My literal take on "Escasez"


I’ve been experiencing my own personal shortage of words to write as of late, so what better way to make lemonade out of lemons (or arepas out of soy flour? ) than to make a video instead?

Consider this my two cents towards destabilization. (Any resemblance to real persons or situations in our country is purely coincidental)

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  1. El toque preciso. Will hoards of people still vote for PSUV in the coming elections? Escasez on all of these levels is about as personal as politics gets.

  2. Ayer mi mama fue a un centro comercial a un banco, y dejó el banco en lo que vió saliendo a un señor con papel toilette. Ella va todos los días al mercado o ( al que se le atraviese) Tenía 3 semanas desde la ”última vez que vió en los anaqueles y pudo comprar (y por supuesto es racionado, no es que se puede llevar 500 paquetes… Por cierto tampoco ha visto harina Juana!. Ahora la rutina de mi mamá á es a cada sitio que va es visitar el mercado más cercano…y no por acaparar

    • ayer estaba el Plaza de Los Naranjos full de harina Juana! La PAN por supuesto voló en segundos hasta que quedó un solo paquete roto en el piso…

      • esto fue en santa fe. Y me dijo que en bello monte donde estan estas distribuidores de productos de limpieza, no les distribuyen, la señora le dijo que porque no compraba, el rollo ese de KC ( el de aeropuertos!) era el que estaba comprando ella para su familia 6 o 7 personas!… Pero así va, . Bueno hace como 4 años como esta operada de la rodilla, no tomo su cafe con leche por un año porque le dijeron que tenía que ponerse desde las 7 am a hacer cola, hasta que abrieran a las 9 con un número para comprar una lata de leche en polvo ( es la unica que toma cafe y con esa leche). Ella dijo pues no tomo cafe!

  3. It would be great to juxtapose photos of Cuban empty shelves and lines of people waiting into the video.
    A good title such as “Socialism in Venezuela” would make the impact stronger.

  4. Beautiful soothing song by Satchmo. Good idea to listen to this type of music when waiting in line for hours to get one pack of Harina Pan. Helps not to go berserk. Where is el pueblo’s threshold to no longer put up with this abuse? Or is this some kind of martyrdom sans death for the religion of Chavismo that everybody has to go through?

  5. You know when you start laughing at a sad/ironic/awkward thing, and you laugh and laugh, and suddenly you’re laughing so much, so hard, that you burst into tears and sob uncontrollably, whimpering like a little kid. Ya’know?

  6. Thank you for this lovely montage.
    probably in a few weeks,
    it will become a rueful remembrance
    of a descalabro social , de un salto al vacio,
    cushioned by a lumpy but safer mattress of free curreny exchange.
    Even hardbitten regime backers have Moms and wives
    asqueados por las escazeses to face at home.
    luv that song …

    • In an age of plenty, when costcos sell items by dozens,
      when freezers are overstocked,
      when even fully cooked bbq chickens @ $4.99
      are bought in quantity for fiestas at any time
      and for simple convenience, to watch people stand
      for hours, underscores the cruelty of this regime.
      its heartlessness, how convenient it is for them to insult
      andto trample on the entitlements of their fellow citizens…

    • Bueno si quieres te explico como se hace con papel periódico. lo remojas para que se le salga la tinta, y lo cuelgas hasta que escurra y se seque al sol….ya tienes papel, (Sólo si te preocupa lo de la tinta ojo)

  7. so what better way to make lemonade out of lemons.(or arepas out of soy flour) ?

    If you could combine soy flour with corn flour, you would get an arepa with a higher NPU ( Net Protein Utilization), in addition to having more protein. More protein, with more of the protein being utilized. A win win. A higher value product. Regarding how it would taste, that might be another issue. I have made cornbread w corn meal and soy flour for years. I use Maybe 1/4 soy to 3/4 corn. Add onions and hot peppers, and you get it a bit like Sopa Paraguaya.

    I am not writing this to excuse the shortages, however. Keep up your good writing.

    • Well, I’m amazed that someone can find soy flour in this economy. Soy products are all but gone from the shelves, or are at prohibitive prices. About a month ago, a liter of soy milk was selling for nearly 90 Bf. at a local supermarket chain. Imported, as most of these stuff is). So for the moment I don’t see many chances for experimenting high NPU mixes involving soy flour. But maybe Emiliana has had more luck. 🙁


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