Grabación de mi Blogotaller desde Bucaramanga


La primera sesión fue bien divertida. La grabación está aquí. 

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  1. Quico, this was great! Thanks for sharing the video with us, I hope you do the same thing tomorrow.

    As someone who enjoys writing I’ve been trying to dip my toes in different forms of written expression (yes I in fact have an abandoned “blog”) and I thought this conference was very insightful. While I’ve been following (compulsively) CC for about six months, it was very fruitful to hear you speak explicitly about the things that make the blog work,stimulating the audience, creating a community, etc. I liked how clear you were in the distinction between a blog and what would be a “personal website” (kind of what that girl Alejandra is doing), where the writer is not an orchestra conductor but rather a museum curator, someone who takes the time and effort to pick out interesting things comments on them and organizes them in a coherent way. As you well say, it’s possible that can develop as a genre, which I’d say it’s likely with the exponential growth of info available online, but it is *not* a blog.

    There’s a lot there to digest, con la almohada, but I’m really glad I caught this.

  2. I watched the whole thing, very informative! Also, its so surreal to see Quico speaking on cam! Its like watching James Earl Jones in the sound-booth doing the lines for Vader.

    • A bit more surreal (and given what he said I no longer feel afraid saying this), was seeing his spelling mistakes! I know that he hasn’t written in Spanish in a long time, pero había unos errorcitos que creo que iban a causar a un infarto si alguno de estos periodistas tiene ojos de corrector de estilo (como yo). I’ve learned a lot about English style reading this blog, I think I should return the favour and say, Quico, jerarquía con jota.

  3. I liked the presentation, tough I’d prefer a more broad definition of blog, what you describe are great blogs but I think that less ambitius ones should not be excluded from the term (in my humble opinion)

  4. I watched, too. A professorship at the University of Bucaramanga cannot be far away! Your advice to the young blogera who uses her blog “para informar” was excellent, if slightly Machiavelian. “Step one: upload the blog infrastructure; 2) Attack Marc Weisbrot”; 3) Watch your comments rise into the hundreds.”

    Well played.


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