Clean as a whistle

whistleSo according to Transparency International, Venezuela is NOT the most corrupt country in Latin America.

If I’m understanding this poll correcty, people were asked if they had paid a bribe in the last year. While 27% of Venezuelans answered yes, 33% of Mexicans and 36% of Bolivians answered yes.

corruptionWait. A. Minute. Regular Venezuelans would find it hard to distinguish a bribe from a regular business transaction. This, after all, is a country where pirated movies are sold in shopping malls … in regular stores … with signs and everything. This is a country where people don’t think that Cadivi is a scam, and where they feel entitled to cheap gasoline. Who is to say my country-men and -women are good judges as to what constitutes a bribe?

For all they know, that shakedown by your local cop is simply a “tip.”

Anyway, the full report is here.