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This gave me the lulz…

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  1. Here (in German) you can read in detail statistics about the use of guns by and against police agents in Germany since 2011 until now.
    Last year 801 persons were killed in Germany (population: 81.89 million).
    That means Germany had a murder rate of 0.978 murders per 100 thousand inhabitants.
    Venezuela has an (estimated) murder rate of somewhere around 65 murders per 100 thousand

    In Germany, 93 out of 100 murder cases are solved.
    In Venezuela, 97 out of 100 cases remain unsolved, with the criminal at large.

    If you watch German TV you will see there are several local police series: police and detective
    solving cases in Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne and so on. I have only watched them a few times. If there is one thing that shocks me, as a Venezuelan, are the statistics: according to the German TV series, a German policeman or detective is solving one murder per week in his city. But there is simply no city in Germany where you can have 52 murders in a year.

    I have the murder statistics for Carabobo for many years. Using the numbers from the last 12 months we see around 62 citizens have been murdered every month.

      • Probably, Harina Pan is relatively easy to find around the world in Latin American stores, and you don’t have to be superman to find it. Also, export harina pan is made in a factory outside Bogota. Not to mention how popular it’s becoming in Colombia.

    • Sorry: I mean 62 persons are murdered every month in VALENCIA alone.
      So, when I watch a German or Norwegian police series and try to calculate how many murders any city here would have for the series to be real, I see that is the most fictional part of the series: there are not enough murders in Europe for having so many detectives investigating!

      In reality the city with the highest amount of murders in Germany is Berlin. There were about 122 cases of “murder or attempted murder” in Berlin in the whole 2012. I imagine less than half meant people actually died.

      And there is Harina Pan. What they don’t have are cachapas!

  2. Which reminds me of the time I was walking though the Galleria mall in Houston, and heard someone on a pay phone saying “Vergación.” Or was it “Verga?” I thought to myself, “I know where you’re from.”

      • I do not like the comparison by city so much because, given how a city boundary can be redefined, specially in Venezuela, one can cherry-pick one’s sample.

        Look at Valencia. According to the 2011 census, Valencia has around 829856 inhabitants (that does not include Naguanagua, which has merged with Valencia, neither other areas in Los Guayos, Tocuyito). I have the murder stats for Valencia: 727 homicides in the last 12 months. Do the maths: 87 murders per 100 000 inhabitants.
        And yet: Valencia is not on that list.

        I have the stats for Tocuyito. Tocuyito has only a little bit over 140 thousand inhabitants. Its murder rate is even higher (I was a witness for El Firmazo there in 2003 and that was one of the scariest moments in my life, with Chavista thugs following us in their bikes to get the signatures). There are lots of secondary cities like Tocuyito in Venezuela.

        Better compare the whole lot, the country as a whole. Venezuela’s murder rate is the highest in South America by far, more than doubling that of Colombia, while it was average in 1998. Mexico as a whole has a murder rate that is lower to that of Colombia. Only small countries such as Guatemala and El Salvador have worst murder rates than the Land of Grace.


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