All in the family

Pretending is soooo beneath her
Pretending is soooo beneath her

At an emotional memorial service for the three-month anniversary of Hugo Chávez’s death, we see, placing their hands on the hallowed grave of the Comandante Supremo, in no particular order: Hugo Chávez Senior, Chávez’s brother, Chávez’s “son” Nicolás Maduro, Maduro’s wife Cilia Flores, and … the chief of Venezuela’s supposedly impartial Electoral Body Tibisay Lucena! (She’s the one with the short hair and the inappropriate cleavage)

How touching.

Maybe she was there to make sure he was still registered to vote.

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      • Maybe a reference to her legal pursuits in liberating Chavez from prison after 1992? I swear I heard him refer to her as that once before in a speech…

        Still, damn weird to see that as even a pseudo-official title.

        Oh, and I love Izarra just sorta doing what he does ever since his rise to power. Hanging out in the background oblivious to the goings-on and happily clicking away on his blackberry while el jefe digs in the dirt before the adoring eyes of el pueblo.

      • I think it has to do with their understanding of the “primera dama” title and maybe they think is too oligarch?

  1. WELL if they are not married, comrades do not need that “bourgeois” flabel. Now my question is why Maduro have a ring, like a wedding ring, that appeared maybe 2 or 3 years ago? ( you could check the pictures, and is huge) So I don’t get if that is a super powers ring or is it a wedding ring?:

    • I though they were not married either, because they weren’t, they got married quickly after the boss died, that’s what I read somewhere…. she kinda quickly took over the title, and start doing things here and there… and that’s why Mario Silva was criticizing her on the tape, you see not only this is a revolution, it is a misogynist revolution were the woman stays in the kitchen or is told what to do.

  2. is this picture from a scene in The Lord of the Rings?

    Come on, it doesn’t really matter, I know people who wear “commitment rings” without marrying.
    That’s their business. Lots of people live like that in Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux and so on.
    What is not their business is the way they are managing our country.

  3. My first thoughts on seeing Lucena there was, “how inept are these people that they would make such a PR blunder by having the nominally non-partisan (at least, to those outside of Venezuela’s borders) head of the CNE standing with those most partisan of fellows, the Commandante’s family and “adopted” son.”

    Of course, then I remember that this is Venezuela and they don’t give two farts in the wind for public appearances since they hold power and will do what they have to in order to retain it. Let everyone else eat cake.

    Still, its bloody bad form to plant yourself right there and just rub salt in the wound. Especially with that profoundly bored/constipated look on her face.

    Another oddity. The omnipresent tracksuit. Of all times to dress slightly more formally, I would think this would be one. Yet, he’s wearing the same damn tracksuit that he’s been in more or less constantly (unless theatrical pursuits dictate otherwise) as if to remind himself that he is the President. Its almost as if he needs the physical manifestation of it to remind him that he’s in charge. Which leads me to….

    El Jefe de Estado plantó un árbol en el patio del Cuartel de la Montaña, “un hijo del Samán de Güere”, según dijo. <~~ so later, El Commandante will have a place to perch when Maduro needs advice and guidance.

  4. The Chavista stalawart is someone who inwardly enjoys the melodramatizing of symbols and appearances, the putting up of gaudy spectacles or engaging in corny histrionics which either celebrate their own ‘greatness’ and or vilify their rivals . This is in the spirit of Chavez own hiper- narcicistic belligerent form of histrionism . Now that Chavez is dead he becomes an icon for his followers to share in pathetically threatrical rituals of mourning. Also for Maduro these teary rituals help consolidate his popular base . by reminding his followers of the sacred ties that bind them to the memory of their idolized dead leader , which mantle he now wears. Maybe it also helps distract peoples attention away from the disastrous turn their ordinary lives are taking with the shortages, the inflation, the increasing insecurity , the breakdown in public services and the sprouting of multiple scandals of corruption and malfeasance in the news. .

  5. “Maybe she was there to make sure he was still registered to vote.”

    According to them he is till Supreme Commander (of Hell’s Legions?) and President (of Hades?).

  6. Nagel: your title is far more accurate than the one chosen by N24 (“Pueblo y Gobierno recordaron a Hugo Chávez, al cumplirse tres meses de su muerte”). For the accompanying photos to the N24 article show many from the gobierno and — where’s the pueblo?

    • The Pueblo is too busy lining up for hours to buy (maybe) a cheap pollo and one Harina Pan (forget about toilet paper). In spite of massive Govt. TV/print propaganda, it’s amazing to see how quickly Chavez is slipping into oblivion (No “Crying for Him, Venezuela”–musical background unavailable…).

  7. Well, “All in the family” to a point, as you can see there is a LOT of people missing on those pictures…. and only one real family member present in the ceremony.

    Draw your own conclusions people.

    The siblings are currently pulling their hairs out of each other on a quarrel to divide the millions that daddy left…. the mom is mad for something, so maybe they didn’t want to see each other in the same room for the moment…. but more than that I am sure the Chavisticas are not happy with what’s they are seeing, specially after seeing the face of the lucena woman…

    Like all Venezuelans, I am asking right now… who does she think she is, well a lot of people owe her BIG FAVORS uh, so clear she knows she is the big facilitator.

    Why would any president of any electoral council of any nation would be in that picture anyway?

  8. Hugo Chavez was culpable in the deaths of 120,000 Venezuelan victims of crime. Will this group ever visit the graves of these victims and express sorrow? I doubt it. Its time to bury Chavez and the mess he left.

  9. And for sure she is doing very good work!!! Maybe this CI  4.258.228 voted on april 14th!! (At least he is still active in the CNE register) and for who did that vote go, if so? Maduro or Capriles? Any doubt? It will be scary if some day we finally have access to the cuardernos de votacion!!

    • Get real @TwitteoPorVe,
      I have serious doubts about any records still existing from the April 14th vote. The records would only be bad news for Maduro, so they must have been destroyed. An announcement to this effect will only come out if the CNE is absolutely forced to do an audit. No records, no problems. Of course, some lower level staff of CNE will spend a few days in jail as punishment but their cash bonuses have already been paid.

  10. The most ridiculous part of the picure are the hats that those soldiers that guard the empty box have to wear at 30 degrees centigrades…..


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