I'll see you in health, cont.

The new kitchen of Caracas’s University Hospital,  opened on January by then Health Minister Sader

While the government is busy pressuring private clinics by enforcing price conrtrols on their services and forcing them to register, the situation in our public hospitals remains dire.

Last week, the nutrition department of the José Gregorio Hernández Hospital in Caracas suspended all food services for its patients until further notice, justified by an alleged lack of supplies.

The hospital board quickly announced a new agreement with Mercal to supply the three daily meals for all patients. Wait, Mercal? Why a supermarket chain and not the Health Ministry directly? Why not using another hospital’s kitchen to provide the food instead?

For example, the kitchen in Caracas’ University Hospital was opened earlier this year and has more than enough capacity, so why not use this option? Just saying…

Meanwhile, some of the patients have already complained about the quality of the food they’re getting.

But this is not the only problems inside public hospitals: From ordinary people forced to bring their own medical supplies to the lack of security for doctors and other personnel.

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  1. For the last 10 years, anyone using “private”hospitals, have seen how they were just like Public Hospitals of the 90’s (And yes I used to go to Public Hospitals, and see the same doctors that worked in private hospitals, and really going into a clinic is like going to el llanito emergency)…With the lack of investment in Public Hospitals ( everything for Barrio Adentro) Even the specializations do not have people trying to get into! ( when in the past for Internal medicine, maybe in each hospital with 10 spots, there were like 100 people trying to get in one of the spots) I have friends that due to the lack of surgery etc, had to go to Colombia and Santa Domingo to really do ophthalmology ( well with one cataract surgery a year, you cannot learn) Anyone that could buy a little insurance through Sanitas etc…then overcrowded Private hospitals, and well they haven’t invested more, because they have had the same threatens of expropriation ( Even that CDSM Giordani told someone I know, not to improve it because “Chavez te lo va a expropiar” ) And if you think that all ministries and governmental institutes has a “private”insurance ( from those new “Insurance companies, that we don’t really know if is only a trick or a friend’s of the psuv company) Really, not only we are not going to have places to go to, Venezuela is not graduating the medical doctors used to ( ok you have those cubanoids integral medics, that i would not even let them check a pimple on me)…and aging doctors that still are working

  2. That whirring noise you hear is not the autoclaves sterilizing surgical instruments; its the hospital’s namesake spinning in his grave.


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