Is El Chigüire Maduro's new press secretary?

edo_nicolas_maduro_el_sucesor_9dic2012After reading news items like this one, I can only conclude that the trolling of our public sphere is now state policy. In it, we learn that Maduro, the head of Misión Cadivi,

– thinks people who want dollars are like “nymphomaniacs;”

– thinks that the problem is that “some” sectors of our economy are always looking for dollars; (yeah, that would be all the sectors of our economy with actual human beings involved)

– blasts the culture of “oil rentism;” and (as if he had nothing to do with this)

– criticizes those who buy dollars for personal gain and not to import stuff. (I guess that’s with you, Diosdado)

I eagerly await the rodent’s response to this. It’s a tough one, though.

HT: Kepler