What'll it be, Mr. Tracy? Deeply damaging interview or deeply damaging film?


TimothyTracy980Tim Tracy, the gringo documentary film-maker absurdly accused of espionage by the Maduro government, has just been expelled from Venezuela, after a few weeks in a SEBIN basement and then a brief stint in the notoriously hellish El Rodeo prison.

I wonder if he’ll give a deeply damaging interview earlier or hold out to make a deeply damaging film?

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  1. Definitely a film! Sure, he might spill some details on the government’s ridiculous actions, but he’ll probably save the gold nuggets for his documentary.

  2. You say absurdly……

    Why would this guy just jump on a plane not speaking spanish having any previous experience or interest in making a political documentary about the bolivarian republic of venezuela?

    Didnt you guys see the opposition student organisers holding skype conversations saying they were going to get money from the gringo?

    This fucker was on the grund entering barrios scoping out the tupamaros. How did he make friends with people so quickly if he couldnt speak spanish?

    He was defintely here up to no good the same as the two US air force atfaches who I knew personally.

    Everybody here is in denial slagging Venezuela off as if it is the worst place in the world. What about the bilderberg meetings taking place this week chemtrails barack being born in kenya the jimmy saville child abuse scandal in the UK?

    • That’s right. Only the CIA would put somebody on the ground who couldn’t speak Spanish. Clearly had to be a spy. And Chavez was killed by an American cancer ray.

      • Ah who said CIA? Freudian Slip!!!!

        Look at the muppet that got caught in mos cow with his wigs

        The top secret sentinel drone that was grounded by the iranian flting saucers and tractor beams.

        Two big fuck ups very embarassing.

        What the fuck were those two bigshots doing at four in the morning in a stripclub in chacao
        throwing dollars around??? Im sure they probably deserved plomo 🙂

      • You could put a gps coordinator the size of a pepper corn on the lapel of someones jacket and the X37b that is flyig around in orbit could use a direct energy eeapon to kill someone that technology does exist.

        Also the wikileaks cable that came out when they wanted the dna fingerprints anf medical records of the four presidential candidates.

        You seem to think that everyone on this forum is asleep and are using appeal to ridicule to try and discredit me.

    • So: a gringo operative goes to Venezuela without speaking Spanish.
      Didn’t you know CIA operatives are trained in some of the best language inmersion courses there are in order to have at least some decent level of the foreign language?
      Don’t you know how many US Americans have a decent command of the Spanish language? It is not that there are 100 million, but there are definitely a couple of million. It is not like the amount of US citizens with a good command of Pashto and the right security clearance. Even Bush Junior speaks some Spanish.

      Do you think a foreign operative would be caught TWICE (2, dos veces, zweimal, deux fois, carajo!) by the Venezuelan police and yet try to leave the country after that just like that, through the main door? I tell you: I have no special connection, I didn’t follow any “spy” course, but even I could figure out how to get out of the country secretly. Think yacht along the huge coast we have. Think, just for instance, Morrocoy.

      This is a blog about Venezuela. If you want to read about child abuse in Britain, look for the appropriate blog. I am sure there will be blogs galore on that.

          • Even if Tracy is not a filmmaker, although there seem to be plenty of people willing to vouch for him, you still need evidence, don’t you? If Venezuelan authorities had any evidence at all, there would have been a trial.

          • Ignorant troll, if you had been following the subject you would have known that Tim Tracy IS a filmmaker. Caracas Chronicles has already covered it. Caracas Chronicles: Tim Tracy and the April connection

            Mr. Tracy’s resume indicated he started as an actor, but in recent years his career shifted into TV production. He was the executive producer of “Madhouse”, a History Channel show about race-car drivers. He also produced “Under Siege”, a recent investigation into criminal activities in the Canadian-U.S. border for Discovery Channel.

            Ignorant troll, go back in your cave.
            From the above article:Mr. Tracy’s resume. Follow the link, ignorant troll.

          • I think Mr.Shrout is a typical conspiracy-looser, he has accomplished little to nothing in his life, so he does “Research” online about various conspiracies. This gives him a feeling of importance it would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

            Little do fools like him notice, the actual conspiracy is that most of his “information” is promoted and sourced from Russia Today, which is funded at Putin’s specific request and spends hundreds of millions of dollars attacking anyone who questions the Putin government. If you spend ten minutes looking around the conspiracy web, you’ll see the entire thing is an echo chamber that starts with Russia Today, or other (KGB) funded sites.

          • I already told you dickhead i dont believe he was ever a filmaker and he could have been slipped into a tv series as part of his cover.

            Look at operation mockingbird. The mainstream media is riddled with military industrial complex agents.

          • Ignorant Troll: Wheres your evidence he was a filmmaker?
            I provide very well documented evidence
            Ignorant Troll: I already told you dickhead i dont believe he was ever a filmaker and he could have been slipped into a tv series as part of his cover.
            Like I said, ignorant troll. Que payaso sos.

          • winston shrout… YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT….This is a blog about Venezuelan politics and you sir are pretty clueless on the topic!

          • So what do u know about Venezuela? How much is a metro ticket in Caracas?
            How much is a cafecito on the street?

    • Denial? Give me a break!

      Anyone who watches those clips can clearly see the students are goofing off. Alas, you do have to be fluent Spanish, AND have at least some sense of humor. (Did you hear the line of wreaking havoc with Borocanfor? I bet that Minister Rodriguez Torres hadn’t even seen the clips when he presented them as “evidence”).

      To the blog regulars… Sorry for feeding the trolls, but it had to be said.

    • Hey Winston,
      To be fair I really don’t care much about what Mr. Tracy is going to do with his newly found freedom. If he was innocent, I’m glad he is out. If he was not, shame in our government for releasing mercenary on photo opp promises, future oil sales or whatever it was (I dont see you complaining about that btw).
      Slightly out of topic but since you seem to have privileged information, I’m genuinely interested. Do you happen to know what tupamaros are up to? You seem so well versed in spy technology, international plots… I’d be curious to hear your take in Circulos Bolivarianos connecting with terror cells from accross the world.
      I am not going to waste time speculating about how inept the CIA can be, it’s none of my business. What I do care about is what the f* is going down in my own country.
      Please let us know!

      • If you want the information that Winston is “expert” in, there’s no need to talk to him, he got it all from either David Icke speeches, Prison Planet, Pravda or visit your local right wing militia (a la Timothy McVeigh),.. there are so many sources.

      • Dear V

        Glad to see someone on here has some taste!

        Please dont pay me anymore compliments it drives NorskeDiv locquita

        See below comment.

        • You still didnt answer my question… For someone so concerned about the activities of potential foreign operators in our country, I thought you would have an opinion on the links government sponsored groups have with terror organisations.

          • true, I am guessing all that time wasted in endless lines to buy toilet paper can be put to better use reading about “gps coordinator the size of a pepper corn” (whatever that is) and other conspiracy theories. Quite the multitasker!
            If I may give you one advice: next time look into what’s happening in our own country. I don’t if that GPS technology is actively been used here but I bet you’ll find interesting conspiracies of your own if you look closely into what Tupamaros are doing (which is btw for whatever purpose what Mr. Tracy was doing).

          • Why dont we just wait for Tims incredible Documentary to come out?

            Perhaps we could go to the cinema and watch it together u buy the tickets and i will get the fizzy pop and popcorn.

          • You can actually queue up in the supermarket and read emails at the same time by the way.

    • “jump on a plane not speaking spanish having any previous experience or interest in making a political documentary about the bolivarian republic of venezuela”

      And why not what’s so problematic about a filmaker to do movies, and specially about Chavez who was ohhh sooo charming to foreigners?

  3. Mr Tracy,if he is smart, will hire himself a lawyer to sue the Venezuelan Chaverment and collect millions. Dale Chico!

  4. Knowing Tim and how supremely passionate he is about his documentary, I´d say the film will be his big post-espionage project. So glad you got out, dude!

    • What documentary? His linked profile appeared after he had been taken into custody! This guy is no Oliver Stone it was a cover.

      You have seen Fargo right?!

          • Oh, my…that’s the best rejoinder that you could come up with? Seriously? Sheesh…vete de aqui, mijo…

          • The Cat

            Is that all you have to.comment?

            Lots of ad homineum attacks on here people dont contribute very much just negative….

          • Ummm…if you read REALLY CLOSELY, mijo, no encontrás ningún ad hominem aquí, por si…Of course, you´d need to truly understand what ad hominem (check your spelling, btw) actually means. Which, obviously, you don´t.

          • I know, but somehow a dark comedy about an incompetent crime-gone-awful seems a better fitting analogy when talking about chavismo

          • Listen you wankers nobody is going to ban me on here because my information is too good.

            Chavez was assasinated and Tim Hallett is a spy.

            Unlike most of you turds I have a life so I am not going to spend all day on here with multiple accounts making myself look good

          • my information is too good….Tim Hallett is a spy.

            Who is “Tim Hallet?” Tim Tracy is the name of the filmmaker this thread discusses.
            Yup, your “information is too good.” Decime otro de vaqueros.

          • Awww did you lose your teddy bear? Why are you crying to the moderators? Dont you like it up you?

          • That comment needs to be read out loud in a scared little girls voice. What a mariconsote!

      • Winston, you are an epic fool. Watch Cold Case: Season 3, Episode 9.

        You can see Tim Tracey there. Now of course you will have to change your story, but that’s no surprise, conspiracy-losers are nothing if not inconsistent. You guys never, ever manage a consistent narrative or set of facts, you always start with a conclusion, and then find “evidence” to suit it as you progress.

    • Yeah… it is is too bad that history won’t give us an “if”. What IF he was detained. What would he say in that original documentary? To have that ‘unbiased/external’ would have been valuable. I am sure it will now have a huge twist. I also hope he had his files backed up in a cloud server. Otherwise I am sure his footage was not given back.

      • any legit filmmaker or photographer will have multiple backups, especially when the odds of losing through theft or via the confiscation by authorities is so high. As a photographer myself, whenever I even remotely feel there is risk I will lose footage, I take drastic measures because footage is not replaceable and therefore in a sense is priceless. Many people do a physical backup that is done either via remote server or is backed up locally then manually moved to a remote location in case of fire or whatnot. I wouldn’t be too worried that he lost anything more than whatever was on him at the time. I sure hope not.

  5. Locked up abroad!!! i think that is the more they could do or write a book like
    or a new one http://www.amazon.com/The-Cocaine-Diaries-Venezuelan-Nightmare/dp/1780575645/ref=sr_1_fkmr2_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1370441314&sr=8-3-fkmr2&keywords=venezuela+books+about+jail

    Btw , it shows that you don’t know gringo mentality when they go to save, film the world!!! and there are always someone that help them…

    Maybe he could start the campaign for Izarra “‘ Visit Venezuela…1 million tourists , we have the infrastructure”–>LOL

    • anybody who doesnt agree with the US SIS must be a troll or demented.

      False dichtomy!

      Your all a bunch of fucking liars!

      • Disagreeing with the US and schizophrenia are two different things.

        Just like in 1920s Germany, you could oppose the German government (as Poland and much of the German populace did) without blaming all of Germany’s ills on Jews, Communists or “internationalists” (the term at the time for what people like you call the NWO). But it must be a nice pretty world for you, where everything is so black and white and simple, a nice clean fantasy you live in.

      • I vote for drunk.

        But seriously. It strikes me that someone with a totalitarian mindset cannot comprehend that the USA would take action at the very highest levels to secure the safety of an average American citizen.

        I can understand how someone supportive of the Maduro regime would find this at the least, completely perplexing, and indicative of guilt. Because when anyone in Venezuela gets the assistance and backing of the Maduro/Chavez government at the highest levels, they know that such support IS probably a sign of complicity, corruption and bad behaviour…. .

  6. In Venezuela we are so tired of the regime constantly making up stories about everyone of their goofs ups being the result of a sinister imperialist plot of some kind that we ve grown very skeptic of any claim of this sort , Paranoia is one of the features of ideologically inspired thugs because the just assumme that every one is like them , devious malicious and deceitful . Also their overblown narcicism is gratified by melodramatizing themselves as the purported victims of nefarious imperialist conspiracies , specially with Chavez who was a world class drama queen . The regime likes making up silly conspiracy theories to quench peoples ( and their own) infantile appetite for drama and contrived thrills , moreover they think they can reap political dividends by doing so . I suspect that if the CIA or other sophisticated Spy organizations were interested in penetrating all the secrets of the regime they will have done so long time ago without the regime even suspecting it. Another explanation for this sort of thing is that because people love cloak and dagger explanations , interested parties ( The Cuban’s for instance) serve them to their candid ‘charges’ to make their advise appear more important and essential !! The regime is known to have a large ‘skunk works’ operation supervised by their Cuban master puppeteers.


    • I dont disagree but saying this guy was a documentary filmmaker pushes beyond the realms of reality.

      This whole post is ridiculous and the commentators are judas goat schills!

      • Dont know much about spies and spying , but if Mr Tracy was a CIA operative then he was so clumsy and amateurish that he didnt deserve that much attention from the regime, specially the fulsome allegations that such goof ball was masterminding somekind of mass violent uprising against the regime . which defies belief !! Because the new regime bigwigs have made so many goofy extravagant statements of late ( of the miracolous apparition or cheap science fiction type) : I would tend to side with those which are skeptical of those allegations . My suggestion is that he write a film script for a comedy based on his experiences and sell it to the movies. !!

      • “but saying this guy was a documentary filmmaker pushes beyond the realms of reality.
        Ignorant troll, I would suggest that readers who go to the above comment will be able to judge for themselves what is reality and what is not reality. Mr. Tracy’s work as a filmmaker has already been documented in Caracas Chronicles. Follow the link.

    • You’re so fucking frivolous, Paquito Toro.
      So typical of Venezuelans, anyway.
      This guy has been actually kidnapped by YOUR Government, in a country (YOUR Country) where ‘habeas corpus’ has ALWAYS (aka before you were born) been only a ‘latinajo’, then sent, after a couple of weeks in La Roca Tarpeya’s Inferno, to the ultimate shit-hole on earth (i.e. one of YOUR prisons)…
      and you have the nerve to tell him what he should do…
      Pues yo te voy a decir lo que podría responderte, este gringo iluso que fue a TU PAÍS: “VÁYANSE TODOS PA’L CARAJO. Venezuela no es un país, es uno de los últimos círculos del Infierno.”
      Ah, y esto otro: qué más da. Los burgueses de antes y los boliburgueses de ahora, ya sacaron todo lo que pudieron (y más) del triste y solitario pozo de petróleo que es ese país.
      Lo que queda de Venezuela es la suma de la crueldad de los unos y el oportunismo de los otros, dividido por la viveza de los que aún creen que pueden sacarle algún jugo.

        • Ana, cuánta razón tienes! Bien dicho: Venezuela, triste y solitario pozo de petróleo. Bien jodidos que estamos, y todos “tan felices” (creo que seguimos siendo uno de los países más felices del mundo).

          • Speaking of “felices”. Have you seen the videos of people fighting over who gets chicken or toilette paper when it finally arrives at the supermarket? They all seem rather happy. I don’t get it.

        • The first part of Mz Nuño’s piece is a bit off , Why should FT or any ordinary venezuelan be blamed for what the regime does ?? doesnt make sense.! the second part of Mz Nuños blog however, although a rant is a brilliant rant, of the Fernando Vallejo type , such deep deep bitternes and yet that burning kernel of truth that stings and sizzles !!

          • Venezuelans saying Venezuelans are una mierda? Is not even original, either is productive, is just sad and lazy. IMHO Ms. Nuño can’t get over her the guilt complex for having abandon Venezuela before Chavez -thus not having a proper alibi for such- Maybe despite being brilliant herself, she feels like living at the shadow of that extraordinary mind that was her father. Get over it, Ana

          • Por partes:
            1. I Miss Your Dad: Maybe It’s Your Daddy You’re Missing?
            2. Rouge Alevre: No, no somos gente feliz. Aunque tú dices ‘país’: de una entidad abstracta, o concepto, no se pueden predicar cosas como ‘felicidad’, ‘tristeza’ etc.
            3. Far from it: porque me largué de Venezuela en 1978 (es decir, calculo, mucho antes que ustedes siquiera comprendieran lo que significa el palabro ‘Venezuela’), precisamente por eso no soy una desquiciada.
            4. Ya quisieras tú, quien seas que te escondes tras el nickname de billl bass, llegar algún día a escribir así sea un párrafo de los Vallejo. El bueno, se entiende: el colombiano.

      • Por partes:
        1. I Miss Your Dad: Maybe It’s Your Daddy You’re Missing?
        2. Rouge Alevre: No, no somos gente feliz. Aunque tú dices ‘país’: de una entidad abstracta, o concepto, no se pueden predicar cosas como ‘felicidad’, ‘tristeza’ etc.
        3. Far from it: porque me largué de Venezuela en 1978 (es decir, calculo, mucho antes que ustedes siquiera comprendieran lo que significa el palabro ‘Venezuela’), precisamente por eso no soy una desquiciada.
        4. Ya quisieras tú, quien seas que te escondes tras el nickname de billl bass, llegar algún día a escribir así sea un párrafo de los Vallejo. El bueno, se entiende: el colombiano.

      • For someone with so much contempt for Venezuela and its govs, both previous and current, it’s rather odd of you to follow a very active political blog about it.
        Especially when it is precisely the politics in Venezuela that are the most easy to despise aspect of the country.

        • Yeah I kinda don’t get the rage of Ana, she is Venezuelans but critiques Venezuelans as she is not…. but I can picture her cashing her Venezuelaness in her intelectual circles, specially is she lives in Europe. So much for brushing the Venezuelan out of her uhm.

      • Venezuela is a country: beautiful geographically; bountiful naturally in resources; and with common everyday people basically decent human beings (the vast majority). Ignorant/corrupt politicians have managed to squander more-than-ample financial resources to leave the country in its miserable current financial/physical/institutional state, where the insiders/enchufados still can be described as “…la crueldad de los unos y el oportunismo de los otros, dividido por la viveza de los que aun creen que pueden sacarle algun jugo.” Paradoxically, I believe in the relatively-high Venezuelan “happiness index”, since there aren’t many places in the world with: eternal Spring (no need for expensive winter heating bills/clothing changes); giveaway gasoline/electricity/Mercal food; a young population still in general not incurring expensive medical bills; most with no visible taxes to pay; 98% impunity when transgressing most all laws; a couple of still-cheap arepas which can fill your stomach; and a general fatalistic philosophy of life.

          • Maybe Winston Shrout will pose as a pap by carrying a phoney videocam the size of a breadbox, when he next appears, unmedicated, at Juan’s front door. The gig will be foolproof. For Shrout has insider knowledge on documentary filmmakers and their equipment. He’s got the goop on CIA operatives. And, more importantly, he’s seen Fargo. So beware, Juan. Triple witchings exist beyond the financlal realm.

          • Poop, rather than goop (although, “rude or ill-mannered person” seems to fit in part)? Believe “Fargo” reference was confusion due to whiteout WS probably experienced when lost in a windstorm in the sands of Coro??

          • Then poop it is. Goop, I thought, referred to slimey substance, which in the case of the CIA, could also apply. That is, if the CIA was even remotely associated with this story, as PSFs love to contend, when they don’t have an answer. “Winston Shrout” is no exception to this general rule.
            While the confusion of winter-whiteout conditions, in “Fargo” involved some Machiavellian planning that went terribly wrong, “Shrout”‘s confusion has more to do with his mental condition, rather than any geographical considerations.

          • Venezuela is really “No Country For Old Men,” or for young men either, as TT found out, when he couldn’t carry fire in a horn for very long….

          • Scary?
            Man up, Winston is a high quality troll and this site has been needing one for ages, CG & Co. just don’t cut the mustard in trollery. A world class blog needs a world class troll,

          • Thanks I will take that as a compliment. All I want to do is have some fun I’ve got the feeling I’m not the only one.

    • Let’s hope Maduro does not wind of this honorable mention. An international arrest warrant could be rasied for insulting the government. 🙂

  7. “The gringo Timothy Hallet Tracy, captured committing espionage in our country, has been expelled from the national territory,” he wrote, using the word “gringo,” a pejorative term for Americans.

    “Tim Tracy, the gringo documentary film-maker…”

    Very classy of toro (yes, with lowercase) to define us with this pejorative term. It shows his unsurmountable inferiority complex, and of those who use it. It is no wonder why your country is in the state in which it currently is, if you are the best example of the “educated ones.” One can only laugh at you.

    • I think you’re way too sensitive and touchy to be suggesting that others have an “insurmountable inferiority complex.”

      • Really? … In my experience the pejorative term gringo is used more for Mexican or Central Americans, to refer to white people mostly…In Venezuela we are more piti yankees, and we call el gringo, el negro, el chino …( unless you add de mier…) Not really pejorative…and well Let’s be all PC in this blog!!!

  8. Gringo is not necessarily a pejorative term in Venezuelan common parlance , in certain specific contexts it can be pejorative , but the way FT wrote it in this case wasnt pejorative at all , Some friends I had in my youth were called gringo as part of their nicknames because they were fair haired ; one of my mothers best friends from the past was also known as La Gringa followed by her last name , in none of these cases was the term green the least bit insulting !! funny how people are so riled up today (vide AN) , must be the moon of something !!

    • Gringo is a pejorative term. It has always been and will be so. Period. No American would like to be called gringo. If you are stupid enough to use this term in your own country with your own people, so be it. We don’t need to police stupidity. Comparing my country with yours, I have infinitely much more things to be proud of than you, yet I do not rub in your face the many pejorative terms that I can come up with, because I was taught quite correctly to respect other people. And, yes, the need to apply pejorative terms to people shows quite clearly that you are afflicted by an unsurmountable inferiority complex. Although I must say that considering the state of your “country” that is not something unexpected.

      • Yer so ignorant you don’t even realize that in hijacking the term American yu offend the other 500 million people on the hemisphere who don’t live in your sadass bit of it. NEWSFLASH buster: when Amerigo Vespucci spotted land, IT WAS ESTADO SUCRE HE WAS LOOKING AT shitforbrains!

      • Hi, gringo.

        I think if you don’t want to see the word “gringo” used, why would you read Latin American blogs?
        Kind regards,

        An American from Venezuela

        • Quite honestly, I think you should think twice about arrogantly calling me gringo. After all, you are from a country that cannot literally wipe its ass. BIG LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • OK, no problem. You´re now officially known as “asswipe”, you asshole. Talk about arrogance…

      • Thank you for speaking for all of us Americans!

        You know how I can tell which of my in-laws like me? They call me El Gringo when referencing me. The others? Well, they use a different group of terms…the name I post under on this blog is a tribute to the reference to the term along with numerous other disparaging comments my father-in-law made about me before he ever met me.

        Somehow, if you believe that “gringo” is so bad, I suspect your experiences with Latin people in general only extend as far as your television and media stereotypes. I know a good many latin people, both personally and professionally, from many countries, and hear them refer to people from the US as gringos, either collectively or singulalry with no disrespect intended.

        Inferiority complex?

      • The term gringo is indeed insulting to Americans. Basically the same as calling a Latino a spick. At least that’s the way I feel.

      • In The Incredible Voyage, Tristan Jones reported the following encounter in a Peruvian waterfront tavern. He was guzzling beer to forget his frustration with the customs office.

        A fellow guzzler came over and said “Buenos noches, amigo. You gringo?”

        Si, bloody gringo.”

        “You americano?”

        “No, bloody britanico.”

        “You marinero – sailor?”

        “Si, bloody marinero.”

        “What ship?”

        “Bloody hardship!”

        I suppos gringo can be insulting, but hardly any Americans (or for that matter, Canadians or Britons) take offense at it unless it’s meant as an insult. (In this case the stranger was an angel; he got Jones clear of the customs office and helped him finish his quest.)

    • And, by the way, why don’t you come to the U.S. (if you are not already here, enjoying our hospitality and the opportunities that this country offers to all those who come here) and call people gringos to see what happens? Hint: you would get the shit beaten out of you in a second. Don’t believe me? Just try it, dude.

        • I would like to thank you for representing the folk from El Norte in as reprehensibly and as obnoxiously as possible. Well done. If the term is used in a derogatory manner, which is almost always contextual, you actually justify its use.

          You win the award for biggest gringo internet bully of the day! Now go drown a kitten or something productive to get your hostility out of your system.

          I thank you for maintaining the stereotype of the “ugly American”. Get to East Texas much?

      • Whoah there, slow down – consider that many Spanish words can mean something drastically different from one country to another and much more flexible is the connotation of certain words across cultures, including the word “gringo” especially in Venezuela. Like how Americans say they’re “pissed” when they’re mad but in the UK that means you’re drunk.. So, before you get mad at someone calling you gringo, remember that it could actually be used in a completely innocuous and friendly matter depending on the user’s origin. When Chavistas say “gringo”, “yanki”, etc yeah clearly it may be pejorative but most normal, non-brainwashed Venezuelans say gringo without meaning any harm. The point is, “Gringo is a pejorative term, end of statement, period no ifs ands or buts” isn’t totally true. Now that you know, if you continue to perceive it that way, then the blame is yours.

      • Hey Dude! I have done it several times!!!! and,really “spick” ? what is next Beaner? Can I call you Cracker? ( I used to call my ex in that way and he laughed out loud–> Now you get context! )that is like 50’s mid west vocabulary…Whatever dude! oh yes do not forget The JAP , and not for Jewish American Princess!!!

    • bill bass- so gringo is also used for catire in Venezuela. Didn’t know that.

      I hardly ever took “gringo” to be a pejorative term in Venezuela or any other place. While in most of Latin America, it means US citizen, in Argentina it means foreigner: “Mi madre era gringa. Vino de Italia.” [Which reminds me of the hotel owning Italian immigrant- catire- I met in La Puerta. Some years later in the US, I met a nephew of his who picked me up when I was hitching.]

      Only once in my time in Latin America did I get negative vibes from “gringo,” in the Peruvian town of Huarás. I kept on hearing it as I walked the streets. There, it had a racial connotation: white guy. A Peruvian of European descent explained to me that he was also considered a gringo. My initial discomfort at being called gringo in Huarás ended when I talked with the locals. Compared to other Andean towns I had been in, the people of Huarás were more outgoing and also more jocular. Maybe some people would have been put off by their jocular manner, but I enjoyed it. I like to joke myself. Some also took the time to teach me some basic Quechua.

      Sometimes when I was asked where I was from I would reply, “Soy de Gringaterra.” When that got a blank stare, I would explain. “Inglaterra es la tierra de los Ingleses. Gringaterra es la tierra de los Gringos.”

      • Boludo :Actually, now that I recollect the two cases I mentioned before where of people of peruvian origins who were long time family friends , I guess I knew them for so many years that the monicker gringo didnt strike me as peculiar , only as descriptive. Still my day to day living experience of many years (alas Im not a young person)l is that the term gringo has no particular peyorative connotation in every day speech !! Maybe Mr Cusick’s experience of living in Venezuela was different , who knows ?? In my experience in Venezuela we can call people Musiu, Turco, Negro , Portu , Chino, Catire and the term is more often a term of endearement or good natured leg pulling rather than an offensive one. I do remember how surprised I was during the US years of my childood and youth , how most terms used to refer to a persons foreign origin were peyorative in connotation , spick, mick, pollack , kraut, wog , even the word ‘negro’ which we never thought offensive could not be pronounced ( we substituted for ‘caraota’) .

  9. Jeez, whatever happened to this thread? Is it full moon or something? Calm down everybody…
    Can we get back to talk about Tim Tracy and his whereabouts and plans now? Very happy he got out.

    • I thought the same thing. First this Winston Shrout character comes along writing like a severe schizophrenic off his meds and then we end up arguing over what country is better. I mean, this thread goes good with popcorn but it’s waaaaay off topic.

  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gringo

    Gringo (/ˈɡrɪŋɡoʊ/, Spanish: [ˈgɾiŋgo], Portuguese: [ˈgɾĩgu]) is a slang Spanish and Portuguese word used in Ibero-America, to denote foreigners, often from the United States. The term can be applied to someone who is actually a foreigner, or it can denote a strong association or assimilation into foreign (particularly US) society and culture.

    In Spanish it does not have a negative connotation.[1] Roger Axtell, a travel etiquette expert, notes that “[t]he word gringo is not necessarily a bad word. It is slang but is derogatory only in its use and context.”[2]

    The word was used in Spain long before it crossed the Atlantic to denote foreign, non-native speakers of Spanish.[3]

    • don’t forget “musiú” or “musiua” in the case of my 96-year old mother (with whom Winston Shrout declares he wants productive fantasies — talk about cub-to-cougar complexes).

      • Hey, even the elderly enjoy intimacy, maybe Winston Shrout could actually do some good in the world and pleasure a woman, though I doubt he knows how…

    • People call me “gringo” in Venezuela and other latin american countries with frequency. It is usually kids, and usually done with a smile. When adults call me “gringo”, they often do so just before offering me something nice, like: “hey gringo, try this reina pepiada, you’ll like it.” And then I get some free food.

      I am not even a gringo, but as you can see, it is usually against my interest to correct people.

  11. You wont be hearing much from my detractors until the morning now Valle Arriba US Embassy closes at five o clock! 🙂

      • well, commenting to himself would fit the schizophrenic aspects of his persona. I’d love to see his delusional repartee on the cancer inoculations given to Chávez — by the CIA, of course.


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