Capriles announces high drama (Updated)


marketing-secretsA cryptic Henrique Capriles took to social media last night to tell us of a dramatic announcement, which should be coming today at 11:30 AM Venezuela time.

I have no idea what it could be, but according to well-placed sources (i.e., people shooting off on Twitter) it has to do with an important defection from chavismo. I’ll be live-blogging (Sorry, I can’t find a feed online, and apparently it includes a 50-minute video, so I’ll just tweet about it here) the announcement by opposition Congressman Ismael García.

It’s hard to imagine what could possibly justify so much build-up. In the meantime, here is the list of what I think would be the top ten most dramatic defections:

  1. Tibisay Lucena, announcing she can’t cover up for chavistas any more, and breaking down in tears;
  2. Diosdado Cabello, finally revealing that he loves capitalism;
  3. Francisco Arias Cárdenas, because that’s just what he does;
  4. José Vielma Mora, because you can’t really be a chavista governor in a State that voted for Capriles over Maduro by 20+ points;
  5. Luisa Estella Morales, because she was passed over;
  6. Henry Rangel Silva, revealing the secrets of the narco-generals;
  7. José Vicente Rangel, because it would be so evil of him;
  8. Jorge Giordani, accepting he doesn’t know what he’s doing;
  9. Winston Vallenilla, whoever that is; and finally
  10. Maria Gabriela Chávez.

What do you expect of today’s announcement? Let-down or game-changer? Shoot off in the Comments section.

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  1. Hay muchos salta-talanqueras. Podría ser cualquiera de los diputados esos que se la pasan cambiando de bando a cada rato.

    But it could also be a plant to put Capriles in trouble…someone who says something to MUD and then lets Capriles announce this and then says: “rubbish”.

  2. When you announce ahead of time that something is going to be “dramatic”, it had better be, otherwise you look like an idiot.

  3. circa 2001 Poleo-level of “tubazo” let-down. Globo will play techno-music in the background during the entire press conference.

  4. Ok so one of the clues is “Cada gobierno tiene su Montesinos”

    I places Jose Vicente Rangel right at the top, IMHO.

    I’m guessing along with the defection comes proof of election irregularities

    Or since one of his tweets calls for folks to watch the Asamblea, we may be looking at Diosdado jumping the fence, though it would have to be accompanied by such a revelation as to make his jump land OK.

    • It has to be either the proof of election fraud or something about the mishandling of the Supremo’s illness/death, otherwise there will be a collective and deserved: “Meh…!” later on today.

  5. Great list and descriptions, can’t stop laughing about a couple of those… Now seriously, I hope it’s a “pesado” and not some flyweight whats-his-face. Problem with that kind of build-up is that you really have to deliver afterwards…

    On your list, the bubbly-popping-worthy would be: 1, 5 and 10.

  6. There is NO way Cabello would go with the opposition.
    His latest tweet:
    “#LibroRojo: Todo militante del Partido se compromete a acatar los lineamientos e instrucciones de las instancias de dirección.”

    Now: has someone seen Tibisay Lucena’s latest haircut? I haven’t but that might give a hint if it’s her. I doubt it, though. Yet another tiny judge or a minor deputy who couldn’t steal enough?

  7. Argenis Chávez? He is must be upset about how he has been theated and may know more accurate details of Chavez’s passing.

    • I don’t think so. A Chávez brother talking about corruption? They are so corrupt, it just doesn’t compute. A Chávez would never support Capriles.

      I am worried: Capriles has cried “wolf” too often lately.

  8. ¿Fidel se metió a cura? What are the two options that would fill the bill: a) electoral fraud proof so thoroughgoing and far-reaching as to nullify all the foregoing and force a new departure; or b) definitive comandante-demise details so damning as to throw a black shadow over the elections, e.g. if the demise was earlier than March, 5, the 30-days rule for new elections would have been egregiously violated.

  9. I don’t know, everyday dramatic stuff happens out here. It has to be really heavy weight. I suppose than nothing bellow a recorded tape of an orgy between Chávez, Maduro, Cabello and María Gabriela, revealing that Chávez isn’t really dead and, well, he likes incestuous and homosexual orgies, will cause major impact.

  10. Look at their health and pick the one who doesn’t have much longer to live, has nothing to lose and wants to die in peace.

    • Well, Cilia Flores has cancer, and jvr is not young anymore.

      I personally don’t see cardenas changing as he recently said capriles to give up, that he lost

  11. I was too young to remember the exact details. But I thought Montesinos didn´t defect per se. It was only when the vladivideos were leaked that he was forced to leave the country.

    Therefore, to be consistent, Capriles better have VIDEOS that show high-ranking officials being bribed,and the icing on the cake would be to have one that involves TIBISAY. That would rock Venezuela to the core!

  12. “”Les dije que más temprano que tarde la verdad sería indetenible”

    How ironic for a guy whose entire “fraud” claim was based on lies to be saying this now. Maybe Capriles is taking a page out of his ideological leader’s book:

    “… in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.”

  13. Tibisay, dying of ovarian cancer, believing she is about to face her maker, her whereabouts unknown, has or is about to announce to the world the real election results.

  14. hahahaha.. Cardenas, Porq eso es lo que el hace..!! Muy buen punto Hahahaa..
    Aunq el no tiene tanta relevancia como para que HCapriles lo tome asi de en cuenta

  15. You heard it from me first, folks: a video of NM stating Chavez died during December’s surgery. If you don’t believe me now, wait just 30 minutes.

    I know my shit.

  16. I don’t think it would be any of those that would lose privileges. If any, maybe Luisa Estela Morales who lost her position, and maybe revenge would motivate her.
    She might say that she was wrong when they declared that Maduro was to be the one in charge of the presidency when it should have been Godgiven, or something like that.
    Anyway, we’ll know in few minutes.

    • Yo creo que la politica siempre es telenovelera (en todas partes), solo que no te enteras. La historia oficial es una narrativa armada a posteriori.

  17. I’d say Mario Silva is out of the country at this moment right? he’s been throwing shit at Diosdado all over the conversation. I’m loving this.

  18. Is this the audio of a live conversation or over telephone, etc? what is the contex of this audio?, missed the beginning.
    why are there laughs in the back ground?

  19. Now we learn that Silva is a marxist, and as such he has to be quiet, and that Maduro is manipulated by Cilia Flores. Fun, but meaningful?

    • Juan, he meant that as a Marxist, he didn’t even say what he thinks anyone else would have done: say to Maduro “wao, really! Chávez appeared!”

    • It confirms it’s true there’s a war waging inside PSUV between the pro cubans and the others (Diosdado) this is some heavy shit. PSUV can’t be the same after this audio.

  20. I wouldn’t be surprised if diosdado himself leaked this audio. What I learn from this is that Silva is as much of an annoying character inside chavismo as outside of it. . .

  21. Se escucharon sendas risas de fondo cuando hablaron de Cilia… la verdad a mi también se me escapó una risita.

  22. Come on! It was not the really new thing, but there was a lot of dirty, the details…this is something for middle term.
    So: I change my first statement, even if this is not a definte game changer.

  23. Whistleblower chronicles.
    Ok, the announcement just corroborated what the CSB and most Capriles’s supporters already suspected. For us, it was a “periodico de ayer”. However, I think that we should not underestimate the power that this message could have within the chavista camp. Remember that:
    – We don’t believe in Mario Silva, but they do
    – We do believe that Cabello is Maduro’s archrival, and they were trying desperately to hide that
    – They will have to come up with a weird strategy to clean out all the garbage precisely when Maduro is not in shape.

    I think it was a great message, it was a nice and clean arrow.

  24. I think one bit you all seemed to have missed was the part where Mario Silva mentions real time vote transmission.

    That’s huge


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