Just a chat between a leader and his fellow citizens

I'm popular, and I have a banner to prove it
I’m popular, and I have a banner to prove it

After a month of pot-banging and PR snafus, Nicolás Maduro is not taking any more chances. So when he decided to meet with community leaders from Baruta and Chacao, the two wealthiest Caracas districts, he decided to hold the meeting … inside a military base.

Who would have thunk that staring down at machine guns could help keep things civilized? Just a meeting between the leader and his people – don’t mind the armed guards that surround us, folks. Pretend they’re not here.

The meeting went so well, he should have another one real soon. In fact, I suggest Mr. Maduro stay enclosed in military bases for the remainder of his term if he wants to stay away from protesters.

It’s a win-win for everyone.