Como va viniendo vamos mintiendo…

More or less the expression on my face as I heard this one...
More or less the expression on my face as I heard this one…

Mindful of the need to establish credibility in his new, high-profile job, BCV-president Eudomar Santos Tovar wasted no time telling a massive, disprovable-with-a-five-second-google-search whopper of a lie today.

Really Eudomar!? 58 straight quarters of growth?! Did you sleep through 2009-2010!? The 2000 recession, no? Doesn’t ring any bells? The 2002-2003 recession? Tampoco?

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  1. Great work! What a tool…

    You know, I was thinking – this is terrific. The Central Bank congratulates itself on the economy, and yet 65.3% of Venezuelans (according to IVAD) say the economy is not doing well. Only 11.4 percent think the economy now is doing better than last year. Talk about a disconnect!

    • Disconnnect. Isn’t that what cults of personality are all about? Stuff the channels with your fantasies, and appeal to the gullible, all in order to cover up nefarious activities.

  2. I don’t want to change the subject, but how’s our debt with the Chinese? It seems the new strategy of state media is to repeat again and again that “Ya esa deuda está casi casi pagada pues, con favor del comandante supremo”

  3. Well, the one you point out to is the most obvious lie, but not the most relevant. They just announced the economy is growing at 2.6%. Manufacturing is growing at 5.7%!
    And all this during a quarter when dollar sells came to a halt, political instability reached new hights, policy inaction was the norm, labor costs increased dramatically, etc…
    BCV credibility is at its lowest.

    • Go to 4:33… how is it possible that “actividad petrolera” has a weight of 11.2% on GDP while “manufactura” has a weight of 14.7% on GDP?

      • Because they are using 1997 prices since that is the base year for Real GDP, don’t they give economics lessons in this here blog?

  4. Let me see,


    Yep! It was only before Chavez that our economy didn’t grow!

    I’m pretty sure many regular chavistas will believe this, and moreover, present this as evidence of how great things have been during the past 14 years under chavismo. They won’t remember those periods you’re talking about. I’m beginning to think chavismo causes Alzheimer, or something like that.

  5. The guy is an absolute idiot. There’s so much wrong with that presentation that I don’t know where to start. Forget about the use of the Spanish language, including pronunciation… I won’t even go there. He has absolute no idea how to read the chart, he doesn’t even know what the numbers mean. He talks about 58 consecutive quarters of growth, come on! looking at the chart for 1 minute I realize there are 58 quarters in 14 and 1/2 years. Someone had the brilliant idea to use a bar chart to show that of 58 quarters since Chavez arrived in power, 41 registered some economic growth, which represents about 70% of all quarters and 17 quarters were of economic contraction. Which takes me to the next point… what in the world??? what a terrible choice of chart to make a point! it is incredibly confusing and completely misses the point. 17 quarters of recession is pretty bad, specially when talking about big periods of increasing oil prices, but showing this info in a bar chart made absolute no sense. Then, the idiot is not even prepared to read the ridicule superficial chart he’s showing. We could also talk about the fact that the Central Bank president is just focusing on the number of quarters of economic growth, not even showing how much such growth has been and not even touching on inflation or any other very basic monetary concepts… too much!


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