I Got to Accuse the Government of Police State Tactics on NPR Today!


That was fun…

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  1. Quico, you did very very well. Mightily impressed. And you plugged our book!

    BTW … The World has the best theme music ever.

  2. I think it is useful for you to have empahsized, and not such an obvious point to most, that Snowden’s potential association with Venezuela sets up an interesting point of comparison around the whole surveillance debate, in Venezuela.

    Basically, the Maduro regime is unwittingly seeking out a source of amplification for its state of cognitive dissonance. Which is perhaps why more developed police states, like Russia and China, are not lining up to play the role of host to this type of dissident.

  3. “Alive and well”, very well said Quico, glad you were interviewed, congrats! (btw I hear that accent in a store in Reykjavik and I would know the man is caraqueño lol I wonder if I sound the same when I speak English haha).

  4. Well, Quico, if forex di malaysia says so, then you’re truly in the Big Leagues now!! ( I jest. Your interview was impeccable. Congrats.)

  5. Hee hee, y’all are kind but really credit goes to the WBUR editors who managed to snip out all the rambling incoherences and bizarre grandpa-simpson style rants to end up with this neat, tight little package. Them guys are amazing – it’s sort of what JVR did to the MCM/Carrera Damas tape, but in reverse!

  6. Great job! What was the show called? I’m trying to find a link to it through NPR’s website so I can post it on facebook.


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