Business Plan! Business Plan!


Esta vaina es un tiro al suelo…

[Hat tip: House.]

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  1. Sutil rosado looks softer than that stuff.
    Still quite clever.
    Next year’s model should stamp silhouettes of a puppy into the roll.

  2. Notice the roll does not have a cardboard tube in its core.
    Here is where Japanese engineering and Venezuelan bureaucracy can join forces.
    Ever thought where Cadivi archives all the ‘carpetas’ it has received since its inception?
    This machine is perfect for destroying old Cadivi paperwork and use the actual folder to create the rolls inner tube.
    Besides improving the toilet paper shortage in the county, it would be a poetic end to Cadivi carpetas.

  3. You cannot do that with carpetas…if thanks to this “governemnt or monarchy, or wtf” not even Cartones de Venezuela could make carton corrugado, that it was so cheap to make… Let me tell you that a lot of oficinas publicas have not even office paper… , I remember my mother using my old notebooks to write historias for patients…

    • the company is working on a prototype of a small unit for the home, powered by the cigarette lighter of your car,

    • There is NASA technology now that allows you to transform your sewage water into drinking water. Why can’t this be used here? Probably there is also a solution for electricity as well.

      The problem is: everything needs to be imported to Venezuela. And this machine is likely to cost 4 times more in Venezuela than abroad. Sampán will say that this is because capitalists are even more evil in Venezuela than everywhere else

  4. Esos carajos son finos, they use Cedar trees for Toilet Paper! Na Guara!

    Coreless, that is without the cardboard core, is the way to go. That core probably adds 10% to the cost of each roll when you take into account the material and the machinery associated with making it.

    Now, if they could only come up with a machine that makes sense out of paja we’d be set………..

  5. The copier salesmen should be salivating at this one. Can you see someone printing out a 40-page document every time they need another roll? At about 5 cents a page…
    Assuming you can find the copier paper.

  6. At one roll every 30 min., add electricity and maintenance as well as rental of the floor space, which could be used for some other purpose, how long would it take for this machine to reach the ROI “break-even” point? My guess is never. It is an interesting concept, but it couldn’t possibly be economically viable.


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