Is El Chigüire Maduro's new press secretary?


edo_nicolas_maduro_el_sucesor_9dic2012After reading news items like this one, I can only conclude that the trolling of our public sphere is now state policy. In it, we learn that Maduro, the head of Misión Cadivi,

– thinks people who want dollars are like “nymphomaniacs;”

– thinks that the problem is that “some” sectors of our economy are always looking for dollars; (yeah, that would be all the sectors of our economy with actual human beings involved)

– blasts the culture of “oil rentism;” and (as if he had nothing to do with this)

– criticizes those who buy dollars for personal gain and not to import stuff. (I guess that’s with you, Diosdado)

I eagerly await the rodent’s response to this. It’s a tough one, though.

HT: Kepler

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    • I don’t think so. There is a huge distance between the semantic core of “insaciabilidad” and that of “ninfomanía”, notwithstanding the common features. Here we are talking about more than the usual semantic drift. Es la chorrada lingüística más animal que hay, as we may say in the language of God.

        • ““Hay una cultura, un imaginario popular respecto al dólar. Mi hermano siempre pregunta: ¿cuántos dólares hay que pagar para ir a un CDI, a una escuela o a recibir una casa de la Gran Misión Vivienda? No se necesita tener dólares, ni siquiera haber visto uno en la vida, pero allí funciona el elemento ideología. Todos vivimos de la insaciabilidad del dólar, de una especie de ninfomanía dolarizada. Es una enfermedad del sistema rentístico”, expresó Giordani, en entrevista con el diario Ciudad Caracas, publicada este miércoles 13 de febrero.”
          There were a lots of jokes about it when Giordani used the term nymphomania back then.

          • BTW I think that when we ridicule Maduro for his statement we give way too much credit to Chavez and chavismo, idiotic statements like this were heard from Chávez himself and other members of the governments (Capitalism killed life in Mars, the US provoked the earthquake in Haiti, Direct tv is spying us) The thing is that they are not so funny anymore for most Venezuelans because the economy and the country are collapsing.

          • I stand corrected.
            One of the few things we could say about Chávez, though, was that his sentences were usually well composed, he had some sense for syntax. Few of the best known politicians can say that in Venezuela. Ms Monzón is the best example of how to screw sentence structured.

            Chávez’ general knowledge of the world, though, was closer to that of a 5 year old child: “mankind is 20 to 25 centuries old, right?” He went through bachillerato de ciencias, but it didn’t look like that.

          • Kepler,
            For me Chavismo hasn’t really changed much after Chavez’ passing, Venezuela right now its like a party running out of alcohol, that is why the jokes are not so funny any more nor the people look as cute as they used to.

  1. What’s shocking is that nymphomaniac is actually in his vocabulary. I would have thought it to be 8 letters too long for the guy. Although, the usage, as well as the analogy, is a terrible one, so there might be a good chance he’s not entirely sure what it means.

  2. A quien engañan?

    CADIVI is the system that chavismo, nay! Chavez himself set up. Who, do you think can work it like the racket it actually is? We in opposition?

    Besides the fact that the statements are too absurd to satirize, even too ludicrous to publish straight, as if they were satire, I want to know, what’s the logic behind them? They are hacks, but they are not insane… How does this work? What are they trying to accomplish?

    Is anyone ***that*** gullible in Venezuela? Is it propaganda, that works through sheer repetition and lack of any counterargument? Or is it the purest kind of trolling, the kind designed to make sensible people quit the public forums and emigrate from a country of nuts?

  3. The Chigüire is just unable to cope with this government’s capacity for stupidity: Next Tuesday chavista representatives will discuss a bill forbidding baby’s bottles and special baby milk formulas. The reason: To protect the baby’s ‘right’ to be breast-feed. Just take a look at:

    I tremble when I think about babies with special nutritional needs, and mothers unable to breast feed.

    • The problem is not about babies with special nutritional needs and mothers unable to breast feed, I´m sure that they will add exceptions for those case and adding those exceptions to the law will not make it less crazy or idiotic.
      The problem is that we have a government that is so deranged and incompentent that it thinks that is ethical and feasible to control the life of the population to such an extent.

      • Clearly if you need formula it will be available. What is maybe hard to understand, if you have allowed yourself to become detached from nature and millenia of biological memory, is that breastfeeding is not only superior nutritionally, but also developmentally for the child.

        • Yoyo, don’t you realise the rest of the world doesn’t do this crap your fools are trying to impose upon the population? Do you think people are idiots?
          What do you think is happening in Norway, in Belgium, in Switzerland, in Canada, in Italy, even in Chile?
          The murder rate has more than tripled since Chavismo is in power, the drop in illiteracy levels has slowed down according to official data, corruption is worse than during the whole IV Republic, there are shortages, the education is crappier than ever, inflation is the highest in the Americas and you are still coming up with this crap?

          The rest of the world is laughing at your stupidity.

        • Let’s say it’s unhealthy for fetuses when their mothers smoke tobacco. (It is.)
          Do you 1) Make it illegal to smoke when pregnant? Or 2) Undertake an educational campaign to help expectant mothers to understand their choices? Which treats the mother like an adult, and which infantilises her?

          • This is more stupid than that. Smoking while pregnant is always bad and there is never a need for that.

            A mother giving the child something else than breast milk for some special reason or at a special moment is not a problem. But this legislation would cause a lot of convoluted complications, just more corruption than the loads created by Chavismo, etc.
            And that for something other nations that have tack serious things don’t see as a priority.
            These idiots have no sense of priorities, none at all.

          • Adultery is usually viewed as less that moral and yet people who incurr in it are not sent to jail , there is a line between what people can do thats not morally right or advisable but which a society which values personal freedom can not criminalize . What I would criminalize because of the damage it does to the children of the poorest in our society is parental irresponsability , parents moral and material abandonment of their children , maiming them bodily and psychologically, and yet this hateful machista habit is tolerated by the regime and celebrated by the culture !! I knew a person from sabaneta ( a relative of the dear departed leader) who at least once a year would seduce a not so pretty women and make her pregnant only to abandon her on learning of her condition . He called it : ‘hacerle el servicio’ and was proud of the times hed done it .

          • The good they could have done with all those billions…and didn’t. It is staggering to think.

        • If the government, 3 months down the road, determines that the population eats an inordinate amount of meat, and therefore all consumption of meat will be restricted to Wednesdays (with special exceptions for those who can only survive on a meat diet), would you find that acceptable?

          How about if the government determined that, since people originally walked everywhere, then vehicles should be outlawed from Caracas since it would be in the public interest to do so regarding pollution, health (think of the benefits to the obese!) and general welfare since people would have to be much more social/amiable with each other, such as these pedestrians are: . The exceptions would be those with critical occupations, such as high ranking government officials. Do you think that this government mandate would be okay?

          As you often point out, personal consumption is a sign of reduced poverty. So what happens when the government legislates a reduction in the ability to consume. Are they fostering poverty?

          At what point does individual liberty end and government intrusion become justified in personal choices?

        • Yoyo, why are you in this blog at all? you are clearly in favor of what the Maduro regime is doing to the country, this is a blog for people that DON’T AGREE with the regime!!!! Why don’t you stop trying to rationally explain things that are absurd such as prohibiting baby formula?

  4. the real problem is that they have ten more potes de humo already prepared to play with public opinion and we (the people) is easily distracted.

    The core issue is that the king has no clothes, but we despise the facts we forget about it and we try to live your life, try to evade and go on with the normal things. We try to remain sane.

    The cuban aparatik knows this. They have profound knowledge of social control and they know they CAN keep us distracted. The puppet has changed, we now laugh and make ridicule of Maduro’s vocabulary.

    We are being take for a ride. Time to stop looking at the mirrors and the fast hands and understand how we are been occupied, embezzled and sucked dry. La resaca sera dura.

      • Viejo, sabes lo que es el culto al cargo?
        Y otra cosa: quién trabaja en un consulado o embajada? Tu padre, tu madre o tú?

        • Kepler, I would love to hear your answer even more than Roy’s.

          Why is it that primitive tribes in tropical climates do not value clothing?

          • But I will tell you a few things you didn’t know from reading those moronic brochures about “Guaicaipuro” and other myths.
            First of all: things are more difficult than you think. “Tropics” is not precisely a good word to look for. Did you mean Amazon? Jungle?

            Only those areas that were hot all year around AND had not reached Neolithic (or as in America, were still in Palaeolithic or archaic stages were people completely like the Yanomamö. If you read a little bit of basic literature about what the Caribs of the centre were wearing, as opposed to the Mayas, what the Timoco Cuicas were using as opposed to the Otomacos, you will see things were more varied. In part things had to do with climate (it’s much colder in Mucuchíes than in the Orinoco), in part with sedentism and evolution of agriculture.
            Please, check out Jared Diamond (Guns, Germs and Steel) to comprehend a little bit of that and why there is a difference between Southern India and Senegal and the Amazons.
            If the Yanomamö were to become sedentary and go to offices, even in that climate and if they had cities and in those cities they had to sit down and share those seats, they would start to wear a little bit more of clothes, I tell you.

            Anyway, this is totally OT. If you want to discuss this, which I doubt, send me an email.

            Tell us about who’s working at a consulate or embassy in your family.

          • Who said you are civilised?

            You really had reading problems. As I said: things are more complex than what Chavistas think:
            temperature is one, textile traditions another, gender relations, customs, degree of development (you apparently could not understand most of what I wrote, you are a Chavista, though).
            Look at Southern India. People are not running around like these guys. They weren’t doing it 1000 years ago.
            Look at Central America in 1500: they weren’t naked either and it can get very hot there. Have you already figure it out? What you call “ideal Bolivarian Indians living in harmony with nature” is a myth and a very Sabanetan simplification. There were many degrees of technological development and cultural stratification.

          • Just in case: this is OT. This is not about “civilised”, these are different civilisations. Of course, you are so simplistic that all you wanted to come over with was “see, see, you think we are civilised and they are not, that we have culture and they don’t, well that’s false, blablabla”. No me vengas con esas idioteces. We are not discussing “civilisation” (unless it is yours, Yoyo’s, and that of the Boligarchs). We are discussing priorities
            and contexts.

      • Wearing clothes (or not) is completely besides the point. Eventually, if this regime stays in power, Venezuela will regress in technology and culture until we completely revert to bands of hunter/gathering nomads.

        I am being factious, of course, because the whole house of cards is about to collapse, in any case.

      • Quico, can we have a blogpost about what would be worse for the opposition: a badly-run socialist economy with shortages, or a well-run socialist economy without?

      • Disappointing Francisco, arguably the most important accomplishment of Chavismo period, and a possible model to end world hunger (lets face it capitalism never seeks to end world hunger), and you dismiss it flippantly and embarrassingly like Borges did.

        Your kind could at least just argue petrodollars blah blah blah and be done with it, but you still think deep down that an annoyance equals hunger. When international experts see the facts clearly.

        • Maduro’s/Venezuela’s ample food supply “model to end world hunger”: Maduro dixit, “No hay escasez de alimentos, lo que hay es desabastecimiento.” Dere’s a new joker in de house!

      • I guess you must be a birther because it was Obama who gave out his own birth certificate.

        The credibility of the UN > Oposition. That simple.

        • Weak, irrelevant and inconsistent analogy. Birthers rally stupidly behind the excuse that Obama somehow managed to hoodwink the entire US gov ever since he became a politician. As such, the debate around his nationality is something that, and this is so obvious it kind of feels silly that I have to point it out, only he can address…Or do they now give extra copies of birth certificates of every US citizen to random strangers, just in case stuff like this happens?
          The UN can’t conduct an independent investigation to determine whether or not Obama was indeed born in Hawaii.
          Now, you have a government like Maduro’s, a government that has been exposed for corruption, lying and treachery, so their word is not exactly the best one to take, that have the gall to give numbers and statistics on how well everyone is doing, and the UN just gobbles it up like some bedtime story, despite the fact that there are some glaring issues that effortlessly disprove that cock-and-bull story that hunger has been eradicated…I’m sorry, but more than proving how big their credibility is vis-a-vis the opposition, it only proves that even an organization like the UN is not immune to mistakes and blunders.
          The UN, in this case, could have conducted an independent investigation to confirm this beforehand, but alas, they naively take Maduro’s word for it…
          Ah well, maybe next time Assad will say everything is fine in Syria and they’ll just smile and say “Well, OK then!”.

          • Of course they did their own investigation they even have their own permanent representative in Venezuela, the problem is that when you ASSume you make an ass of you and me.

          • Really? But in none of the links you posted does it say they conducted an independent investigation and corroborated their results with Maduro’s. Where is this supposed investigation? Show it to me.
            Unless…you mean that one sentence in Panorama that says the representative of the FAO went to one, ONE, market in Valencia and nowhere else in particular? In which case, I must tell you that an entry on Wikipedia about Venezuela’s economy copied-&-pasted by a schoolboy counts as a more serious and thorough investigation…Don’t waste my time, shame.
            Ass-ume…How very devastating…

    • Lucky for pseudo-socialism that it counts on dumb bunny cheerleaders like Shames and yoyo, while the ‘ism continues to rob a nation blind . Shames and yoyo can’t/won’t recall the cheering by chavismo, when it provided Unesco with figures on eliminated illiteracy, figures that were then stated by Unesco as unconfirmed.

      But since Shames and yoyo don’t live in Vzla, they have no clue about realities. Or…
      @AlbertoRavell @la_patilla A la FAO le damos el sueldo minimo y los soltamos en UN SOLO SUPERMERCADO,q´traten de comprar,a ver q´dicen luego

    • no word on the judiciary’s twitter ban, as in Afiuni is barred from using twitter. That would have been newsworthy for a broader audience.


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