have soecific examples of such behaviour then conviction follows without difficulty unless for reasons of your own you ve decided that you are not going to be convinced whatever evidence is set before you. People in the world know that its as likely for the CNE or the Supreme Tribunal to give a truthful or just decision which goes against the government interest as it is to obtain a truthful or just decision from a tribunal or government body in Iran or in russia. And people from observation already know that there are countries where the government wil act as thugs to get their way while maintaining a very transparent fachade of legality . This must be borne in mind now that there is in the horizon the chance that capriles will have to go to forums outside Venezuela to make his case that electoral fraud was committed last April 14.

  12. Time to tackle the nonsense claims by the opposition that people are fired for voting for them or supporting them. As an introductory point it is interesting that, despite the fake videos and audio they produce they never present any actual people who can prove they were fired for that reason.

    Here is someone who was given a job by the evil Chavez and openly supported the opposition. His latest statements include threatening to murder CNE members and insulting various government officials. Why hasn’t he been fired by those evil democracy hating Chavistas? In fact in most countries threatening to murder government officials is a crime and will most likely lead to your arrest, prosecution and conviction. Yes, the oppo dream factory just keeps producing its steady supply of delusion fuel.

  13. The irony. The opposition’s main potential evidence of fraud hinges on two elements. The first one is the existence of ‘firmas planas’. This was exactly the same argument that was used by Jorge Rodriguez to discredit the signatures for the recall referendum in 2004. Now the opposition wants to argue that if there are firmas planas then this is evidence that it was the same person signing the cuaderno. But in 2004 the opposition said that firmas planas were no such evidence, because the Sumate people were carefully flling out all this data to ensure voters wouldn’t be invalidated. So if Sumate does it then this is good practice but if the chavistas do it then it is evidence of fraud. At the very least, the opposition could have looked for another label to refer to it rather thann the infamous ‘firmas planas’. The second piece of evidence is the record of the captahuellas, which the opposition has spent the last nine years arguing serve no other purpose but to intimidate voters. Only six months after asking for the captahuellas to be withdrawn from all voting stations, the opposition is now saying that the captahuella records are the only mechanism that could have recorded evidence of a fraud taking place.
    Not to mention that the opposition is actually asking for 180 milllion fingerprints (18*10) so that it can cross check with the actual captahuella records (15 milllion) to see if someone voted twice. If there ever was a perfect example of a fishing expedition, this is it.


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