Forget about the "Millonas"…


…what’s up with this?!

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  1. I rather prefer to focus on the actual policies and the consequences of such policies, than political “gaffes” made by people in oficial positions.

    Sometimes I feel that most of the political journalism is focused on sensationalized media, instead of the real issues that really affects us.

    • Indeed.

      Right now the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten is offering its “valgomat” or “electomat”, a web page where you get asked a series of 30 questions on political issues…at the end it tells you how close you are to the programme of the different Norwegian parties.
      I have seen the same thing for years now in German and Flemish newspapers
      and I am sure there is stuff like that for Britain and probably North America.
      And everywhere here before elections and even after them for some issues you see a page where you can read point by point the positions of the different parties. You can compare them: column A, column B, column C.
      Could Venezuelans do that? I believe they can’t. There are no points, there is not even ideology but crapology. That’s why in one of the most “political top programs” Venezuela had to offer, Carla Angola asked Varela whether she believed in what Marx said about love and Varela replied she believed in Bolívar.

      I wonder what would happen if a major newspaper in Venezuela asked both the PSUV and the MUD to explain their position on 10 issues with 100 characters each (or something like that) so that readers and would-be voters could compare them one next to the other.
      I am sure both groups will see “a trap on this”…”yo no soy bobo, no vamos a poner eso para que no lo manipulen” whatever.

      Idi Amin is talking and we are asking the questions he wants to hear

  2. No political gaffe, but part of the intensified sign language that’s going on between Maduro/Cubans to indicate how they’re “giving it” to Venezuelans.
    Here’s a poorly educated man who’s been trained to be the perfect chump, so as to ensure the further encroachment on Venezuela. He doesn’t always get things right (flag incident), but he keeps at it, while maintaining the pueblo in emotional and economic disarray.


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