Golden Oldies

explosionAmuay02And so, one year on, the Winner in the Amuay Explosion Excuse Category, mención Transparently-Fabricated-but-Damnit-We’re-Sticking-With-Our-Story is…



Well how about that!

No surprise here, folks: Sabotage was the hot favorite for the prize from day one. And why shouldn’t it be?! The regime is sticking with the classics – no need to reinvent the wheel when you have a winning formula. Cuz hey, if it was good enough to wave-away interrupted championship basketball games, it’s good enough for Amuay!

First hatched mere minutes after the explosion in the absence of any evidence whatsoever by Evita Golinger herself, the sabotage theory of Amuay ticks all the boxes: comfortable side-stepping of awkward questions about competence – check – blame-shifting – check – confirmation of pre-existing conspiratorial narrative lines – check – denial of accountability – check…Sabotage has it all!

Ask for it by names, folks: it’s the excuse we love to live by. Sabotage!

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