Molleja'e fraude


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  1. Detective Grison coulda slowed down his presentation a notch. Es que soy un poco lenta … y seguramente otros también.

  2. I still thing the argument on 0:51 is weak, weak, weak stuff. But I realize at this point it’s like trying to convince a 16th century Jesuit that there’s no physical evidence that the communion wafer turns into the actual body of christ…

        • Sydney, just because some pseudo scientist punk cannot find who is Odoardo Linoli on Google doesn’t mean the man didn’t exist.

          As somebody replied to the punk, who think of himself as a scientist, the man did exist, and was more of a scientist than he will ever be:

          The shocking evidence is really shocking because the relics are real, the study was real and it was verified by the WHO. Same thing with the study done to the Virgin of Guadalupe image. It really have no explanation.

          • Plumitas, first of all, I haven’t been hyper-sensitized, so I don’t get shocked easily. As such, don’t be afraid to supply the text of Oduardo Linoli’s scientific article, published in a peer-review scientific journal, rather than in an ecclesiastical one.

            Second, know that I’m not against people’s beliefs when they extend beyond the realm of reality. Some people really need that, or, that’s what they’ve been taught.

            What I am against is those who try to justify the mystical realm (which includes hallucinations) on the basis of observable science, which relies on a rigorous measurement of reality. Because the justification is not honest.

            It reminds of a nun (US?) who, a few years ago, appeared on television to lampoon one thing or another. One of these issues was this:

            “Christian Scientist: an OXYMORON!”

            She did not need to say anything more.

          • Syd,

            Did you click on the link I supplied? Is not religious, is the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health database search. Where it tells you where to locate it and read it.

            Christianity and science is an oxymoron not because they are into a fight, but because what makes one person to believe in God is faith, and faith is not a science. Perfect example this case, with studies and all, if the reader don’t have faith it doesn’t matter how many scientific articles they can read they are not gonna believe or stop believing for that matter. Talking about scientific studies, the one of the virgen de Guadalupe image is really incredible btw.

            (The word “shocking” I used it because the author you posted it used it.)

          • Feathers, do check the link you supply; no content is accessible from the Quaderni Sclavo di diagnostic clinica e di laboratorio. At least not to me. That’s why I asked you for the text, which you appear to be familiar with, unless you don’t dig deeper than an apparent link. Por favor.

          • Sydney no, no access, me neither, probably because its too old is not online or we don’t have access. We would have to go to the library of the university close to me and get it. The point is that the paper really exist were this guy was kinda skeptic about it like who is this guy, well see, the guy is what they say he was.

          • feathers, there are so many holes to this theory, starting with the fact that the WHO is NOT a peer. Así no se hace en las ciencias. That the article is not readily available on *such a monumental finding* should also tell you something. There’s more…

            You remind me of a cousin, a Merici ex-alumna, who went to a school gathering after one of the early referendums, in Caracas, only to find that the school was abuzz. Why? Because a virgin statue was crying tears of blood. Mi prima se lo comió enterito.

            El día en que me como ese cuento, me pego un tiro. .. como si no hubiera sido alguna monjita que, antes de la reunión de ex-alumnas, se le prendió el bombillo para fomentar creencia$. Me explico?

          • Talking about unexplainable things , our grandmother died one night unbeknownst to us her grandchildren and we (who were not close to her) never learned of her passing , and yet the day after her burial I told my mother that I had dreamt that granny was laid in a box and that some men in black were carrying the box while ‘dancing’ . Another day I was taking my family to the beach and whilst driving was mentally drafting a letter in english with lots of technical terms , my little girl (who then spoke no english) asked me from the back what a particular technical english word I was including in my drafting meant , I asked her where she had come upon the word and she said that it just popped into her head.!!

          • Syd no peers reviews that I know but that WHO which validated at least it was a serious study. Human endeavors my friend. The monks would have to have other people study it again for that I imagine. But whatever findings now or in the future I imagine the inquisition of the skeptics will always find something. One thing I will say about your cousin and me, seems we both have faith and that doesn’t come with a paper.

            Bill Bass, interesting accounts.

  3. They say 10% of the electoral tables, where Maduro got more votes than Chavez, represents 3,224 tables. Which would mean the total number of tables is ten times that, or 32,224. But in the data I have from esdata the total number of tables (within Venezuelan) is 39,018. Can someone explain how they calculate their number? I have been analyzing the data and I get 2,750 tables where Maduro beats Chavez (again inside Venezuela).


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