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Andrew Sullivan defines “Hathos” (from “hate” + “pathos”) as those moments when you want to look away but cannot. Hathos is the attraction to something you really can’t stand; it’s the compulsion of revulsion.

For a perfect illustration, read this simultaneously enthralling and stomach-turning ditty about Mariosilvagate from Aporrea.

Asombra la declaración del Presidente de la Asamblea cuando expone, cito: “Independientemente de lo que allí intenta decirse o quieren que se escuche, eso no nos chantajea para nada”. Señor Presidente, muy respetuosa e ingenuamente se le pudiera preguntar ¿A quién se refiere cuando dice “…quieren que se escuche”? Tal aseveración induce a imaginarse el peor de los escenarios y muy repetido por la derecha: Peleas por el poder. Escenario al cual nos hemos venido resistiendo a creer y menos a aceptar. ¿Peleas intestinas por el poder? ¡Qué asco! De ser así, podemos asegurar que todo está perdido y a la vez recordar al General de la Fuerza Armada, Alberto Miuler Rojas, cuando le dijo en público al Comandante Chávez que “estaba rodeado de alacranes”. ¡Qué tristeza! la decepción lo que hace es crecer y crecer cada vez que tratan de defenderse.

Hat tip: Herr Pratt.

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    • Oh and fun it is indeed, Oscar Heck’s article about New Zealand being more dangerous than Caracas really made me realize how those guys are so far gone down the rabit hole you can’t even see them anymore. Also, the one by that old lady who writes about how there fraude A FAVOR de Capriles deserves an honorable mention.

  1. Quoting M. Ray Richardson: “the ship be sinking”
    One scary thing is that M. Silva may come out of this whole mess as one of the leaders of the new fraction of the Chavista movement (whetever that fraction ends up being once the smoke clears), assuming the current regime continues to implode.

  2. So, as near as I can decipher from that rant, he thinks that Cabello is a corrupt bastard, Maduro is an incompetent bastard, and all the leadership of Chavismo are corrupt and incompetent sell-outs, the exception being Mario Silva, who was being debriefed by his Cuban Control Officer. But, he STILL believes in and worships Chavez, who put every one of those people in their positions. And, he STILL believes in the Revolution, and thinks that the problem is the leadership, and that the “people” should take over from all the corrupt politicians. Which “people”, he does not say, but he is ready to fight for it.

    Have I got all that about right? The amazing thing is that he is deluded enough to believe all that at the same time.

    I am still waiting for some sane and honest person inside Chavismo’s leadership to be the first one to defect and denounce not only the leadership, but the ideology. But, then maybe there IS no one who is both sane and honest. Perhaps Baduel was, but that was long ago. Or, maybe they all just prefer to go down with the ship…

    • Baduel?

      As far as I can remember Baduel was part of the Samán de Guere Clan; you cannot call someone who was part of that guachafita honest. An honest military would never swear to pull down the constitution of a country just because he doesn’t like what he sees around. That’s a civilian problem, and they used to be trained to particularly understand that point.

      • Yeah, I hesitated when I wrote that. But his “swan song” article that resulted in being sacked from his position at the time, denouncing Chavismo, showed a streak of ideological honesty.

    • “I am still waiting for some sane and honest person inside Chavismo’s leadership to be the first one to defect and denounce not only the leadership, but the ideology”

      That ship had sailed long time ago. There were a few defectors, but they are still pledging allegiance to whatever the hell they call socialism as the only way to save the country.

  3. Ha! Thanks Andrew Sullivan, for giving a name to my disease….

    My torment is your gain; today’s Hathos:

    “El problema y el detalle está cuando esos pobres pasan a esa clase media gracias a las Misiones Sociales. ¿Que es lo que les pasa? ¿Cuál es la cultura que se les va inoculando?

    Lo que quiero expresar es que esos pobres que ahora pasan a ser esa nueva clase media los dejamos solos a merced de la ideología dominante, de la ideología de la burguesía, de la ideología capitalista, entonces ese nuevo integrante de la clase media empieza a renegar del barrio del que salió, del espaguetti con sardina y de donde vino, y se lo entregamos al pensamiento burgués, prácticamente le entregamos un revolucionario a la burguesía para que después nos joda.

    Por eso en múltiples escritos que he realizado, no sólo basta las grandes obras de infraestructura y las Misiones Sociales, sino hacemos un trabajo político e ideológico.Y es por eso lo que nos está pasando hoy en día en la revolución dentro de nuestras contradicciones, nos falta mucha teoría revolucionaria, y he ahí el desgaste del 14 de abril de 2013 que casi nos cuesta la Revolución. ”

    Read the whole thing, if you dare:

    • I did. :O I wonder why this guy thinks about Chavez’s daugthers (las enchufadas) still living like the princesses in their castle in la Casona. Not even middle class, royalty… hello… nothing to say about that ideological problem?

    • It’s the other way around–the clase media “burgues” is fast becoming “pobre”, with even a locally-decent 2x sueldo minimo mensual only equalling less than $200/month at the parallel rate really ruling the economy for all but Mercal/gasoline/electricity. These newbie pobres are voting for Capriles….How can supposedly “intelligent intellectuals” buy the failed “Revolutionary” hogwash??!?

  4. OT: Cabello and Jaua fuming over Capriles’ almost-state visit to Bogota.
    Tonight Capriles on Bayly (Mega) 9:30 Vzlan time. Program can also be seen on , same time.

    Henrique Capriles R. @hcapriles
    El programa de esta noche con Jaime Bayly lo podrán ver en a las 9:30 hr Venezuela


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