Venezuela's funniest legislative videos


And the trolling continues…

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  1. This woman didn’t pause to catch a breath in the whole 2 minutes of the video! I had no idea of what she was talking about, though. Punishing powder milk to ensure “soberania de la teta”?

    • Odalisque Monsoon makes Cervantes turn in his grave.

      Here one of her tweets:

      @NicolasMaduro @dcabellor Mi comandante eterno estoy aqui en el cuartel de la montana solicito tu autorizacion para ir a Peru Lima. Te amo
      Why does she address these guys as if they were the eternal commandant?
      Is it like addressing Peter and Paul?

      • Kepler, She once said the following too:

        comencé a meter la lupa aqui en Vargas muchos que están en las Misiones Sociales e instituciones del estado tocando cacerolas no pidan cacao— Odalis Monzón (@OdalisMonzon) April 16, 2013

        @nadeska16 ahora mas radical que nunca y tu que eres una que vive en las viviendas que construyo el cmdte Supreo tambien escualida opositora— Odalis Monzón (@OdalisMonzon) April 16, 2013

  2. You know, somewhere out there she may have stumbled on a point, the promotion of breastfeeding would be a good thing, but why you need another bloody law to do that, when they cannot enforce a traffic stop light in the middle of Caracas, and it is a mother’s body we are talking about and a boob specifically… Por amor I guess.

  3. So it’s ENFORCING breastfeeding then; do you need a prescription to buy bottles and formula? Will you be questioned by police/GN for giving your baby a bottle in public? How about mothers that give breastmilk from a bottle for whatever reason? Will breastpumps be outlawed? Limited? Available only in specific breast-pumping facilities? Oh, this is so much FUN, why educate and develop logic and reason when you can just LEGISLATE at random on the silliest topics? They could also make laws to ensure you only use a certain number of toilet roll squares to wipe your bum after doing the deed (with a specific electronic device, perhaps)! Oh, the future!

  4. These “revolutionary” deputies are going arse over tit with this new law.
    Obviously, for them it’s all about showing they keep abreast
    of the legisgorrhoea their lot loves so much. We should give them
    tit for tat and make clear these silly deputies are crying over
    spilled milk.

    • Yeah, that’s the one that got me.

      Are they beating a woman if her contractions don’t come fast enough?

      Spanking the mom instead of the baby when she delivers?

      The look on the interviewers face was priceless, she had no clue whatsoever about what to ask next, or even what to think…………………….

  5. Half understood that the lady was of the idea that producers of baby milkpowder ( dirty capitalists) were engaged in some kind of nefarious attack on the loving natural practice of breastfeeding in order to drum up their sales and that a law was needed to ‘punish’ them for their profitmongering attacks against this loving natural practice . Of course there would be ‘exceptions’ ( meaning tolerance of cases where a mother would be allowed to use the baby milkpowder rather than breastfeed her baby presumably if her breast milk ran dry as often happens) A member of Cubas politburo once said that Cubas problems derived from the fact that in Cuba ‘what wasnt mandatory was forbidden’ leaving little space for individual initiative or decision making ( i.e. for personal freedom) . The idea of a totally regimented life appeals to people who dont think that people can be trusted to run their own lives and must be made dependent on an all wise Government to always tell them what to do …or else. Of course this government intrusion in private lives is justified by love , patriotism , social justice , human solidarity and by the need to zealously punish and persecute the villanous capitalists in their criminal pursuit of corrupt profits !!

    • Sorry , must correct n mistake , the lady apparently was referring to the capitalists who manufacture baby milk bottles , those enemies of humanity who in their crazed pursuit of luchre conspire to convince mothers of abandoning the practice of lovingly breastfeeding their babies !! oh the horror !!

  6. Monzón has hit political paydirt with this ‘what’s-old-is-new-again’ concept. I mean, how can you have a successful soberanía alimentaria in a nation, without attending to the very source on which that concept is based? Imposible. No wonder soberanía alimentaria hasn’t been working in Venezuela!
    I mean, here’s a totally portable, ecology-minded practice that’s being neglected in favour of those dreadful transnacionales. I say, bring on the law, Odalis — la ley de teta. Is there a way you can tax those who do not feed into it, so to speak? Bringing this concept to the attention of the nation deserves a promotion.

    Aparte, don’t you just love how Odalis completely neglects her interviewer, while hogging the limelight (camera eye)?

  7. Odalis! Have you given any thought to setting up a depósito of commissioned teta producers, using the political, if not financial infrastructure of that other dead enterprise of chavismo: el banco de la mujer? Just think, those women who can’t breastfeed would be so grateful to buy at Mercal rates the milk they need. Amor con amor se paga.

    • How about that? Someone thinking along the same lines …

      Pedro Pablo Peñaloza ‏@pppenaloza :
      Chavismo promete que el banco de leche materna siempre tendrá liquidez…

  8. WTF am I watching? Sometimes tuning into VTV is like watching a crazy parallel universe where the nutters have control of the madhouse.


    “Amamantar a un bebé es la primera acción y decisión política de una madre; el consumo de fórmulas lácteas sólo amparan y defienden las políticas de las empresas privadas que distribuyen el alimento contentivo mayormente de combinaciones químicas”, manifestó la dirigente de base del Psuv que acudió a la reunión, Daniela Hinojosa.

    Por otro lado, Astrid Herrera, quien asistió a la reunión en representación de la Procuraduría General de la República, expresó que a la Ley debe anexarse “la preparación, capacitación y certificación de los médicos por el lapso de un año. Médico que incurra en la falta de promocionar fórmulas lácteas como alimento para niños y niñas, deben ser multado; y no tendría excusa alguna, para alegar que estaba en desconocimiento de la norma, pues, para eso serán preparados”, dijo.

    • Venezuela???? In this case, the folks who are proposing the nuttiness have a clearly identified party with name, logo and whatnot. And lots of political power so their madness is taken seriously.

      The question is rather, whether they do it on purpose all the time for some trolling end of their own (like making us forget important matters, or confounding people), or if the general craziness of 1999-2013 Venezuela shines in it’s purest state through them. Or some combination of the two.

  10. En mi blog, en lenguaje más vernáculo:
    jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

    Teteros, Chacón y Maria Gabriela Chávez: la gusanera

    Jueves, 13 de Junio, 2013
    Tres noticias, medio rumores, han salido hoy en la prensa virtual que, de ser ciertas, deberían instigar una rebelión abierta, no importa cuan violenta, contra este régimen ilegítimo y criminal que acogota al país desde hace 15 años. Ellas configurarían una bofetada de tal magnitud a lo que queda de la dignidad venezolana que no pueden ser aceptadas con pasividad.

    La primera es ridícula, en un grado superlativo. Segun la Agencia Venezolana de Noticias, AVN, La Asamblea Nacional (AN) discutirá este martes 18, en plenaria, la reforma de la Ley de Protección, Promoción y Apoyo a la Lactancia Materna, para prohibir el tetero y el biberón en la lactancia infantil. Por qué? porque debemos garantizar que todo niño y niña “tenga el derecho al pecho, primero como soberanía alimentaria y por la salud del bebé”. Pero, que es esto? Como es posible que se prohíba un método de alimentación que es usado universalmente? Si bien es deseable que todos caminemos tres kilómetros diarios, como se nos puede obligar a hacerlo? Cuantos millones de bebés no son alimentados con biberón? Realmente, esta pretensión es como para pegarle candela a esa pocilga que llaman Asamblea Nacional. Ver video: (gracias a Caracas Chronicles).

    La segunda es risible y trágica al mismo tiempo. Se trata de PDVSA. Está bien que Rafaél Ramírez es un corrupto inepto y que ha destruido a PDVSA y, de paso, al país. Pero, reemplazarlo, para permitirle que se vaya del país, con Jesse Chacón? Quien diablos es Jesse Chacón? Un golpista sádico. Un tarifado impúdico del régimen. Que credenciales puede tener ese tipo para manejar una empresa petrolera? De ser cierto, esto sería razón suficiente para quemar las oficinas de La Campiña.

    La tercera es el apogeo de la ridiculez. María Gabriela Chávez vicepresidente? Quien carajo es esta mujer? Que ha hecho en su vida? La faculta ser hija del difunto sátrapa para llegar a esa posición? Claro que el que está allí no es mejor, ese Arreaza que no dice esta boca es mía. Pero esta señora de comportamiento cursi y poco transparente, como el del padre? Por favor.

    Claro, se dirá: cual es el problema? Si por la presidencia pasaron el palangrista Rangel, la asaltante callejera Adina, el mál poeta de Isaías, el corrupto de Jorge, el tira piedras de Jaua, por qué no esta mujer? Bueno, simplemente porque ello sería la gota de infamia que debería rebasar el vaso de la paciencia de millones de venezolanos. Que vaso tan grande ese de la paciencia venezolana!

    Venezolanos: tengamos la dignidad de recordar de donde venimos, quienes ha sido nuestros héroes militares y civiles, recuerden a Cecilio Acosta, Gallegos, Pocaterra, Cabrujas, Nazoa, Sojo, Picón Salas, Briceño Iragorry, Andrés Eloy. Vamos a aceptar pasivamente esta mierda? Aceptar pasivamente la mierda, ustedes me perdonan, nos convierte en mierda.
    Publicado por Gustavo Coronel en 17:45

  11. If they are thinking of Jesse as head of Pdvsa its because the situation in Pdvsa is really desperate , confidence in Ramirez is absolutely lost and they are clutching at straws by thinking that Jesse can do better . Regardless of his true capabilities the fact that they placed him as head of corpoelec (which dismal services were one of the key factors contributing to Maduros poor electoral showing) is a sign that he is considered inside Chavismo more competent than most. The title of Vicepresident has now become so degraded and debased (how many have we got?)that its purely a symbolic title of ornamental importance , the title has become near meaningless in real terms, so what the hell if Chavez daughter is appointed one. Any one can be anything !! Its sad that at this stage of chavismo Venezuelans can no longer afford to have a sense of shame , of ridicule or of humour.

  12. Many women in Venezuela will have no choice but to breastfeed, as in many areas there are shortages of baby formula. My niece in Cardón, near Punto Fijo, had to have some sent to her from Caracas.

  13. So now that they are planning how to regulate the use of our body “to show love”, I’m wondering what will be next. Perhaps regulating the practice of sex and frequency, to show love, like the famous urban legend “fornicating under the consent of the….PSUV”?

  14. They’ve been trolling since they re-mixed the flag, which is why putting it back was one of the highlights of Carmona’s speech that time.

    The important thing is not that they are trolling, the important thing is rather what they are not doing: legislating actual problems. As an anarchist, this would please me if the way to avoid all that legislating wasn’t so goddamn nefarious. I read this on the paper and was like man… Legislating tit action has to be some meta-level of abuse.

    Btw, I read that in the new and improved Ultimas Noticias, where it was explained to me that the students were protesting against the university professor strikes.

    I blame la cuarta for building a system that some lame-o like Chavez could take over. The Zoo turned into a Circus.

  15. In fact, and this is an uncomfortable truth that all you not-chavista-anymores try to politically incorrect out of public consciousness, the trolling began with the stupid 99 constitution where law was turned into bad poetry.

  16. I kept waiting for the funny part, but it never came. There’s a long history of suspicion of sketchy marketing practices by Nestle that specifically target poor women in developing countries…

    Here in Chile, the marketing has been tremendously successful. Pediatricians – on the take from industrial food processors – give free samples and all try to convince mothers that they don’t produce enough milk, so they need to give their kids formula. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy because once the babies start drinking formula, they seek the breast less and milk production tapers off, making even more formula necessary. Result: bunch of overweight, unhealthy babies with chronic respiratory problems (not helped by the horrible air, obviously). It’s even covered by healthcare providers, I think. Great for profits, not for health. The developed world is now recognizing how crucially important a mother’s milk is for preventing chronic disease/allergies later in life. The WHO recommends exclusive breast feeding up to 6 months.

    That is to say, a right to breast feed is one of the least crazy things I’ve ever heard come out of chavismo. No doubt the implementation will be a clusterfuck, but it’s actually pretty cutting edge, and I bet you’ll find similar rationale behind maternity-leave guarantees in Europe.

    • Our childrens pediatrician always lauded the virtues of natural breast feeding and provided the mother could keep it flowing ( many cant or only can for a limited period) only recommended baby bottle feeding to supplement the childs nourishment needs , which can be high specially in early childhood . The problem with many marginal mothers that cant breast feed their children is that they dont give them prepared baby food formulas but caraota potions and other foods which may be good for adults but not as good as baby formulas for a growing child . This can have very bad consequences for the child influencing not only bodys growth but the development of its mental capacity !!, The bill is dangerous because it makes the decision about giving the children prepared formulas something to be controlled by the State which is really incapable ( as we all know) to take that decisions or implement it in the right medical manner. The bill is bad because it will make the mothers or doctors decision something which the State can control or punish . Maybe we need more accesible child formulas for poor mothers and to provide them with guidance from experienced pediatricians about what to give them , not a system where bureaucrats have control over those decisions !!

      • I will post something about this in my blog, basically writing what a Swiss female friend with two children told me.

        The sad thing is that neither side seems to put forward the kind of strategies Western societies have implemented for decades and decades. “More for education” (not much detail there), “let’s import stuff from my uncle in Italy to furbish a playground in our municipio” on one side, “reduce taxes to import more stuff for national food sovereignty” and “let’s prohibit baby formula” on the other. Kind of sad.

  17. One of the things that I find most absurd here is that Venezuela is still a country where employers are still allowed to require a pregnancy test to a potential female employee before hiring, and where the maternity leave period is only 18 weeks.
    And of course, a discussion about legalizing abortion will NEVER happen.
    If we add a mandatory period of breasfeeding, what’s left for women in the labour field? Take their kids to work? Good for those that can afford to be a stay at home mom, but what about single moms, divorced moms, widows?
    They talk a lot about protecting the rights of women, but in reality is all BS.

  18. One other advantage of bottle feeding is that it gives dad’s the opportunity to build a bond with the baby, very close to the bond of love she’s talking about, while at the same time, gives mom a little break to rest and recover.

    By the way, happy father’s day to all the dads.

  19. I agree that many breast feeding problems must have to do with mothers not switching on the emotional mechanisms that trigger milk, plus milk powder companies giving big comissions on prescriptions like psichiatric companies do with SSRIs, and who knows? maybe there is some level of women not being allowed to bare their breasts at work, that one seemed possible to me…

    And yet you are telling a woman that they are bound by law to put their tits in people’s mouths.

    No man. Don’t… Don’t even.

  20. The problem is not with the general goal ( fostering breast feeding over feeding kids formula cereals in baby bottles) but in the method proposed to achieve that goal : Government prima facie criminalization of the use of baby formulas and milk bottles and subjecting its use to bureaucratic control . Even if there are physicians who misuse their professional authority for venal reasons ( which statistical relevance is yet to be proven) , feeding babies with formula is both common natural and necessary for many reasons, where the mother doesnt lactate or does it inssuficiently , where the child needs the formula to supplement the breastfeeding as it grows etc . so that making the use of formulas subject to bureaucratic controls and potential criminal penalities in a country where bureaucracy is so inept and corrupt is an invitation for abuses and mismanagement on a massive scale which can only hurt Venezuelan children ..

    • There are so many goody goody- busy bodies out there trying to dominate our choices and feeling quite smug about themselves in the meantime.I wonder if they are afraid to get caught with spinach between their teeth and be called hypocrites.

  21. Venezuela’s funniest legislative videos | Caracas Chronicles , es genial, desde que os recibo no puedo parar de mirar todas vuestras sugerencias y me alegra cuando recibo uno más, sois lo mejor en español, me encata vuestra presentación y el curre que hay detrás. Un beso y abrazo,GRACIAS POR VUESTRO TRABAJO, nos alegrais la vida.


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