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115447SIBCI has been heavily trailing the “Economic Measures” to be announced by new Economic Veep Rafael Ramírez later today.

Logic suggests that if they were going to announce a devaluation they wouldn’t trail it, but you can never tell with these guys.

So, what do you think? What will the Big Headline tomorrow be?

UPDATE: And the winner is…none of the above! He just re-announced the announcement Maduro had tubeated him on yesterday: $100 million every Wednesday via SICAD, not nearly enough…

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  1. “Other” answers so far:

    A Devaluation to Bs.8-12 per $ & Cambio Dual
    Intervention of companies produce key goods that have been scarce
    He’s going to announce that “vamos bien”
    The creation of a new currency name: 1 Comandante = 100 BsF

  2. Well, I see the measures will be “para derrotar la guerra economica”, so I’m thinking it will involve motorized, lightning seizures of toilet paper hoards. Plus, police measures against the kulaks, who adamantly refuse to sell their corn harvest at a just price, thereby injuring The People.

  3. First of all: let’s think about Rafael Darío Ramírez’s relatives, including all the in-laws.
    What could he do that can enable them to become a little bit richer?
    The key has to be there.

    • I agree! It baffles me to see people trying to predict some ideology behind the actions of people like Ramirez, he will do wharever it takes to keep his cambur,

    • I was thinking the BFF: Bolivar Fuerte Fuerte. And maybe, like Canadians do on their stamps, change the number denominations to something else, like letters, or shapes.

  4. Or….in a stroke of genius states that the goverment willl eliminate bills smaller than 100 in denomination which will allow the smaller bills to be used as roilet paper thereby eliminating the shortage!

    • So the badass Venezuelan “Navy” detains an unarmed seismic survey ship well within Guayana territorial waters and arrests the crew……one has to wonder how these macho hombres would have acted had it been a US Navy warship.

  5. Fun fact: Ramirez’s speech is interrupted by cadena of Maduro from Los Teques. Minutes later, Maduro uses yet again the whole “media is censoring me” excuse. El chiste se cuenta solo…

  6. Maduro: Cuanto queda en la olla?
    Ramirez: $100M/semana
    Maduro: Ok Pana, raspa la olla!! hazlo por wink wink subasta y ya sabes pa los mios va 30%, pa los tuyos 30%, pa diosdado 30% y el resto pal resto.
    Ramirez: listo mi presidente
    Maduro: en diciembre ya veremos si lanzamos a los militares a la calle pa controlar a los pitiyanquis, sino que carajo, nos vamos con el buche lleno.
    Ramirez: listo mi presidente

  7. What this sorry episode of Maduros and Ramirez announcements reveals is how totally disorganized they are , they give a figure and next day its declared to be wrong , they offer some important announcements on economic policy for the next day and they have nothing to say , one guy is speaking to the country and the other guy interrupts his broadcast , they are uncoordinated and are improvizing all the time . they look like a three stooges comedy act!! For a while they get their act together but it doesnt last , they make an important appointment one day and a short time after the person is demoted or given a virtual retirement gold watch. !! and yet they command absolute power over us !! .


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