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Pro tip to Mr. Assad: don't let this guy anywhere near your public procurement contracts.
Pro tip for Mr. Assad: don’t let this guy anywhere near your public procurement contracts.

Turns out Abdel el-Zabayar, the pro-Chávez Syrian-Venezuelan member of the National Assembly who shipped off to Syria to fight on the government’s side as part of some messed up International Brigade-al-revés initiative, isn’t quite the action man the photos made out:

El-Zabayar is more of an ideological soldier than an actual one. Though he brandishes a firearm, the Venezuelan congressman has no combat experience and lacks any real weapons training. Consequently, he has not yet seen real war and most of his tasks have been more administrative in nature. “I am stationed near the Jordanian border, some 90 kilometers south of Damascas and around 20 kilometers from the front line,” he tells Vocativ. “My unit is in charge of maintaining a control point near the border, to avoid mercenaries getting into the country.”

Aaaaa bueeeeno…

[Hat tip: JAH.]

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    • Guía práctica –

      Déjanos una vaina ahí para el refresco – ترك لنا جراب هناك للانتعاش
      No es que a esta hora está almorzando – لا هو في وقت الغداء
      Necesitas un sello fiscal para pasar, pero la señora que los vende no vino porque se le enfermó el muchacho – تحتاج إلى ختم الضريبة لتمرير، ولكن لم السيدة التي تبيع لا تأتي لأن صبي مريض
      Bájate de la mula – الخروج من بغل

  1. One question bugs me . Can a member of a our national assembly , serve in a foreign army engaged in a bloody war , without in any way forfeiting his status as a member of the national assembly, can we have a member of the national assembly for instance use his spare time to engage in the activities of a reserve officer in the US army or in that of Colombia or Peru.??
    Used to be that members of the clergy had certain limitations for holding certain public offices because both roles where not seen as compatible , is that still the case ?? Could we have a Catholic bishop serve as Minister of War in the Venezuelan govt ??

  2. The romantic Latin American Left… made me remember a writer who, back in the ’80s, shipped off to Central America to fight along the FMLN (or was it the Sandinistas)? He actually saw action — and got killed in battle, from what I can vaguely recall. They all want to be El Che, matando canallas con su cañón de futuro….

  3. I hate to be the constant conspiracist but is that actually Syria? I mean, are there other photos of him besides the ones he released? Those old dudes hardly look like fighters. If I were him I would’ve told everyone I was going off to fight in a war and then gone home for an indefinite vacation. I mean, didn’t the SC governor do this years ago, claim to be hiking and was actually hooking up with his Argentinian mistress? Just saying, it happens.

    • @ElJefe: I’m pretty sure it is – I called him on a Syrian cell phone. If what he told me is correct, his unit is located some 20 km from the front line. I reckon they’re actually reserves sent to support the troops behind the front.

  4. I have to say though this is the only Chavista that, to my knowledge, has actually walked the walk and not just talked the (crazy) talk, even if the walk is to cross the alcabala to buy Syrian cachitos.

    In a country of millions of habladores de paja, and in a party of cardboard revolutionaries, this is worthy of some notice.


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