Dark Days for Panfleto Negro

What do you do when reality starts laughing in your face?

Adriana Pérez Bonilla puts her finger on something raw and real and terrifying and simultaneously hilarious and not even a little bit funny in this Panfleto piece. It’s pretty amazing.

Para quienes no estén familiarizados con el término, cuando digo “trolear” me refiero a que Nicolás Maduro identificó, de alguna manera, el ADN del Chiguire Bipolar, entró en su sistema y lo destruyó desde adentro, dejándolo sin capacidad para reaccionar. Que es, exactamente, lo mismo que está haciendo la realidad venezolana con nosotros.

Read the whole thing. With a whiskey in your hand. Even though it’s Monday morning.

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  1. I wouldn’t classify what’s happening nowadays as trolling, trolling its the act of transmitting crazy, illogical, nonsense arguments (Looking at you Cort) into the air and hoping someone gets mad enough to respond, wasting everyone’s time in the process, however, even trolls don’t believe in the bullshit they spew, Nicolas and Co, do believe it, by god, they believe it (Except Diosdado, maybe).

    I wouldn’t say what’s happening right now is as much trolling as it is the Venezuelan political sphere knowing the population has lost their capacity of amazement (Or amusement) and they carry on with charade knowing we’ve become numb to it. We could debate what was the exact moment this happened, for me at least, hearing the president of the nation talking about his diarrhea attack really sunk it in.

    Random thought 1: I haven’t seen that picture of Mario with the dogs, its so KAWAIIIIII!!! I guess even unlikable bigots like him have their soft side too.

    Random thought 2: “Read the whole thing. With a whiskey in your hand. Even though it’s Monday morning.” Well, its always happy hour somewhere. Although I don’t really like whiskey, I’m more of a Port wine myself (I know, I know, I’m an oligarch sissy).

    • They can impossibly believe all the nonsense they spout.

      If, say, Maduro literally believed that the opposition planned to steal Hugo Chávez’s corpse and murder 10.000 people, it wouldn’t be buried in the middle of an obscure AVN article (http://bit.ly/19UhQcP) and the SEBIN would be busting down doors.

      • Maybe the top echelons don’t believe most of it (Diosdado, Los Castro) but the lower tier, de Nicolás pa abajo, they all believe it and they are proud of it, just go watch VTV right now, watch it for 10 mins, then come back.

  2. An excellent post! It’s true that “troleando” DNA mixes the metaphor. You couldn’t find a for chilling exit line than “”Chacumbele somos nosotros”, though.

  3. Humour is easier to enjoy than to explain , just like music , the mechanics of humour are mostly a mistery but they appear to involve a mental act whereby the incongruity between what a person does to present itself as rational and superior and or superbly competent is suddenly revealed to hide a happless irrational and silly creature , incapable of controlling its life or of keeping up the fake fachade with which it attempts to prop up its inflated social image . The thing with this regime is that its become so insane , so loony , so utterly incompetent at masking even rudimentally its irrationality and incongruities that there is no longer any possibility of ‘revealing’ them through an act of sudden humorous discovery . There is no longer any fun in exposing the bare behind of a pompous creature where the creature itself exposes its behind as a matter of course , without knowing what it is doing . Its like laughing at a dogs nakedness , cant be done . This undermines the practice of ordinary humour such as Venezuelan-s traditionally practice to release the pent up frustrations that living under such kind of regime entails. If the regime inadvertently pokes fun at itself , then the humorist is left with nothing to poke fun at. This is a tragedy for us , because we rely on our sense of humour to keep ourselves sane . This is how I understand the message which our blog Masters are now presenting to us.

    • My neighbour has a French Bulldog named after a Vegas lounge lizard. The dog is a funny dog. It looks a bit like that PSUV deputy who went after Maria Corina but is it is incapable of lying unlike that deputy.

  4. Read Panfleto Negro post and what comes to mind is a favorite expression of a ‘madrileño’ I know. ‘Joder que bueno es’. And you are right Francisco, ethylic support is needed regardless day and hour. The exit line is chilling as House said.

  5. La magnitud de la tragedia pone límites al humor. Como bien lo muestra Adriana en su texto, el humor se topa con el muro de la realidad brutal, y uno deja de reirse. Anoche Anthony Bourdain presentó por CNN su reportaje desde el Congo. Comparada con la del Congo, la tragedia venezolana parece una nimiedad, y sin embargo, en cambos casos nos topamos con situaciones kafkianas: la estación de tren en el Congo completamente en ruinas, pero que un director y sus empleados (a quienes nadie les paga) se empeñan en mantener en “funcionamiento” todos los días; o el país petrolero, como Venezuela, que importa gasolina. No es Woody Allen el que nos serviría aquí como referencia. Es Kafka, el profético Kafka, que vio los signos del horror del absurdo. Probablemente leer a Ionesco también ayudaría. O al padre de todos ellos, Alfred Jarry y su Ubu Roi, donde Chávez cabría perfectamente, en tanto que Gran Señor ególatra de la destrucción.

    • The humour is still there except its dark, sardonic, bitter rather than lifting light and liberating , it needs no geniality or mordant wit on the part of the humorist , no inspiration to stand revealed . Its a slap in the face rather than a tickle !! Kafka was no humorist but Kundera , his countryman was when he described how tyranny made people do or feel absurd things ! Venezuela is now entering Kundera country!!

  6. OT: Following is a video made by a brave young man from Turkey. He is one of the protesters you may have heard about in the news. Although he is on the other side of the globe and from a different culture, I think everyone on this blog will hear his words and know exactly what he is talking about, because we have experienced the same thing.

    • Why Quico lives in Japan, where he can drink Sake at any time of night, and Blog whatever he feels like, without any fear of retaliation.

  7. jajajaja pero yo sí tengo el autógrafo de Quico 😛

    Oye, ¡Muchas gracias por la reseña, por leer y comentar!

    El objetivo del artículo era señalar lo que a mi me parece una tragedia. Y a pesar de que en el pasado hemos tenido hasta noticias más sureales, mi percepción es que como ahorita, no había sentido esa sensación metafísica a la que me refiero, ese ya no poder reírnos de nuestras desgracias, por incapacidad. Es bien oscuro el asunto.

    Aquí, y en el post, me comentaron lo del troleo, alegando que esto no es troleo. Quisiera detenerme en este punto, porque tragedia a parte, me parece un tema fascinante.

    Es verdad, el troll es quien se dedica a sabotear e interrumpir hilos de discusiones. El troll, en esencia, es un saboteador.

    Pero con el tiempo, ese deporte ha evolucionado, hay troleos más elaborados, y hasta geniales.

    No consigo mejor imagen para explicarlo que esa de “entrar al sistema y destruirlo desde adentro”, eso también es un acto de sabotaje. En este caso nos está troleando el humor.

    Estoy segura que Maduro troleó al chiguire sin intención, y es totalmente irrelevante si él se cree las cosas que dice o no, el problema aquí es que lo hizo, y que desde el poder nos somete más allá de lo normal, quitándonos la posibilidad del último chiste, nos quitó nuestro consuelo, nuestra última cuartada.

    Vaya, un tema interesante donde los hay.

    Gracias nuevamente, y muchos saludos 🙂

    • Quizas nos quito nuestra “ultima cuartada”, pero no nuestra ultima carcajada…he who laughs last, laughs best. And, I agree with Hal9000 above, the tragicomedic aspect of all this is at least Maduro, incredibly ignorant nincompoop that he is, really believes the nonsense he spouts, and, in the process, makes Venezuela/Venezuelans the hazmerreir of the outside world.

      • One of the birth rights of every Venezuelan (as consolation for living under totally dysfunctional governents) is poking fun at the govenrment and those that bombastically represent it :, their foibles , their petty personal miseries , their silly conceits , their incompetence and ignorance, all come under the corrosive lampooning attack of local wits, Now that the regime is becoming so loony that it unwittingly trolls or lampoons itself , the happy exercise of this basic right is being threatened . Come to think of it we Venezuelans have never had it so good in our habit of poking fun at our government than these last years!! This helps explain the blossoming of so many fine humorous talents in the last decade , Laureano Marquez , Claudio Nazoa , Ibsen Martinez and so many others , wits which can combine serious commentary with a biting humorous expression or of publications such as La Patilla , el Chiguire Bipolar and others . Despite the mad self lampooining of the regimes leaders dont think that these wits are going to surrender and shut up . They are going to keep fighting and finding even more clever ways or lampooning the regimes absurd discourse and gestures !!

  8. I want to point out, uncomfortable as it may be, that by wanting to ridicule this style of thinking we ridicule a laarge portion of our countrymen and women. Perhaps this is their way of saying “fuck you, I don’t care if you laugh, you elitist asshole.”

    Is it their failure to think, or our failure to extend our educational opportunities to them?

    Humor requires knowledge.

    • It’s really both, one begets the other, meaning their failure to think begets their failure to extend adequate educational opportunities begets their (new generation of badly- educated leaders) failure to think–in a never-ending spiral downward, although it is hard to imagine that we are not reaching the bottom of the barrel at this point….

  9. Im not sure that just sending people to formal school makes them more sane or smart or balanced , We all know lots of supposedly ‘educated’ people who for all practical are purposes ( other than those related to their trade or ocupation) are absolute asses . Formation of character and instilling people with certain habits of thought and behaviour are probably much more important , and these develop mostly at home or are part of the Culture . The home come first , the Culture comes first . Education is important but only part of the process. There is a movement in the US that after many failures with all kinds of enlightened educational programs for the underpriviledged focuses on teaching pupils certain character traits associated with persistence and discipline with surprisingly improved results. The problem here is that people who live in the throes of poverty ( not just the money part but the family , cultural habits part) are just condemned to dysfunctional lives because of the frayed fragility of the social web , and because of their flawed upbringing ( no responsible fatherhood , abandoned children , malnutrition ) . The average Venezuelan IQ is in the mid 80’s which compared to other countires is pretty low. The problems goes deeper than can be resolved by just giving them years of a pretty mediochre education.

  10. Most “good family” and “well cultured” people here pray to some virgin 30 year old who got nailed to the cross for annoying vagrancy. El pajarito didn’t really sound too outlandish to me, considering how many Smart people tell me how this and that was a miracle from the virgin boy or one of his cult followers.

    And that brand of lazyness (lol, that was a freudian slip, I meant crazyness), Bill Bass, that one comes straight from Family and Culture.

    In any case, why did you assume I meant “formal education”? I didn’t.

    • Im sorry Faust but what good family and well cultured people are you talking about ??
      I havent mentioned those , and what 30 year old virgin who got nailed to the cross are you referring to ?? Im not talking religion at all , and where is here?’ I think you’ve totally misuderstood what I wrote . People are naive about the power of the school room to work wonders , kids are taught habits of self discipline and steadfastness and responsability at home , at structured homes , where there are parents who care about their kids and are competent in running stable structured lives or try to. Do you have any idea about the kind of upbringing many barrio kids have because they lack fathers who take responsibility for their kids or have mothers who are inmature and man- mad changing partners every couple of years , or careless about their children , do you know about the kind of character such kids develop when they grow up ?? when those kids go to school too often they havent got the character traits that you need to take advantage of the little that they are taught ?? where do you think an average IQ of 84 comes from , How about the happy go lucky guy who drinks and wenches his salary the weekend ??

  11. By culture I dont mean music and fine manners I mean those things which because they are ingrained in social life, of in family life ( could be a single mother) conditions peoples mental and behavioural habits so that they can be competent and productive and responsible !!


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