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Entiéndelo: Venezuela te está trolleando…

What’s chilling is that that wasn’t even the worst  of yesterday’s session. WTF of the year goes to this monstruosity.


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  1. We can find solace in the fact that in a parallel universe, the AN its a place were crucial debates take place and were different and antagonistic points of view are actually seen as healthy for the strengthening of the democratic exercise of power. Other than that, this is more depressing that funny.

    • A Parallel Universe was expropriated by the Bolivarian Goverment…

      Grandes Objetivos Históricos y Objetivos Nacionales.

      IV. Contribuir al desarrollo de una nueva geopolítica internacional en la cual tome cuerpo mundo multicéntrico y pluripolar que permita lograr el equilibrio del universo y garantizar la paz planetaria.

  2. ‘That’ and a lice infested, wild-eyed shaman dressed in purple flowing robes will still not produce an extra US dollar for the Venezuelan economy. They need to try harder…..

  3. Sitting on front row seats was the beastly substitute congressman that beat up Julio Borges. He was having an excitement fit. What a chimpanzee.

  4. You are right, Quico.
    There was also a rapper doing his thing. Really, the whole circus has hit an embarrasing all time low.
    And where is the nation? Or, is this the nation?
    BTW, “convensete” does not sound convincing.

  5. You’d think even Chavistas have some sense of embarassment. It’s not as if they have to worry about showing it in front of Chavez when he did something a little wild, he’s not around anymore.

  6. Oh, my God! Oh, my! It must be very very very embarrassing to be a Venezuelan, guys. Oh, my! I don’t know what I would do if I were Venezuelan. I am so very sorry for you!

    OK, OK, I am also Venezuelan!

    ¡Qué idiotas esos chavistas!

    • Tu quieres que la gente se moleste y diga: esto no lo aguanto mas? Entonces prohibe bebidas alcoholicas en las playas. Or enforce existing laws on the subject. Enforce existing laws on riding your motorcycle. Enforce existing law on playing loud music at your home after certain hour. Only the will people say enough is enough.

        • Guess what…they leafy banned liquor
          On holidays…there is scarcity…there is an issue with the Brest implants…nd still nothing….

          • the fact that liquor is banned on holidays doesn’t mean that people are not drinking it on holidays on public places, but if they actually enforced existing laws a lot of people would not be very happy and would probably do something about it. But if someone working at a bank happens t misappropriate $66 million, no one is even going to talk about it.

  7. Can somebody explain to me WTH do they mean by “the artist’s law,” as in that was Bolivar’s dream?????!!!!!! We have a circus full of ignorant apes. Oh, that’s right, sorry, apes have a capacity to be educated.

    • Just what I thought. Panem et circenses… in the grand tradition of their deceased Clownmander in Chief.

      These guys don’t make up the news, they don’t manufacture news, as a news outlet might, not even like newspaper in a dictatorship. They MANUFACTURE NEWS the way some celebrities by pulling some stunt…


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