The best bit from the Mario Tape


It’s hard to pick just one, there’s so much crazy stuff in there. I’m tempted to go with “the opposition had a plan to commit election fraud on April 14th”. But no. The best bit is:

MARIO SILVA: El día 12 [de abril, Nicolas Maduro] me dice: Apenas puedas llámame, sin decir nada en vivo.

Yo lo llamo, ¿Sabes qué me dice?

Ojo, esto es lo que él me dijo, y me mandó una foto. Que la cara de él se había aparecido en el cuadro del Comandante que está en el Cuartel de la Montaña, y que grabaron video y todo…

La cara de él se había aparecido en las manos del Comandante. Aquí la tienes… la foto.


MARIO SILVA:  Ahí está… ya va… (muestra la foto)

El video yo nunca lo vi… Ahí está. La cara de él está en las manos del Comandante, y dicen que tienen video y todo.

Ahorita, como buen ateo que soy, yo te puedo decir, que a lo mejor eso fue un tema de última hora que quisieron meter pues, suponte, que el Comandante se apareció.

Pero yo me dejo de pendejadas, yo llamo a Jorge Rodríguez y le digo: Jorge, está pasando esto en el Cuartel de la Montaña, Y me dice Jorge: Cuidado con lo que dices Mario, porque esto sería (sonido con las manos) que en dos días nos tumban la campaña completa diciendo que Nicolás está loco.

Y yo entiendo eso rápidamente y le digo a él: Nicolás ve bien, Jorge me llamó para darme unas indicaciones respecto a la mentira de Capriles y le comenté lo del video. Y me dijo que tuviera cuidado con la interpretación que le pudieran dar los medios. Sin embargo, aún cuando comparto la preocupación de Jorge por la maldad con la que actúan esos medios, me impresionó ese evento.

Yo no le voy a decir que no creo en esa verga. ¿Verdad? Pero me dice que eso se dio delante de la gente de Casa Militar, delante de Tarek El Aissami que yo  no se qué…

Sin embargo, yo pienso, aquí en mi muy malvada y maquiavélica cabeza, yo pienso que esta vaina la fomenta Diosdado Cabello, sabiendo que si esa vaina salía al aire…


MARIO SILVA:  Era un boom. Se daba un coñazo. Decían que Nicolás estaba loco, como el tipo Escalante, que estuvo aquí… y Nicolás perdía

Eso se acabó. Murió. No se habló más nada de esa vaina.

INTERLOCUTOR (PALACIOS): Y esa foto realmente…

MARIO SILVA:  No lo sé. El video nunca lo recibí. Lo que recibí fue esta foto de Tarek El Aissami.

INTERLOCUTOR (PALACIOS): Esa foto se puede…

MARIO SILVA:  Sí, bajar. Sí, yo la puedo mandar por correo, sin peo. Eso fue… Lo único que tengo de prueba… porque el video supuestamente me iban a mandar el video y el video nunca me lo mandaron. Lo pararon, lo que sea, tú piensa en eso.


INTERLOCUTOR: La foto te la mandó Tarek…

MARIO SILVA:  Tarek El Aissami me la mandó por correo. “Impresionante”, me pone. “Coño”. “Chávez nos está vigilando”, y vainas así.

Yo coño…

Yo agarré… yo como buen marxista, yo me quedé callado y no dije nada.

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  1. hahaha, i like that palacios keeps trying to get lead the conversation to the issue of the photo and to find out if its true. That says it all…

  2. Here is my take on this: Schemel picks up in the polls that Maduro is dropping and comes up with several recommendations. Schemel was big on the religious aspect of the Chavez craze and probably told them to push the mystical side. That’s probably where the whole bird story came from. Obviously they had another story, that got nixed by JR, where Maduro appeared as an image in Chavez’s hands. It really is too bad that they didn’t go with it! Lol… As Palacios, I really want to see that picture, not to mention watching Nalgas Blanca’s detailed account of this miracle! Hahaha

    The part of the transcript that blows my mind is that he thinks the opposition actually won, but opted out of it since it would be easier to wait three years and recall Maduro. Say what?

    • Hell, I wouldn’t want to govern Venezuela right now. Let it get worse, and let PSUV tear itself apart, let Chavez recede into memory, then you wont have 60% (like now) wanting new government you will have 70% and the armed gangs and militias will be less sure of themselves

    • That’s not quite what he said.
      Silva’s theory is that the opposition hacked the CNE to make it a close result: 1%. That they didn’t want to win because it would be an unsustainable government because, to him, the real percentage for Maduro was at least 70%.

      • which shows how little most people know about the behemoth of the system.
        There was a Russian pollster that did an excellent forecast and the team has done amazing predictions before (including for the French elections).
        You can read what they did here:
        (I posted about them as well but I don’t put my links here)

  3. I keep insisting, this whole thing is so messy so fishy, that is hard to know, if the opposition is being used by the Cubans to overthrow Diosdado.

    Why? Because the two parties talks about everything, so broadly, and about 70% of the conversation is this guy, mario silva, sounds like he is just speculating. (Hablando paja)

    For me there are two consequences about this,
    1) The audio is pretty much about Diosdado, and how dangerous he is and the need to get rid of him?? All I can say, that I can bet 1000$ with confidence that opposition is being used for the mere task to expose Diosdado, without exposing the mastermind behind the recording.

    2) This gives some credibility to Mario Silva in the hardcore chavistas, even though if the other man is supposedly a member of the G2.

    Final thoughts, if this is truth, then our worst fear are confirmed, there are indeed two main factions between chavismo, and they are fighting each other for the control of the state, namely ministers, PDVSA, FAN etc.

    I don’t know about you guys, between two devils, choose the devil you know, for me is Clear that I’d rather see Diosdado defeat the Cuban/communist faction.

    Remember, the latest weeks, when maduro gave the interview to a foreign journalist, that he will do everything he can to avoid a Pinochet in Venezuela. For me Maduro, was clearly hinting at Diosdado.

    • Between two devils, reject both and seek your own angel.

      This tape is pure genius. It shows chavismo as either utterly corrupt and criminal or utterly beholden to the Cubans. Plague or smallpox?

      • Yeah I know, never work with the devil. But that’s what happening, Venezuela has been taking by two devils, and there is no sign that they are leaving anytime soon. So one hopes that one defeats the other, so you can take out the other.

        Maybe I’m over-thinking about it, I hope to be wrong, but after dismissing Mario Silva for so many years, all of the sudden we want to give him credit for anything he says??? This simply does not add up.

    • You don’t air your own dirty laundry and Silva in deep shit IMO. For starters, assuming it’s the Cubans, he recorded it. Another no-no. Probably taken from his Internet connected home PC!

  4. I see no reason to fear that “the Opposition is being used to overthrow Diosdado.” There are many ways the tape could have surfaced which would have the same effect; to suggest that Cabello is an enemy of the Cuban faction of the revolution. And if that were the intention, why would Silva say the tape was made by “Zionism?”

    • This is the money quote, and reinforces what I believe, and I hope answer your comment…

      Pero de todos modos, compadre, yo se lo digo así sin que me quede nada por dentro… y que conste, lo que me da arrechera, y esto sería el finiquito de lo que estamos hablando, lo que me das arrechera me da es que es un grupito que no puede exponerse públicamente que es… que va contra Maduro, no puede exponerse contrariamente porque sería declararse traidor. Pero un grupito, un grupito que nosotros podemos controlar, podemos anular, podemos, como te digo… Neutralizar. Yo sí creo que podemos hacer, pero yo necesito compa y esta vaina es…
      Tienen que sentarse con Maduro, compadre. Tienen que sentarse y decirle las vainas… Y yo he estado a punto de decirle a Maduro: Maduro, hay una conspiración en proceso. Yo he estado a tiro de decírselo. Pero yo no sé qué reacción va a haber…

      • What makes all the difference is that the recording was not something Mario pulled out of his ass in one episode of the Hojilla. He’s supposedly speaking to his cuban overlords in secret, possibly unaware that he’s being recorded. You know what they say about giving a man a mask so he can tell the truth. Though I see your point and I too would have been more content if it were, say, Arreaza revealing those things instead, or Lucena or even Maduro himself.
        But the question that needs to be asked is if he, Mario, would ever really say one single thing against his beloved regime or Cabello (corruption and rivalries notwithstanding) on live TV…He wouldn’t. Ever.
        And the amount of things he says in the audio are many things the opposition has gone on about for years…If he was trying to make a point with this recording, he really took the most risky way to do it by undermining the gov and adding credibility to the oppo. I’m pretty sure that’s why people are pouncing on the video so much.

    • To expose Diosdado directly would have turn out bad for him, and the group he represents.

      Is bad enough to be losing to these thugs for more than 14 year, and we allow them to use us anytime they like, to do their dirty work. When are we going to learn?

  5. Hey Mario, it’s all good man. The only person you have to convince about the falsity of that thing is Diosdado. Just sayin’.

    • Exactly! Some people in the opposition keep saying “yeah we all know that”. True. But they fail to see that this tape is not to convince chavistas to turn to the opposition. The intention here is to “echarle mas leña al fuego a la lucha interna de poder” by exposing one of the most mediatic chavistas denouncing the narcogeneral diosdado to maduro’s-side cuban jefes. All the people mentioned KNOW that they did whatever crime Mario was denouncing. They know the tape is real. And this is what matters.

  6. I wonder if the MUD guys ran some kind of speaker recognition on this clip to get some certainty on its authenticity — until someone does that, Mr. Silva can always claim this is phony (I heard some of it and frankly I felt it could actually be fake)…

    • Considering the very real and immediate fallout from this, it clearly is not fake. Most of my chavista friends/acquaintances aren’t even pretending to buy that it’s fake, judging by their facebook pages.

  7. As Im Watching La Hojilla I wouldn’t be surprised if Mario is just playing the cadena while he and his team simply figure out what the hell they’re going to say.

  8. If the opposition is ever going to make a deal, now is the time to do it. I do not like Cabello AT ALL! That said, he knows all the internal secrets and he knows that he has no future with the Cubans or the Maduro faction. He will need to either attempt to take of the government himself, or partner with the opposition…

    I would make him a simple deal. You turn now to the opposition and bring enough AN members along with you to make a majority, and all will be forgiven in a Capriles government (no charges)…plus you will get to keep your position as the head of the AN…

    • This is a horrible deal, to pact with the devil. But we need to be practical here… whatever brings down the castro-communist regime needs to be considered.

  9. Ok what is the face that chavez had in the Cuartel de la Montaña…it is my idea, or they were talking about not maduro, but Capriles, and do not say anything? that part is not clear…besides, mario silva es un habla paja, that is like trying to say that he controls a lot inside chavizmo…Any ways, there is friction and one side wanted to send a message to the other…

    • I find the name “Cuartel de la Montana” so pompous false and artificial that I wish more people would remember its true name , the name everybody knew it by for at least a century, when it was called simply “La Planicie” ,the Plateau. I hate the latin america penchant for giving corny high fallutinn invented names to places which already have ordinary common names given to it by popular usage. It sounds so phony , so melodramatic , so like Chavez !! . The Story was told that Borges chose to die in Geneve because he didnt want his name to pomppously adorn a street in his native Buenos Aires .

  10. so Mario Silva is suddenly an “independent” chavista??? Chavistas belong to either one group or another (after all, that’s how mario silva got his own show, by sucking up to someone heavy in the government) so now he is acting like a disembodied spirit and ranting off against the very people who keeps him on the air and somehow he doesn’t expect anything he says to come back to him and bite him in the ass???? that some how makes no sense!

    So Mario seems to have a complaint about each of the very people who can easily get rid of him in a heart beat, so to whom is he really working for? he has no clout in the sense of having real power other than to be a mouthpiece so why is he acting like he can actually do anything or win any loyalties with his remarks?

    maybe this is a convoluted political move by the chavismo to play the opposition into further discredit and to clean up their own ranks, after all it is high time for the big players to consolidate themselves into their own fiefdoms and ramp up their defenses against other strongmen in the post-chavez era …

    • He never intended for this unguarded remarks to be made public. He thought he was talking to a sympathetic listener.

  11. In this whole thing one has to try to find the one that has something to gain from the affair.
    IMHO, since there is nothing new to what has been exposed (didn’t we already know that the G2 is in Venezuela? That Cabello is trying to destabilize Maduro and vice-versa? And that Mario Silvia would say anything? ). In that case, the one that is winning something is actually….The GOVERNMENT! It distracts public opinion from the lack of toilet paper…

    • Moving attention away from acute shortages and shining a spotlight on your own weaknesses and divisions stretches any definition of victory I’m familiar with. Evidence of Cuban intelligence involvement in Venezuelan affairs is quite harmful all by itself.

      Two weeks from now the shortages will still be here, probably worse still, but everyone will still have evidence of Cuban intelligence actively working with Venezuelan president-wannabe. It might offer them a temporary respite, which will only herald a worse storm a few weeks later.

  12. (somebody asked for a translation, so here’s a bit of it)
    [Gets by email a picture in which Maduro’s face miraculously appears in a Chávez portrait]
    SILVA:I’m not going to say I don’t believe this bullshit, ¿Am I? but then he tells me that the presidential guard saw it, that Tarek El Aissami saw it, blah blah… However, I think, being machiavellian, that this stuff is pushed by Diosdado Cabello, knowing that if that becomes public…
    PALACIOS: ….becomes a boom.
    SILVA: It would be a boom. They would say Maduro was crazy, Escalante-style, and he would then lose the race.
    SILVA: It was Tarek El Aissami who send it. “Impressive”, “Fuck!” “Chávez watches over us”, and other assorted bullshit.
    I was like…fuck.
    So,I….I, like the good marxist I am… I just kept quiet.

  13. I also like the part about the elections, where Mario says he doesn’t believe in this type of elections/democracy because if they lose…
    He also said something about the elections…it seems there are some forces there he doesn’t understand. I would pay attention to that part again (remember: this is just his take).

    Have you read his tweets and those of Diosdado (from yesterday)? They really look different.
    Like: what can I say? Re-tweet, re-tweet like hell and something about unidad.
    I’m going to download their tweets and plot them on a chart and see what they look like.

  14. If this recording was a plant something Maduro said the day before suggests that at least he did not know about it , he warned of a traitor from his own side who would be saying lies , and not to believe him . He appeared to expect someone from his party to defect and denounce something embarrasing about the regime . That of course was not it at all. He knew something was up but didnt know precisely what form it would take . That sugggests that if it was a plant by MS or the Cubans he wanst in on it, that a struggle is developing arround him of which he is not fully aware , that he doesnt have full control of the situation even inside his own party.!

      • Well, if the thing is real (It is possible, but I want to see some evidence/tests, remember the last pictures of Chávez?), then Maduro is only a “tonto útil” for MS.
        It looks like it was an intelligence report for the cubans, not something MS would like to be public. So, how comes this out? Anonymous or some hacker? The CIA or other intelligence agency? Somebody in the system, but fed up with the cubans? Money? Who wins with that being made public?

    • You don’t air your own dirty laundry and Silva in deep shit IMO. For starters, assuming it’s the Cubans, he recorded it. Another no-no. Probably taken from his Internet connected home PC!

  15. Nah, I still gotta go with what Silva said about the elections. The notion that the opposition could manipulate the results at will but actually chose to lose by a narrow margin is just… DAMN.

    Plus it’s nice to hear him actually say, expressis verbis, that he doesn’t believe in elections where the revolution might lose.

  16. To me, the most important thing about this video is what he said after minute 33, Did you all listened to this? Is there any question about the nature of this government. Next time somebody said there is democracy in Venezuela, all they have to do is listening to min 33 of this. And who is this CUBAN he is talking to????????????

    • Min 33 and so on, all he says about the CNE and his conversation with Castro about it… DID YOU LISTEN TO IT JIMMY CARTER? Unbelievable.

      • Still listening, he managed to put himself in bad terms with everybody, basically calling Maduro an inept, Cilia and her group behind who is controlling him, and Diosdado the corrupt, in conclusion, everybody is merde. Love it. 😀


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