Workingmen of the World Unite (No Chinese Need Apply)


vl-diogenes-andrade-1And so, chavismo’s inflation-fighting plan has come to this: round up the speculatin’ chinks and ship ’em back to Chinolandia.

“Even if they call me xenophobic or whatever, enough is enough. I met a lot of Asians who were selling strawberries with cream in the street and now they have big businesses and mock our people. The State has to take control even if they complain “this atrocious Communism is killing us”, but what “atrocious Communism”? Enforcing the law. And if they don’t obey the law (and I’m not speaking only about Asians), there are other sectors that we already help them and if they don’t do their part, we have to kick them out of the country. If they lived better in their own country, they can go there then, but they have to stop tormenting our people”.

That’s a real live chavista National Assembly member saying that. Really.

(Check page 11, top half.)

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  1. good ol’ Venezuelan racism towards asians coming back to hunt chavism… During the gomecist era there were several anti-asian immigration laws established in the country (Some, if I’m not mistaken, have never been repealed). Additionally, there is extensive research regarding attacks to chinese communities in the country. It’s no surprise that a parliamentarian from the middle of nowhere still holds these prejudices.

    I wonder how would Beijing take this…

  2. Funny thing, these guys has issues with Chinese immigrants owning small convenience stores that they set up legally with their own money (that btw save the day for many people as they are usually well stock and work for longer hours than most stores) but has no qualms about the Chinese fund or the railway contract over the plains, how they award a contract to CITIC with no tender.

  3. I have to admit I came back to re-read this post… I’m baffled by so much stupidity! This is why I oppose electoral lists! Mr. Diogenes can go and make such a remark without any consequence because he doesn’t need answer to the people of Merida, his constituency is the party! He only needs to be a good, disciplined, party member and his chances of being reelected are not harmed.

  4. Imagine that, foreigners threatening the health of and tormenting “nuestra gente”. It is just too much to ask of the xenophobic elements in movements with a fascist orientation, like chavismo, to contain themselves. They need a target, and if it is not escualidos, gringos, gays or jews, it will be something else. Expect foreign-looking people selling strawberries and cream to become scarce.

  5. Its all a big triad scam all those poor peasants get cedulas and are forced to work in small supermarkets for years and years before they are freed.
    I suppose its better than building ipads for a dollar a day though
    the biggest problem for me with the Chinese in Venezuela is that they don’t really integrate very well.
    the A-rabs and Chinese make pure dollar here but don’t go posing / faranduleando around like the portus and the Spanish!

    • ..the biggest problem for me with the Chinese in Venezuela is that they don’t really integrate very well…

      Can you blame them?

      • I don’t know…the Chinese have had problems integrating almost everywhere. A couple of Chinese friends have confirmed me that. Some Chinese call my friends and others like them “xianjiao” (banana): yellow outside, white inside (because they have adapted “so much” that they are like the laowai 老外 (the always-foreigner, not old or distinguished foreigner).

      • I don’t have a problem with Chinese, whether they want to integrate into a society, or not. And if they get picky on their own kind (yes, I’ve heard of bananas), well, that’s their problem to sort out. What troubles me is when, say, a teacher (I once knew) wants Chinese students to play sports, football, etc., after school, in spite of this going against the grain of parents who have drummed into their kids that studying is the only way to make it, especially in a world of still-present xenophobia against the Chinese.

        I certainly wouldn’t blame Chinese in Vzla not wanting to integrate into (rural) Venezuelan society. The values towards work, for one, are so different.

        • Alright, being chinese and venezuelan (american) (I’m all kinds of fucked up) I can help shed some lights to all this.

          1.) The chinese do not integrate well, and you guys are correct, can you really blame them? but at the same time, they are at fault for this, and they cannot blame anyone but themselves, without being neighborly with your country men, you are building a culture of “Being okay to target your kind for extortion” (Someone mentioned indentured servents, this actually does occur, but surprisingly it is still better than their prospects in China (which 99% of chinese are from one village in China.)
          2.) From my understanding the chinese in Venezuela are not pestered to study all the time, to make it, ESPECIALLY in Venezuela, they were pestered to work hard, work hard and make money, school was not that important. (this is MUCH different from those up north in the states and also a problem with schooling in venezuela)
          3.) The chinese do work hard, and are working long LONG LONG hours. They are paid hansomely considering Fresh off the boat, BUTTTTTT, they pay for it by never being able to have a social life, never being able to leave the house at night, scared to go out at night, scared of the people surrounding them, unable to trust any of them, creating a culture of distrust between the chinese and venezuelans (considering they are invading venezuelan land, they should be a bit more CONSIDERATE)

          So there you have it my 2 cents on the subject, HOWEVER I do think the Chavista’s are stupid, they are complaining about the very people that keep their lifestyle intact still, otherwise without the chinese, no more Fonden fund,

          • First of all, Daniel, how come you’re such an authority on the Chinese?
            #2. The teacher I was referring to was from up north. I thought she was rather blind to the cultural dictates of Chinese parents on their children. I would agree that the parental demands of children in Vz are way different.
            #3. I don’t think that the majority of Chinese workers in Vz have considered that they are invading Vz land. But those who manage the workers, in exchange for handsome commissions, most certainly should.

            Overall, interesting perspectives, thank you.


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