Tap Water Chronicles

Valencia's tea-colored tap water, now with more aluminum!
Valencia’s tap water, now with more aluminum!

The people of Valencia have been drinking water with elevated levels of aluminum for the last 29 months now. Aluminum in drinking water has been linked with nerve damage, leading to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

But that’s not the only thing found in the water: in recent years, stuff like platinum, cobalt, iron, plankton and cyanobacterias has been found in local reservoirs, according to leaked data from the provider, Hidrocentro.

This situation could be replicated in the capital, as the main source of water (La Mariposa reservoir) is facing illegal squatters and animal leftovers from witchcraft rituals. Still, this issue takes a backseat, as water itself has been scarce in some parts of Caracas for quite some time.

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