"Torre de David" goes Hollywood

Homeland’s versions of La Torre de David and Caracas were actually filmed in Puerto Rico.

The story of La Torre of David, an incomplete Caracas skyscraper which turned into a vertical slum, is well known around the world: from an award-winning architecture project to a fascinating article and as a subject of short video reports – all inspired by our slum.

It was just matter of time until the tower would make its entrance into fiction, and it just did, thanks to a recent episode of the acclaimed U.S. TV show “Homeland”.

In the aptly-titled “Tower of David”, the main character, Nicholas Brody, has ended up in Venezuela, hiding in the famous building under the control of a local criminal. The Caracas-setted scenes were actually shot in parts of Old San Juan (Puerto Rico) earlier this year.

What’s the reaction from the communicational hegemon? Check out this article from Alba Ciudad 96.3. FM., where the writer doesn’t just criticize Homeland for its anti-Venezuela bias, but also calls the show “anti-Muslim” and accuses it of being embedded with the C.I.A.

The reasons behind his conclusion? First, Homeland is one of Barack Obama’s favorite TV shows. Second, the show’s cast recently made a visit to the agency’s headquarters. Ergo, Obama told the C.I.A. to use Homeland in order to trash Venezuela’s image. #SoundsLegit

The episode was aired in the U.S. last Sunday, and it can be seen in Venezuela two weeks from now in the cable channel which owns the rights to the show. That’s if CONATEL or some other government agency doesn’t go berserk and decide to ban the broadcast.

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