Cuando voy a Maracaibo y empiezo a cruzar el puente denuncio una conspiración tan grande que se me nubla la mente…

This guy's going to do to the city what this does to your arteries...
This guy’s going to do to the city what this thing does to your arteries…

Folks, President Maduro has just announced that noted crazy person Miguel Angel Pérez Pirela will be PSUV’s candidate for Mayor of Maracaibo.

Mi sentido pésame to Juan Cristobal and all the other maracuchos out there…

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  1. Well, here in Carabobo the candidate was once Mario Silva, and we dodged that bullet!, hopefully Maracuchos will dodge that one too!

  2. God, they really do want to make us go out and vote.

    Congrats to the government, this is close to the best GOTV strategy for mcbo.

    Sera que me tape la nariz y vote por eveling, pues, como la mitad de la ciudad…

  3. Un cargo, un cargo, mi reino por un cargo!
    I gues he got Delcy’d out ouf the information ministry so they had to throw him a bone.
    As they would say in ancient Rome: Non Date Me, Ponite Me Ubi Habeat! o en español, No Me Den, Ponganme Donde Haya.

  4. It really doesn’t make up for the MINCI dissapointment. He’ll probably be more destructive in an alcaldía, and less comedy worthy…

    On the other hand, Capriles beat Maduro in Maracaibo Municipality 59% to 40% in April, so it may be a bit premature to freak out…

    • Your logic might be flawed. Capriles’ capability of becoming a vote endorser like Mr. Unburied hasn’t been put to the test yet.

  5. I can´t believe they are giving away Valencia an Maracaibo so easily, you can’t think that those guys have a chance in these places, I knew Mario Silva didn’t have a chance when he was announced for carabobo in 2008 and I wasn’t dissapointed, the paranoid in me think que estan tramando algo

    • What’s up with Chavismo’s obsession of putting showbiz people as candidates in Baruta? First Simon Pestana and now this guy.

    • I love the fact that this guy is so pathetic with the rodilla en tierra comment and that Chavez never knew he was a Chavista, 😀 I mean, can you get more pathetic than that. Me da como un fresquito… forgive me God.

      I mean i don’t see it what this guy brings to the table for Chavistas. C’,mon Chavistas diganlo ahi.

      • Can they make a slogan something like “For Baruta, the enchufado, sorry, Chavista that Chavez never knew”… let’s talking about how miserable one person can be.

  6. To be honest, I thought if Chavismo choose Father Vidal they could have a very small chance, but now this is an admission of certain defeat. Don’t get me wrong, they will throw money to that race but still… I guess they rather going with Perez Pirela than repeating with DiMartino again.

  7. So tell me, when you line this guy up with Rob ‘I don’t use crack’ Ford (Toronto) or Anthony Weiner, how does he fare?

  8. If Maracaibo (to judge from the last election) is such Opposition stronghold then PP has no chance of winning , so putting him as candidate is for Maduro a cheap way of throwing him a consolation bone without having to deal with the mess of having a nut as boss of Mcbo. Also any faction PP belongs to within Psuv is thus appeased and kept happy .

  9. Hey, what’s up with Potro Álvavez for Sucre. Didn’t PSUV have a reasonably more professional politician for the largest popular area of metropolitan CCS? I don’t know, a former minister…

  10. OK, as painful as it is, now I am definitely gonna vote for freaking eveling… This I guess is maduro’s way of surrendering in Maracaibo, ’cause most of us had to think real hard to remember who this clown was!

    • Since I don’t live in Maracaibo I dare to ask: what’s exactly wrong with Eveling? I mean, forget about MUD, Capriles and the menace of Chavismo, just you the voter and she the mayor.

  11. Somehow I am just relieved to find out Pérez Pirelas is a real Maracucho and his connection with Valencia was just wild chance. I was still under shock after I read Aponte Aponte was from Valencia.

    As for Baruta: I agree they think they have chances in such an area if they have someone from the “jet set”.

    Valencia will come back to the opposition – in spite of the Salas-Feo clan. I still don’t know what that will matter. Madurismo will keep dismantling local governments.

  12. The video is very entertaining. His definition of RABAT (was he thinking of Sabath? ) as a Jewish holiday left me baffled since I always thought this was just a city in Morocco. But he even said it was on the 19th of July. Maybe some expert in judaism can tell us.

    • Gustavo, are you kidding? The bloke was under the influence of some powerful
      Guajiro hallucinogen. Shabbat’s weekly. There is nothing similar to Rabat. Hanukkah? Because of the “a”?
      Perhaps his little Bolivarian brain worked like this:
      Morocco’s government is not with Chavismo. Thus:
      Morocco is bad.
      Morocco has been relatively (relatively) less aggressive towards Jews.
      Morocco has something to do with Rabat.
      Thus: Rabat is a Jewish Holiday.

      It would be nice if someone from The Guardian or so would interview this guy and asked him what he was smoking when he said it. There is just not follow up in Venezuela, that’s its tragedy! No follow up!

      • I think you’re very close to cracking PPs train of thought:
        “Hmmm, Rabat. Rabat. Me suena raro. Qué será? Algo que ver con los judíos? Rabat. Dos ‘a’. Como Hanukkah. Eso, eso mismo! Rabat tiene que ser una celebración hebrea. Y como andan los judíos conspirando contra nuestra revolución — que en paz descanse mi Comandante — han metido esa palabra como alerta en el crucigrama. Uuuuf, qué brillante soy! Por algo sirvieron tantos años de estudio en casa de curas. Menos mal que algunos creen que me saqué dos doctorados, y se tragan el cuento que pudiera haberme quedado enseñando en la Sorbonne, pero no, regresé para sacrificarme para esta revolución, eso sí, bien remunerado.”

        • I totally see the thought process, doesn’t matter somebody will come and tell one of those guys who love this show and tell him hey there is no Rabat, they will tell you ohhh nooo there is, and those Jews are helping the oppo to kill Nicolas.. So insane.

      • “Pero algo me preocupa… Como parte de la farándula chavista en VTV, nunca tuve que colgar cuadros con mis diplomas. Nunca tuve que mostrar la autenticidad de mis logros académicos. Cosa sabrosa, menos mal que el pueblo es tonto. Pero si gano la alcaldía de Maracaibo, me darán oficina. Y ahí es que tendré que mostrar los diplomas. Hummm, qué vaina. A ver si no logro ponerme en contacto con algún falsificador para que me produzca — cuántos diplomas he dicho? Mmmm, dos licenciaturas, dos maestrías, un doctorado y un pos-doctorado. Bueno, algunos son verídicos, tal como es el de bachiller, por no decir el de Kinder y pre-Kinder. Así llenaré las paredes de mi nueva oficina para que vean que yo soy un gran intelectual. Hmmm, intelectual, vale la pena como palabra en un crucigrama, y como clave, diría: Miguel Pérez Pirela. Así no más.”

  13. If he win he probably will prohibit crossword puzzles in Maracaibo because they are a tool to plan “magnicidios”

    • If I were a manufacturer of laxatives in Maracaibo, I’d produce Leche de Magnicidio with a motto: purgante efectivo contra enemigos.


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