#QQSM, or rather, #QQRebuscarse


Quico’s video is downright depressing. Instead, this cool takedown of Venezuela’s version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” by Gabriel Núñez and Elena Sánchez, is comedy gold. (in Spanish).

(HT: Luis Carlos, by way of Prodavinci)

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  1. But Juan, this is downright depressing too. It’s funny, but in the end, it reminds us that we live in an utterly ignorant society and that our reality is just going down the drain.

  2. Oh my god I laughed so much, these guys are amazing. The twitter comments! I am still laughing.
    But I always wonder if that ability to laugh at everything is not a curse for our country. We should be angry, very angry. And yet, the best things that have been created in this Hola prima, me gusto tanto la braga que pedi que me compraran otra de 6 meses para que siempre tenga, jajja, ya se la puse y le queda y eso que tiene 4 meses, la tuya que es de nueve le quedara en Marzo cuando vaya, un exito totalera are chiguire bipolar and things like this or the superman maracucho trying to find Harina Pan.

  3. I was very happy when they relived the “papá de los helados incident”!

    Though let’s do a little maths to get weirded out a bit more:

    In Colombia the max price is 300.000.000 pesos (~150k USD). The gallon of gas is at about 9000 COP, which means that a QQSM prize buys you (300 million COP)/(9000 Cop/gallon)=33 333 gallons=126 667 litres, = 0.05 olympic pools

    In Venezuela, the max price is 300.000 BsF. According to Revista Dinero (COL) gas in Venezuela goes at 0.1 BsF/Litre (if someone has better data I’ll change it). That means the grad prize will get you 300.000/0.1=3.000.000 litres. 3 million litres is 4.5 olympic pools!

    Other countries in terms of how many olympic pools of gasoline you can fill with a grand prize, (I’ll admit the units are weird):

    -USA (taking a gas price of 3.6 USD/gal which is the price in Vermont across the border): 0.42 pools
    -Canada (gas price of 1.35 CAD/L at the pump nearest to my house in Montreal): 0.3 olympic pools
    -UK (at 1.38 GBP/L from here http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/fuel): 0.3 olympic pools.

    The formula is (Max price/price of litreo of gas)/2500 Litres= olympic pools of gas filled by max price.

    • In the above I confused prize and price throughout and I should be ashamed. Which reminds me I’ve always wanted to ask Quico and/or Juan (whoever does the web settings) if it’s possible to allow editing or deleting comments?

  4. Brilliant. Venezuelan Tragi-Comedic Reality at its best. For the younger viewers of this Blog, don’t miss “Realidad Profesional” by this same group–bitingly-sarcastic Venezuelan truth.


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