Nope, not a Chigüire story…



El embajador de Irán en Venezuela, Hojattolah Soltani, informó hoy que ofreció a los nuevos dueños del canal privado venezolano Globovisión la programación en castellano del canal iraní HispanTV, propuesta que fue bien recibida por los empresarios que ahora dirigen el medio.

Hojattolah Soltani indicó, tras sostener una reunión con Juan Domingo Cordero, uno de los nuevos dueños del canal, que en el encuentro se habló de la posibilidad de transmitir por Globovisión las noticias, películas, series documentales y reportajes del canal iraní HispanTV en castellano.

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  1. Watch out Teves, theres now a challenger going after your coveted title of least watched piece of shit channel even chavistas cant stand to watch for 2 minutes

  2. “The Ambassador of Iran in Venezuela, Hojattalah Soltani today made public the fact that he had offered the programming from Iran’s HispanTV channel to the new owners of the Venezuelan private channel Globovision, a proposal which was well-received by the investors who now direct that station.”….”Discussions were held concerning the possibility that Globovision would transmit news programming, films, documentary series and reports from the Iranian channel HispanTV, in Spanish. “

  3. They should do an exchange in content. For every three hours of Iranian programming they show in Venezuela, they in turn have to show the Miss Venezuela over there…

  4. When Capriles becomes President of Venezuela I hope one of the first things he does is dissolve this ridiculous relationship with Iran. I can’t think of anything the two countries have in common, other than the fact that they both have oil and are both led by irrational imbeciles.

  5. For Chavez confrontation on the most melodramatic terms possible was the srongest of narcicistic stimulants , thus his need for demonized prestigious enemies whom to confront , in his case the so called Empire . If Iran had been a friend or ally of the US he would have ignored Iran , but because they simbolized opposition to the US he emotionally needed to count its regime among his closes allies . There is no practical reason why Iran should play such big role in Venezuelas foreing policy except because it fed Chavez gargantuan megalomania : Now the man is dead but his followers feel the need to continue ennacting his sick delusions . If the regime leaders where required to lead the life of an ordinary iranian in Iran they would all now be exiled or imprisoned or worse . The fact that the alliance is maintained is a sign of how delusional and farcical they are in their ideological posturings.

  6. Revolutionary Totalitarian Playbook for Democratic Times: Buy the one TV channel left that is still actively promoting democracy, but is hemmorhaging red ink; do so with Bolibourgeois rich frontmen, to make it look like a legitimate business purchase; use Government funds (hidden), since the BB rich wouldn’t be stupid enough to use their own crooked Government-related ill-gotten gains; further bankrupt the TV channel by firing key popular programming personnel and making the remaining programming unwatchable; and soon close the bankrupt TV channel as being unprofitable, explaining to the worlds’ democracies that it was just a business decision, and had nothing to do with ideological hegemony (a different slant on this theme is being attempted by Kirchner with Argentine newsprint, Correa/Morales in different ways, etc.).


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