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Tal día como hoy, 46 years ago, Venezuelan territory was actually physically invaded by a foreign power for the first time since independence in the last 100 years.

Prohibido olvidar.

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  1. Thousands of Cubans died in foreign lands fighting Castro’s imperialists wars: Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Bolivia, Grenada and Venezuela among others.
    And I disagree with Canucklehead: the objective has not been won.

      • Sí, carajito, sigue diciendo eso que ya sabemos dónde se encuentra en estos momentos el pendejo que comenzó a decir eso en Venezuela.

      • Friend, you really do not want to find yourself in the predicament of Cubans: after 55 years they have no socialism and they are dead spiritually. So your slogan should be: “Socialism and death”. Look at the history of socialism (Castro’s kind) and you will see everywhere that socialism=death!

      • Don’t you know the big boss stopped saying that slogan once he was diagnosed with cancer? Death>Socialism

      • Here’s my question: how many “Chavistas” will seek asylum in Cuba after the collapse of Maduro’s presidency?

        My bet is zero.

        In fact, I’m thinking Fingerdente Maduro et al are currently negotiating their Plan B with Cristina and Mujica, in exchange for more cheap oil. (Mercosur visit, anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller…?)

      • And dead he is… And did u read the latest IVAD?? Clock’s ticking! Better not hold any more elections, this so-called “socialism” is about to be put on a casket too.

  2. I don’t think Fidel ever imagined in a thousand years how easily he would conquer Venezuela after that fiasco.

  3. Your statement is not accurate, you forgot 1902 when three powers invaded Venezuela at the same time

    “El 9 de diciembre de 1902, 15 unidades de la armada inglesa y alemana actuando en operación conjunta atacaron el puerto de La Guaira. Desembarcaron tropas en los muelles, de los cuales se apoderaron; a las 12 de la noche fuerzas alemanas atravesaron la ciudad para conducir sus representantes diplomáticos a la flota y así ponerlos a salvo de una eventual represalia venezolana; a las 5:00 a.m. del día 10 los ingleses harían lo mismo, trasladando además a varios connacionales que exigían protección.”

  4. Pfft, don’t be absurd Toro, everyone knows that Cuba is INTERNATIONALIST and therefore is INCAPABLE of being imperialistic! Silly man…


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