Snow in Havanna

    C'est n'es pas de la Harina Pan.
    C’est n’es pas de la Harina Pan.

    As you know, an enormous haul of cocaine made its way into an Air France 777 A340 that flew from Caracas to Paris last week. While a few low-ranking National Guardsmen have supposedly been detained, I await with short breath to hear which Cubans will fall on their sword for this one.

    It has long been suspected that Cuban intelligence operatives are in control of key aspects of Venezuelan infrastructure, notably the International Airport. If we believe this is true, then the French drug haul is as much their responsability as it is the National Guard’s.

    There have long been reports that Cuba is involved in drug smuggling. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a government whose key international ally is the FARC. It is not surprising that an airport essentially run by Cuban operatives is a major shipping point for cocaine into Europe.

    Ultimately, folks, the problem is not just that we’re governed by a narco-state. The problem is that we’re run by two of them.


      • More have been arrested. Communicational Hegonomy thread link to SIBCI Sept 24:
        The following have been arrested:

        teniente coronel Ernesto Mora Carvajal
        teniente Adanay Parra Sánchez
        sargento primero Randimar Chirinos Álvarez
        los sargentos segundo Johan Ulaves Soler y Gabriel Avendaño Puerta

        Gabriel Reverón Rodríguez, quien se desempeña como efectivo de seguridad en el Aeropuerto Internacional “Simón Bolívar” en Maiquetía
        Luís Alberto Quintero Méndez, supervisor de plataforma, encargado de subir las cargas a los aviones de la mencionada aerolínea.

        Luís Alberto Quintero Méndez was arrested today at work. The rest were detained Monday morning.

        Also arrested September 22:
        el primer teniente José González Ruiz
        el sargento primero Víctor Sanabria Ramírez
        el sargento segundo Nelson Rojas Rodríguez

        Commenter Skywalker, several comments above my comment, listed

        The guys that run Maiquetia:

        Director General
        GB. Luis Gustavo Graterol Caraballo

        Adjunto – Director General
        Lcdo. Rafael Cordero Urgelles

        Director del Despacho
        Tte. César Vivas

        Consejo de Administración
        GB. Luis Gustavo Graterol Caraballo
        GB. César Martínez Ruiz
        CA. Patricia Ferrero
        GB. Lorllys Ramos Acevedo

        Téc. Víctor Salcedo Brito

        So, they have gotten someone higher up, but commenter Luke points out that Carvajal is “antiChavista” which probably means he is a fall guy.
        SIBCI has an article today [9/25] on arrests, but it pretty much repeats the article of 9/24 which I am citing.

    1. C’est ne pas de la Harina Pan is priceless-really. I am always amazed at the ” chispa” that is always there no matter what disaster is happening: toilet paper crises, Maduro Malapropisms,etc.

      • Dear Madame, It’s a merely not-so-veiled reference to he local state of affairs, “Il n’y a pas de Harina Pan”, duly tongue-in-cheeled, natch.

    2. The Cubans were involved. Today it’s Venezuelan miltiary officers who are moving and storing cocaine in Cuba. Cubans are in it too but this is not a Cuban thing. You give the Cubans too much credit. This does not go to Raul…they learned their lesson.

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