Spawn of Samán

Guess who's back?
The Samán-ic Verses

Times are pretty tough for INDEPABIS, our (sort of) Consumer Protection Agency. With the current wave of shortages, they’re way, way overstretched.

Now, a major corruption scandal involving a high-ranking director could make things much worse for its staff. An internal purge could soon follow, as hinted by Commerce Minister Alejandro Fleming.

The head of the agency Consuelo Cerrada was kicked out and Nicolás Maduro has brought back Eduardo Samán to take over.

Who is he? For those who haven’t had the pleasure of knowing him, let me put it this way: if INDEPABIS is our own Vampire Hunting Department, Samán would be the criollo equivalent of Van Helsing, a guy who’s in the outermost fringes of chavista radicalism, who never saw a private company he didn’t want to come down on for … practically anything.

Samán was the head of INDEPABIS between 2008 and 2009. From there, he was promoted to Commerce Minister, but he was dismissed from his post the following year because he was apparently too radical, even for the comandante presidente. His legacy also includes the unveiling of the “Socialist Areperas”, which didn’t end up well…

Recently, he was looking to be Chavismo’s candidate for Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas, but some inside the PSUV didn’t like that idea.  Now he’s back on the post that that made him well-known.

He defines himself as “ultra-leftist” and kinda loves the media spotlight.

He’ll surely double down on surprise inspections, but this time markets and warehouses won’t be enough for him. So Food Minister Félix Osorio has an idea: screw it, let’s check people’s homes, because that’s where the real “domestic hoarding” is happening.

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  1. This might be good news for the opposition. Eduardo Samán is just an irrefutable proof that scarcity and shortages will remain for the second half of the year as they will continue haunting private businesses (their leading strategy) instead of boosting supply.

    An alternative explanation is that he’ll be a political facade for the always starving SiBCI against the private sector. In that case I expect INDEPABIS playing only a minor role before the elections.

  2. As per the aporrea forum, chavistas are very happy with this announcement. They love the man.

    Also, they were saying that the man from INDEPABIS who was arrested under corruption charges is from PJ. Is this correct?

    • He seems he is one of the few who is not a corrupt but old school communist with some ideals… that might sound crazy coming from me to say but I like people like him. Problem is that those socialist models they are working don’t work, proven!!!!!!

      Example. Felix Osorio now saying that it is the people that is hoarding. Yes, people over stock in Venezuela because they never can find anything. If you want a product that have difficulty to find and suddenly finds it, well you want to buy supplies for more than one week if you can. That’s human nature.

  3. It wouldn’t surprise me that much, but it appears to me that Osorio didn’t said they would check the houses, somebody let it run on the internet… (I searched for it and couldn’t find)

    • True, he didn’t actually say that. But… he’s opening the door with the whole “domestic hoarding” excuse.

      • The excuse of domestic hoarding, is just that, an excuse, a lame one I might add. Believe me, they are going to run a thousands of lame excuses before realizing, that price control and strict regulations are the source of scarcity and inflation.

  4. Something very particular about Saman’s profile:
    “Samán estudió farmacia en la Universidad Central de Venezuela. Nunca consiguió trabajo en los laboratorios por su posición de izquierda y su postura contra las patentes de medicamentos. Hasta 1999 estuvo en la Organización Panamericana de Salud.”
    If he was a radical leftist, what the hell was he looking for jobs in big pharma AND telling that to his potential employees? What sounds more plausible is that he couldn’t get a job in a Lab because he wasn´t qualified and became a radical leftist to give an excuse, otro resentido

    • That’s over-interpretation and your use of the “otro resentido” is the kind of stuff that creates 20 chavistas more. And at the end of the day, they can very well say you are the “resentido” now because your lot has lost power.

      Sorry, man, this guy is a dinosaur communist, but out of that text we cannot deduce more than that.

    • The writing is not very accurate, doesn’t specify if he didn’t applied for any job in big pharma for his stance about patents and big corporations, or he applied for jobs in these big corporations, and got rejected because somehow they knew all about his political affiliation.

      Is highly unlikely for big corporations to have a record of every person they are going to hire.

      Either way, the writing is not very accurate, but it does confirm that Saman is just another prehistoric communist.

      • Doubt very much that Saman was ever rejected by a pharmaceutical company, for if ( as he claims ) he has always been opposed to pharmaceutical patents , then as a matter of principle he should never have applied for a job in a pharmaceutical company which business is the development and commercial exploitation of such patents . Much more likely the rejection story is a pure fabrication made up to make him appear the victim of a capitalist company , bent on punishing him for upholding his oh so noble convictions , Professional revolutionaries are always inordinately proud to present themselves as victims of capitalist persecution , Gives their egos orgasmic vibes !!

        • Who knows why he never worked on big Pharma, but one thing I can tell you, he is right about the patents. Big Pharmas should take example on the greatest Jonas Salk. Disgusting the way they want to patent everything. That goes to Monsanto as well.

          • Jonas Salk’s investment was magnitudes less than modern investment needed for treatments that are used today. People demand gigantic trials proving very good safety, trials which cost a huge amount of money, if drug companies didn’t patent medicines, most of the treatments we use today simply wouldn’t exist because even stage one trials would be impossible to afford. The alternative would of course be paying for the entire sector from tax payer funding, but I don’t see any Bolivarian country, or any country with cheap generics, picking up the slack to make up for lost private sector investment.

          • That’s precisely the point, trials while they are needed, have become a monster, incredible big multimillionaire business with a hysterical conflict of interest that doesn’t foul or help anybody, increase the cost of medicines that really are needed for the sake of creating myriads of patents for all kinds of shit that many times work as good as a placebo, and other times with bigger side effects than pros. And everybody wants a big piece of the pie.

  5. The victims of the Indepabis corruption scandal were private business selling goods at government controlled prices , finally Maduro is acting to protect private enterprise from PSUV racketeers !!


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