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Seems Panorama had its story wrong: Pérez Pirela denies he’s been appointed Information Minister (and, surprise surprise, thinks there’s a conspiracy behind the story!) Bummer.

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  1. This was way too good to be true, specially considering how boring chavismo is becoming lately. Esto es como que te digan que el niño Jesús no existe.

    • Boring?–Maduro, on Chavez’s birthday, proposed “Un Instituto De Altos Estudios Sobre El Pensamiento De Chavez.” We all (especialy Shame, et. al.) still have a lot to learn, and, who knows what fun lies ahead….

      • But somehow, politics in Venezuela have become desperately boring. Emiliana nailed that idea beautifully on a old piece in the blog.

  2. No, no, no! Just looking at the guy he’s like like the new coming of Chavez. Don’t worry, that guy is going places in the cesspool that is chavismo…

  3. Ya mean, like, it isn’t gonna happen? sniff,…..sniff. It’s over? Just a rumor? We were half way to creating what could have been the greatest “Cabaret” act ever seen in South America, Perez Pirela (Joel Grey) and Iris Varela (as Helga, see promo) strutting their stuff on the world stage. Oh, the possibilities that were missed. Sniff.



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