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I´ll bet my tricolor hat that you wont find me on the internet!

Would anyone mind helping me in this crowdsourced experiment?

I recently learned that Capriles has a weekly web show. That’s his only main communicational outlet. His latest episode came out yesterday.

If I give you no information whatsoever about where to find his latest show, could you try and look for it? How long did it take you to find it?

Any luck?

Thought so.

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  1. So, I already knew the webpage, but I did as you asked, googled as if I didn’t know nothing… it took me about 1’34” to reach it. I’m really curious on how many “clicks” per week they might be having…

  2. I knew of the program because of Caprile’s Facebook account, but we are not a good sample, people who read this blog are most informed than the average citizen he needs to reach.

  3. Hi Emiliana, I like yourself am a quite partisan so I don’t think I am objective enough by memory I said you can Visit,, you can see it in his twitter account @hcapriles and by search it in youtube.

    By other hand you can download the applications for IOS. and Android.
    Finally there is a couple of blogs where your can find it.

  4. Well, it took me a while.

    First idea was to go to as this site is heavily promoted. I went there thinking that I would find the program right away. I was surprised to see that it is not evident where to go to see the latest or any episode.

    I decided to click on the “offline” screen. That took me to the livestream site.

    Again. I was expecting to see the episodes in some sort of order. Nop. There are many videos there but there is no consistency with the descriptions (and many misspellings) or any hint of episode order.

    I then decided to search Google and limit the results to the latest 24 hours. This gave me enough information to determine which was the latest episode.

    Not user friendly at all.

    Under normal circumstances I probably would had given up.

      • It seems like you guys need some SEO help. Also, manage that with more organized folders.

        Overall I would suggest getting off livestream and sign up for youtube live!

  5. It took me 2 min. (first I googled “capriles tv”, I looked for previous programs but the webpage doesn’t keep an archive, then I visited youtube, and I noticed that some of the episodes have date, finally I wrote capriles tv julio 16 ….and bam!)

  6. Getting there was relatively easy. The problem is staying there. One hour and a half, including a birthday celebration? Really? Who has time for that? Capriles always tended to talk excessively in his press conferences, and now he has no external limits. Some serious rethinking of his communication strategy is in order.

  7. Capriles’s general visibility has been seriously diminished since the editorial censorship of Globovision under it’s new Boli-Burgues ownership. In spite of its limited reach, Globo was key to getting Capriles out there to his constituency/general public. The main thing the Oppo has going for it now is the rapidly-deteriorating general economic conditions of the Country.

  8. I googled Capriles TV because I have head of it, the site have some “descargas” but not sure if those are the web show you r talking about, so I didn’t find it did I?

  9. Using google in a predominantly English-language-speaking country, I searched for “Henrique Capriles” expecting that, since his web show is a recent development, the link would show up within the first 2 pages. Five googlesearch pages later and ZILCH. did show up as a link, so I guessed that maybe the webshow might be highlighted in the family’s tv website. Nothing on that website indicated that there was a weekly web show. Nor did mention of a web show turn up in the “Searches related to henrique capriles” at the bottom of the google search pages. Instead, these were the links:
    henrique capriles political views
    henrique capriles radonski esposa
    henrique capriles radonski novia
    henrique capriles biografia
    henrique capriles facebook
    henrique capriles garcía
    henrique capriles radonski married
    plan gobierno henrique capriles.

    Capriles’s website team have to think like the public — in all its varietal glory — and wonder how Chucho of Churuguara, Sara of Zaraza, Valentina of Valera, Carlos of Sn Carlos del Zulia, Ana of Anaco would use google to find Capriles’s show.

    That means that Capriles’s website team have to make a list all those possible keywords — in singular, plural and even misspellings into the designated “keywords” near the top of the html coding.

    Surprised that there are no folks with this knowledge and/or web code monkeys that could heighten google search visibility by expanding the search logic through the use of key words.

    • Syd, second paragraph well-taken, but the real meollo del asunto is that these folks, the Oppo target audience needed to make Capriles at least a 60/40 majority, are unlikely to look up Capriles under any code of internet/twitter, no matter how simple. Meanwhile, my sister-in-law/niece are starting the local Mercal line tomorrow at 5 A.M. (opens at 8 A.M.). to buy: 1 2kg. pollo, 2 kgs. of rice, 1 kg. of pasta, 1 kg. of sugar, 1 litro de acite, and 1/2 kg. of margarine, all for the giveaway price of Bs. 37 (about $1 at the parallel rate).

      • NET, Is your sister-in-law/niece in a long line-up because of the Mercal rates? Or because there is a scarcity in regular supermarkets that offer the same products at non-Mercal rates?

        • Syd: Because of the Mercal giveaway prices. Mercal/PDVAL/Bicentenario,, are literally feeding a large % of the population, especially those on minimum-wage Government salaries/Misiones/Pensiones, since these social transfer handouts do not cover the basic “Canasta Basica”, much of which is dependent, directly or indirectly, on imports at the parallel rate (forget Cadivi, most of which goes for this subsidized food and massive corruption, and forget the pittance of $3 bill. or less yearly of SICAD, going mainly to enchufados). There continues/will continue to be scarcity of milk/margarine/paper products/etc. with limited Government net $ income/unlimited corruption. My point is, these heavily-dependent large numbers of the population are not regular internet/twitter users, and, even if they were. could care less about the Capriles Show, and, these are the target audience necessary to make the Capriles 60/40 majority.

          • Now, I understand the meollo better. But, I suspect that the target audience necessary to make the Capriles 60/40 majority don’t need a Capriles Show by internet, anyway. That is, after repeatedly standing 3 hours or more, in a line-up, for cut-rate basic foodstuff that their inflation-hit salaries can barely afford.

          • I agree with NET.
            As long as our PR is carried out mostly by people in Eastern Caracas who write better English than Spanish, I think we are in trouble.

            We need to involve people who are NOT from Caracas (Valencia, Maracaibo), who know well the dynamics of bus terminals and old-time flyers (yes, still now), who know about the regional issues the different Venezuelan regions mind the most, people who know what’s the real Internet access of those with pre-paid cards in Punto Fijo or Maturín.

  10. Through Google US I search “Capriles Web show.”
    Through a Christian Science Monitor article and Fox latino article I went to
    However, this websites biggest failure it that there is no obvious link to the videos I later found on youtube,
    I finally found Capriles’s webshow on youtube by typing “Capriles Web show Julio”
    That’s how I found the videos your talking about.
    My personal opinion: Capriles’s Team is devoid of any internet savy.
    1. These web casts are inexcusably difficult to find.
    2. This might seem irrelevant but the uploader’s name is a random Ender Mujica. Why? Why not make a new User name say, like CaprilesTv. In social media these little things go far.
    3. Hour long videos? really? Quality over quantity. Youtube is medium through which audiences have the ability to get information good, and more importantly fast, FAST, FAST.
    I can confidently assume that statistically, over 50% of the people who begin to watch these 1 hour long shows will not see through to the end. Weakness: I recognize I have no data but I’m not going to listen to this guy speak for an hour every week. Maybe I’ll listen for a couple minutes, maybe shift through to important parts, etc. Why? well no one here has mentioned the albeit hurtful, yet most obvious truth:
    4.Capriles is BORING. And by Capriles I mean hour long Capriles speech, is very boring.
    Capriles’s team is in dire need of some advice from heavy duty you tube content makers.
    I’m frustrated when I see this guy and his team make stupid makes like this given all the potential the internet can provide.
    5. He’s talking like its an alo presidente. Its not. Its youtube.

  11. I am not in Venezuela but when I googled ‘Capriles’ the third suggested search keyword was ‘Capriles TV’. It took me 2 seconds. Hope this is it.

  12. Just typing in ” Capriles’ only on Firefox, 3 options opened up. The first was “Capriles”,the second was “Capriles Twitter”, and the third was ” Capriles TV” .Clicking on ” Capriles TV” led me right to it.

  13. Sorry I haven’t posted much these past few days, but I’ve been lending a hand with Henrique Capriles’ visit to Chile. I got to shake his hand this morning for the first time.

    Anyway, I’ll be posting my impressions on the trip and the whole experience at some point in the next few days, but in the meantime you won’t be hearing much from me here. Wish me luck!

  14. It took me 9 minutes and it was really easy: First went to and tried to find a link to old shows, nothing, then googled “capriles show” and followed an article trying to find a link but couldn’t find it, then went to youtube and searched capriles, too many videos. Then went to facebook, no link to the show but followed another video to instagram, searched capriles in instragram and followed caprilestv and then finally at the bottom found a thumbnail of the video. followed it and Eureka! but the video and the music were awful couldn’t listen more than 3 minutes.

    • sorry I meant livestream, not instagram.

      Most of the people didn’t actually find the video that Emiliana was referring to which is an an hour and a half long and is not on YouTube.
      This is the link:

      What do I win?

      I’m not sure this kind of Alo Presidente programs works for Capriles. This worked for Chavez because he was an entertainer and also had the power and the money which are two things that made people interested. His program was more like a circus (circus and bread) or watching the lottery which made it interesting but not dignified for a president. I personally don’t care for a public figure that lives in a fish bowl. I don’t want to know about Capriles 24/7 I don’t want to see him haranguing and lecturing his people. I don’t want to see Capriles governing on TV. I don’t want to see him in the soup (hasta en la sopa) like Chavez did.

      I want to know about the highlights not the messy and ugly day to day.

      What do you think?

  15. Keep up the good work. If it is true that you are in the business of expanding the Capriles message; my suggestion which you probably already know, is to get a search engine optmization (SEO) specialist on board the team.

    Best of Luck!

    • agree on the SEO.
      Keep in mind, too, that most of these search exercises were done based on knowing what people were looking for. In usability testing, the person would NOT know what they’re looking for, but would use a general parameter or two, and based on that, options would arise. In sum, the trick to a search is to highlight all the options that Capriles offers so that Zuleyma from Zulia can see all these options and say, “ahhh, ahí es donde quiero ir.”

    • And another thing: how can the highest res available be 360p ?!? What is this 2004?!

      And on 45:53 they don’t even have proper audio the obligatory Cute Girl Reading Tweets (R) – who clearly doesn’t know how to use a microphone.

      Total amateur hour. Is this the standard of professionalism we are supposed to expect if they get the country to run?!

      • 360p its the socialist version of 1080p Quico. Why would he even worry about that, when Venezuela has one of the slowest internet navigation speeds in the planet (It ranks 175th I think)

    • The thing is that one can easily enhance poor lighting with white (board) reflectors. it doesn’t take much to improve by a notch poor lighting.
      The day-old beard is too Homer Simpson.

      Se le notifica a la mamá de Henrique que abra el piquito y le dé algunos consejos a su hijo.

      • Henrique tiene que dejar de vestirse como un carajito de 16 años que vive en casa de su madre.
        Sé que ahora está de moda entre la mitad de los hombres venezolanos andar por allí como si quisiesen ser parte del programa del Chavo, pero Henrique no debería seguir esa moda. Está bien si una que otra vez usa una gorra en alguna tarima, pero no todo el tiempo. Puede vestirse de una manera un poco más normal para su edad, como lo hacen Ocariz y otros.

        Aunque habla mucho mejor que Maduro, tiene que seguir trabajando en su retórica. Debería encontrar algo de tiempo para leer libros en español. Eso serviría.

  16. El Candidato Capriles no esta en su mejor hora. Se le ve cansado, mal aseado, confundido con su leguaje (utilizando frazes y significados de mitin en una conversacion entre sus colaboradores), utilizando la herrmienta (el medio) muy pobremente y como Francisco comenta, con niveles de produccion de deficientes. Una gran oportunidad perdida.

    asi mismo es como quieren gobernar BTW.

    • Capriles is not in his element here. He would rather be dressed smart, sitting at a desk, for a much shorter period of time. Everything about his programme — the roundtable, the tracksuit, the unnecessary length — is a straight copy of Chavez/Maduro.

      This is necessary because thanks to Chavez, speaking at length without a script is recognised as a sign of sincerity. Audience participation and openness suggest popular ideas and a democratic manifesto. We’re lucky to have this culture and lucky that Capriles is forced to copy it.

  17. I feel the Government, in effect, has forced Capriles into a media corner just right for them: a Sifrino Internet Show, watched by sifrinos, and discussed by sifrinos. This, unfortunately, is not what he needs to get the 60/40 majority he needs to force this crooked Government to recognize him as a presidential electoral winner….

    • Absolutely. While we criticize the accessibility problems and production values here, it is important to recognize who is the ultimate author of this situation, and whose objective it is to diminish and de-legitimize expressions of dissent: the Maduro regime. Half the country supports him and he is forced into some obscure corner of the internet to reach an audience. Hopefully, the practical result will be he will be spending more time travelling the country and communicating in person, which I think is his strong point. The opposition has to get outside more. As do, I have to say, its supporters.

  18. I found the link quickly through google and being a twitter follower I have known about since the first episode. It is still kinda new so I am sure they are going to improve the site and presentation over the next few weeks..They have already changed lighting and backround since last weeks episode. I like the format and actually the hour goes so fast that I think it should be 2 hours. If you don’t want to watch 2 hours then turn it off, but there are others that want to hear as much as we can and gather information that we can not otherwise hear..The only thing I find so distracting is his fumbling with his papers constantly through each broadcast. It just looks so unorganized and silly. I know he needs to present “cifras” but for goodness sakes, between presenting them and while the journalists are asking questions, Stop playing and shuffling the papers! Please, it does not look good at all….

    • good point. chávez was brilliant at keeping both the foreground and the background simple, his expressions and gestures dramatic but minimalist. It was all designed so that viewers would focus on him and his message. I suspect that TV evangelists do the same thing: keeping movements simple and dramatic. Not that one would like to see that degree of manipulation in Capriles, but he could stand to learn a thing or two so that his message is clearer and less distracted by other elements.

  19. Chama, no esta bien posicionado…trabajen en eso,cualquier chamo lo tendria que poner con 3 patadas para que este en la búsqueda ahi mismo….y yo ni siquiera encontre el grabado…y sólo encontre otro website que tenía el live stream…

  20. I watched the first time because I knew was coming, and Capriles’ “flame” was still alive. The second time I forgot about it, and I said to myself “I’m going to get it from the web, I am sure they have uploaded a version of it on their page” My surprise, they did not, it took them 10 days. This disorganization, or whatever we want to call it, it’s simply criminal, how can they do this to themselves, how didn’t they think about this elemental detail, people may have missed the show, but then you have to offer them the chance to catch up. These kind of things are awfully disappointing. Since then, I am craving for someone who has is act together. Capriles has already issues with the inconsistent content of his message, if to this we add a layer of unreachability what are we left with?


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